Should I Buy Cheap Liquidated Public Cars?

Buy Cheap Disposal Public Vehicles

Public vehicles are vehicles owned by the state or state-owned organizations and enterprises. According to Articles 25 and 26 of Decree No. 52/2009/ND-CP, public vehicles are liquidated when used beyond the time prescribed by the regime (15 years).

Buying a liquidated public vehicle has the advantage of being very cheap, with a variety of options, less registration tax costs and simpler buying and selling procedures than buying a new car. However, there are many risks such as the car is often worn out, severely damaged, difficult to change ownership and difficult to replace spare parts. Therefore, you should only buy a liquidated public vehicle if you have limited finances, need to use it for a short time, have experience in inspecting cars, or for collection purposes.

Liquidated public vehicles usually belong to the SUV, Sedan, and pickup lines of popular brands. To be able to buy a car, you need to participate in auctions organized by the state (According to Article 43 of the Law on Management and Use of Public Assets 2017). Some things to note when buying a cheap liquidated public vehicle include finding out information, the vehicle's performance, checking documents and understanding auction regulations.

Between liquidated government cars, used cars from other sources and new cars paid in installments, you can consider choosing based on your actual usage needs, finances and vehicle condition.

With many years of experience in the industry, Thanh Phong Auto promises to bring customers quality used cars, good performance, and cheap prices. If needed, contact us for advice on choosing the most suitable car for you.

Buying liquidated public vehicles Cheap prices help save a significant amount of money but still pose many potential risks. Let's learn more through the following article!

Buying Cheap Liquidation Public Cars: Should You or Not?

Buying a liquidated public car can bring benefits in terms of price, many options, etc. However, it also has many potential risks such as car deterioration, severe damage, little after-sales service, etc. You should only buy the car. Cheap liquidation tool in case of limited budget, short-term use needs, experience with cars or for collection purposes.

Buy Cheap Disposal Public Vehicles
Buying Cheap Disposal Public Vehicles: Should or Shouldn't?

1. What are the benefits of buying a cheap liquidated public car?

Liquidated public cars are often cheaper than the market price, have many options, cost less registration tax, and the procedure is simpler than buying new.

Specifically, the benefits when buying a public car with registration clearance include:

  • Cheaper price: Buying a liquidated public car often has a lower price than buying a new or used car from another source. This helps you save a significant amount of money and can own a car on a limited budget.
  • Diverse choices: In the market for liquidated public cars, there are many diverse choices in terms of car models, makes and designs. You can find cars that suit your needs and preferences at a cheaper price than buying new.
  • Save registration tax: Liquidated public cars are only subject to 2% registration tax instead of 10% like new cars.
  • Simple procedures: The procedure for buying and selling liquidated public cars is simpler than buying a new car.

2. What are the risks of buying cheap liquidated public vehicles?

Buying cheap liquidated public vehicles is often prone to risks such as vehicle deterioration, severe damage, little after-sales service, difficulty in changing ownership, and replacement of spare parts.


  • Technical condition: Most liquidated public vehicles have been used for more than 15 years, operated more than 200.000 km (or 150.000 km for mountainous areas) and may be seriously damaged. Vehicles are often used continuously and are not carefully maintained, leading to a clear decline in vehicle quality. Therefore, the buyer may have to spend a large amount of money to repair or replace damaged parts, which may even be impossible to repair.
  • Accident history: Some liquidated public vehicles may have had serious accidents that affected the vehicle's performance and safety features. Failure to thoroughly check your vehicle's history can put you at risk of using an unreliable or unsafe vehicle.
  • Less after-sales service: Buying liquidated government vehicles often does not receive many incentives and warranties like buying other used cars.
  • Difficulty in changing ownership: Buying a liquidated public vehicle without checking the documents clearly can waste time and money to resolve legal issues.
  • Genuine parts have been replaced: Used public vehicles may have genuine parts replaced with poor quality goods. This greatly affects the vehicle's operating efficiency. Because the vehicle is old, many replacement parts may no longer be in production, making finding and replacing difficult.

3. When should I buy a liquidated public car?

Buying liquidated public cars can bring price benefits, but also has many potential risks. You should only buy cheap liquidated public vehicles if you have a limited budget, need to use them for a short time, have experience with cars or for collection purposes.

Because according to industry experts, personal cars that are 15-20 years old still have high use value because they are fully maintained, warranted, replaced periodically, and maintained by the car owner. careful. On the contrary, public vehicles often deteriorate faster due to the "shared ownership" mentality and lack of care from users.

