5 Note When Installing Car Dashcam

5 Notes When Installing Genuine Car Dash Cams Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024 Garage
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For those who use cars as vehicles, the dash cam is no stranger. However, the installation of dash cams to ensure quality and effective use is what people are most interested in. So in your opinion, what should be paid attention when installing the dashcam? To learn more about 5 note when Installation of car journey camera. We invite you to refer to the article below.

Car Dashboard Camera Never Forget The Following Notes

You need to choose the right type of car camera

Before deciding on the type of dashcam to mount your car driver. You need to find out to choose the most suitable type of action camera. Especially you should pay attention to the quality and brand of journey cameras. When you know the information about the origin, the origin will give you more peace of mind about product quality.

You Should Choose The Type Of Dashboard Camera That Suits Your Vehicle
You Should Choose The Type Of Dashboard Camera That Suits Your Vehicle 

Determine the exact location to install the dashcam

One of the most important considerations when installing a car dash camera is determining the installation location. When choosing a good position, the image that the camera will capture will be of superior quality. However, most of the dash cams on cars are installed near the rearview mirror to balance the image obtained between the 2 on the bonnet.

Not only that, identifying the right position to install the car dashcam camera also offers the following benefits:

  • Ensuring the most convenient and easy to observe camera operations.
  • It doesn't take long and is difficult to remove the dashcam from the stand.
  • Unaffected by removable media.
  • Drivers are not subject to observation.
  • Do not get in the rearview mirror.

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Need to determine the power supply for car dashcams

One thing you cannot ignore when installing car dash cameras is to identify the power supply. Only when a well-defined power supply is determined, can the camera operate stably, without flickering, easily damaged.

Attention should be paid to the power supply for car dash cameras
Attention should be paid to the power supply for car dash cameras

Locate and select the GPS chip of the dashcam

Most of the GPS chips used for travel cameras are separate chips so that the insulating film on the car does not cause GPS interference. Therefore, when attaching GPS Chip, it is necessary to pay attention to how easy it is to capture GPS. The GPS chip only catches the signal when it is outdoors, if you attach the Chip in the garage or the place is too covered, the device will not receive signals.

Wiring position of the dashcam

Wiring for the dash cam isn't too complicated. However, you need to pay attention to aesthetic factors by the following:

  • Smaller rope goes first, bigger string goes after.
  • The power cord should go side side, GPS wire / Camera side goes to driver.
  • Need to determine the location of the dashcam before wiring.
  • Do not over-tighten the cord as it may put pressure on the contact jack.
  • Do not cut or connect the camera by yourself as it will affect the image quality.
Pay Attention to How to Wiring the Dash Cam
Pay Attention to How to Wiring the Dash Cam

What should I pay attention to when using car camera for the first time?

For best performance, stability when using and increasing the life of car dashcams, you need to pay attention:

  • When the camera is booting, do not unplug the system.
  • When the car dashcam is in operation, do not remove the memory card from the device.
  • If the car is exposed to the sun, the dash cam is not recommended.
  • When the trip camera reports an error, you need to turn off the power to bring it to a maintenance or repair place.

Above is the information about 5 note when installing the car dash camera that we want to share. Hopefully this information will help you ensure the best quality for the technology equipment you are about to install.

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