Cases where you can consider buying a liquidated public car include:

  • Limited car purchasing budget: Liquidated public cars are often 30-50% cheaper than the market price. Therefore, if you are on a limited budget, this could be a suitable choice.
  • Need to use the vehicle for a short period of time: If you need to use the vehicle for a short period of time, about a few years, a liquidated public vehicle is an economical option worth considering.
  • Have experience and knowledge about cars: If you have experience and knowledge about cars, you can check the quality of the car yourself before buying. This will help minimize the risk of buying a "fake" car.
  • Hobbies and collectibles: If you have a hobby or passion for collecting antique, rare or historically valuable cars, buying liquidated public cars can give you the opportunity to own these cars. this particular product at a cheaper price than buying from another source.
Procedures for Purchasing Public Vehicles for Liquidation
Things to Note When Buying Cheap Liquidation Public Vehicles

Questions Related to Cheap Liquidation Public Vehicles

1. What types of liquidated public cars are common?

Liquidated public cars usually belong to popular sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Some prominent brands include:

  • Old SUV: Toyota Land Cruiser, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest, Nissan Terra, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport…
  • Old sedan: Mitsubishi Attrage, Honda City, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Vios, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, KIA Cerato (K3), Mazda 3…
  • Old pickup truck: Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, Chevrolet Colorado, Isuzu DMax…

2. How to buy liquidated public vehicles?

According to Article 43 of the Law on Management and Use of Public Assets 2017, to buy liquidated public cars, you need to participate in auctions organized by the state.

The procedure is as follows:

Search for liquidation vehicle information:

  • Websites of state agencies: Visit the websites of state agencies that have liquidated vehicles such as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of National Defense, Departments, etc. to find information about public vehicle auctions.
  • Websites of auction floors: Follow reputable auction floors such as Hop Danh Saigon Auction Floor, ALS Auction Floor, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam Auction and Auction Joint Stock Company ( BIDV)... to update information about public vehicle auctions.
  • Press and media: Follow newspapers and radio stations such as Vietnamnet, Vnexpress, AutoDaily... for information about public vehicle auctions.

Participate in the auction:

  • Register to participate in the auction: Contact the auction organizer to register to participate and submit documents as required.
  • View the car in person: Participate in viewing the car directly at the location stated in the auction notice to evaluate the vehicle's condition.
  • Deposit: Pay deposit according to the regulations of the auction organizer.
  • Participate in the auction: Participate in the auction and bid according to regulations.
  • Complete procedures: If winning the auction, the buyer needs to complete payment procedures and receive the car according to regulations.

To understand more about pricing and procedures for buying used cars, see the detailed article: Buying used cars and trucks: pricing, procedures & notes Need to clearly understand how to synthesize and share on the website.

3. What should you keep in mind when buying a liquidated public car?

When buying a liquidated public vehicle, you should carefully research information about the vehicle, check vehicle documents, and read auction regulations carefully.

Some notes to keep in mind if you need to buy a cheap liquidated public vehicle:

  • Clearly identify the vehicle's origin, previous user, time of use, and purpose of use (service or business).
  • Carefully review the vehicle's condition, including exterior, interior, engine, transmission, chassis... Maintenance and repair history of the vehicle.
  • Refer to the market price of the same car model and year to come up with a reasonable price.
  • Make sure vehicle documents are complete, valid, and free of disputes.
  • Understand the regulations and procedures for participating in the auction to avoid errors.
  • Pay a reasonable price based on the real value of the car and your own financial ability.

4. Should I buy a liquidated public vehicle or buy a used vehicle from other sources?

If you have a limited budget and accept high risks, you can consider buying a liquidated public car. If you want to buy a better quality car with a warranty, you should buy a used car from other sources.

Choosing between buying a liquidated public car or buying a used car from other sources depends on many factors, including your needs, budget and risk tolerance. Here are some comparison points to help you make your decision:

  • Price: Liquidated government cars are often cheaper than used cars of the same type on the market. However, you need to note that cheap prices come with higher risks.
  • Vehicle condition: Public cars are often used a lot and are not carefully maintained. Therefore, the car may have many problems with the engine, gearbox, exterior, interior, etc.
  • Vehicle origin: Public cars are often purchased from banks or car rental companies. Therefore, you need to carefully check the vehicle's history and legal documents to ensure the vehicle has no disputes or mortgages.
  • Buying and selling procedures: Procedures for buying and selling liquidated public cars are often more complicated than buying used cars from other sources.
  • Warranty: Liquidated public cars usually do not have a warranty.

5. Should I buy a liquidated car or buy a new car in installments?

Choosing to buy a liquidated public car or buy a new car in installments depends on many factors, including your needs, budget and risk tolerance.

If you have limited financial costs, need to use the car short-term or buy a car for business activities, you can consider buying a liquidated public car. If you buy a car for your personal life and can afford it in the future, buying a new car is the better choice.

6. Where is a good, reputable place to buy used cars?

Thanh Phong Auto Proud to be one of address for buying and selling used cars Used, reputable, good quality, good price. We distribute a variety of used sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks... of famous brands on the market (Toyota, KIA, Mitsubishi...). To help you gain more experience when buying a used car, immediately refer to the article shared about Used cars should not be bought no matter how cheap the price is.

Should I Buy Cheap Liquidated Public Cars? Genuine Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Reasons to choose Thanh Phong Auto to buy used cars:

  • The vehicle has a clear origin and complete legal documents.
  • Used cars have been maintained and repaired, so they operate smoothly and are safe.
  • Prices are transparent and competitive compared to the general market level.
  • Get clear advice about the characteristics and condition of each car so customers can choose the car that best suits their needs.
  • Support for title transfer, owner change, and completion of necessary procedures to own a vehicle.
  • Has its own, thoughtful warranty policy.

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