7 Types of Used Cars You Absolutely Should Not Buy Even If They Are Cheap

- 7 Types of Used Cars You Absolutely Should Not Buy Even If They Are Cheap
Latest update date: February 21, 06

Used cars are cars that have been used by one or more previous owners.

Currently, the demand for buying used cars is quite large because it helps save a significant amount of money while still ensuring good usage needs. However, if you intend to buy a used car, you absolutely should not buy the following types: cars with accident history, no documents, cars that used to run service/taxi, cars that were flooded, cars with unusually cheap prices. , cars that have not been used for a long time and old luxury cars.

To be able to identify and exclude the above types of vehicles when buying, you can find out through vehicle documents, information at the registration center, ask the seller to provide information about the vehicle and hire an auto mechanic. Professional inspection. Some other things to note when buying a used car include: determining your needs and purchasing budget, choosing a reputable supplier, inspecting and test driving the car, and changing the car's title after purchase.

Buying a used car is an important decision, you should take the time to research carefully to avoid buying "fake" cars. With many years of operation, Thanh Phong Auto promises to help you choose quality used cars, good prices and most suitable for your needs. Refer now 7 Types of Used Cars You Absolutely Should Not Buy Even If They Are Cheap In the following article, you will have more experience choosing a car!

Used Cars You Should Not Buy Even If They Are Cheap

1. The vehicle has a history of accidents

Buying a car with an accident history has many potential risks and problems that you cannot predict. Vehicles that have been involved in an accident, whether severe or minor, must be repaired, which will more or less negatively affect the vehicle's lifespan and increase potential safety risks because the repaired parts may not be of guaranteed quality. .

Not to mention, if the car has experienced a serious accident, the repair will become more complicated with high costs and difficulty ensuring quality due to having to replace many components and accessories. It is not easy for buyers to check the origin and quality of replacement parts, leading to the risk of operating problems.

Furthermore, cars with accident histories often depreciate a lot compared to cars without accident histories. When reselling the car, you may encounter difficulties and have to sell the car at a price much lower than the purchase price, or even incur a heavy loss.

old car buying experience
Do not buy a car with a history of accidents

Therefore, you absolutely should not buy a car with an accident history to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

2. Cars without Owner Documents

You should not buy a car without the owner's papers because it will not be legally recognized and cannot be transferred to the owner. This limits circulation and future resale. Not to mention vehicles without documents are often fraudulent vehicles, tax evasion vehicles, mortgaged vehicles, and stolen vehicles.

This type of vehicle can be confiscated by the state without receiving any money.

3. Service Vehicles, Taxi

Service vehicles and taxis are often used continuously at high intensity, with little care and maintenance, leading to rapid deterioration, engine wear, and the potential for serious damage. A price 10 - 40% cheaper than a home car may attract many buyers, but this is really a "pitfall" with many potential risks.

In particular, many fraudulent sellers also refurbish the vehicle and adjust the speedometer to hide the actual condition of the vehicle, making it difficult for buyers to know the actual distance traveled and easily buying an old, damaged vehicle. severely damaged.

Therefore, you should not buy a service car or taxi to avoid unnecessary risks.

4. Vehicle Flooded, Flooded

A vehicle that is flooded or hydro-damaged can lead to serious damage to many important parts such as the engine, transmission, electrical system, suspension, interior, etc. Repairing these damages can be costly. It costs a lot of money and can't even be completely fixed. Therefore, you should not buy a flooded car because the stability and durability of this type of car is no longer guaranteed as before.

What type of used car should you not buy?
Do not buy a flooded car

Before buying a used car, you need to check it thoroughly, paying special attention to signs of water flooding such as:

  • Water stagnates in interior parts.
  • The paint layer is peeling and rusty.
  • Musty smell.
  • Electrical equipment does not work.

5. Used Cars Are Unusually Cheap

Used cars with unusually low prices may be fraudulent cars, tax evasion cars, mortgaged cars, or cars with serious damage, heavy use, wear and tear and deterioration that the seller wants to hide. When you resell your car, it will be difficult to find a buyer and you will have to sell it at a much lower price.

It is difficult to check the actual quality of used cars that are unusually cheap. Sellers may hide signs of damage by refurbishing the vehicle or misleading buyers.

If you feel the car price is too cheap, you should ask the seller to provide full vehicle documents, repair and maintenance schedules, or take the car to a reputable car mechanic for inspection before buying.

6. Vehicle left unused for a long time

After a long period of not being used, a vehicle can encounter many potential safety problems such as ineffective brakes, worn tires, flickering electrical systems, etc. Even the vehicle frame can be seriously rusted, causing serious damage. affects the aesthetics of the entire vehicle. Maintaining and repairing vehicles to put them into use is costly. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before deciding to buy a car that will not be used for a long time.

Be careful when buying a used car
If a car is left unused for a long time, it can cost you a lot of money when it comes to maintenance

7. Old Luxury Cars

The older the luxury car, the cheaper the price. However, if you buy these cars, the risk of damage and vehicle maintenance costs are high while the value of use is not much. Not to mention that because the car has been in production for so long, sometimes you cannot find suitable, quality replacement parts and have to "dispose" of the car.

Questions Related to Buying a Used Car

1. How to check the usage history of a used car?

To check the history of used vehicles, you can refer to the following sources of information: Check vehicle documents; Look up vehicle information at registration centers; Ask the seller to provide vehicle documents and maintenance history; Ask an acquaintance or an experienced car mechanic to check the car. Specifically:

Check vehicle documents:

  • Vehicle registration: View information about previous owners, number of title transfers, date of first registration...
  • Registration certificate: View vehicle inspection history, including inspection period, inspection results...
  • Warranty book (if any): View vehicle maintenance history at the company, including maintenance items, maintenance time...

Look up information online:

  • Website of Vietnam Register: Look up vehicle registration information by VIN number or license plate number.
  • Websites of car manufacturers: Some car companies provide the service of looking up vehicle maintenance history online by VIN number.
  • Reputable used car buying and selling websites: Search for information about the car you want to buy, including usage history, selling price, images...
  • Require the seller to provide information about the vehicle: Vehicle origin, number of repairs, maintenance, etc.
  • Consult a mechanic: They can help you inspect your car and assess its condition, as well as give you advice on buying a car.


  • Be careful of car sellers who do not provide complete vehicle documents or information about the vehicle's history.
  • You should inspect the car thoroughly before buying, including taking a test drive.
  • Consult a car mechanic before buying a car to make sure there are no problems with the car.

2. What should you keep in mind when buying a used car?

When buying a used car, you need to determine your needs and budget, check the vehicle's history and condition, test drive and check relevant documents to be able to buy a quality, cheap, and legal car. See details Common errors on old cars Helps you better understand the vehicle's condition and the problems it is facing.

Criteria for choosing to buy a used car
What should you keep in mind when buying a used car?

Specific notes about buying used cars are:

  • Determine your needs and budget: Clearly determine your vehicle needs (vehicle type, size, number of seats...) and the budget you can afford.
  • Find out information about the car: Find out about the car models you are interested in, including prices, specifications, user reviews...
  • Choose a reputable place to buy a car: You can buy a car from reputable used car dealers, reputable car repair garages or on reputable used car buying and selling websites.
  • Check the vehicle's operation thoroughly, including: exterior, interior, engine and gearbox... You can test drive to feel the ability to operate the car's existing features.
  • Check vehicle documents: Carefully check vehicle documents to ensure the vehicle has no disputes or mortgages.
  • After buying a car, you need to change ownership, buy insurance and periodically maintain the car. To find and choose to buy a good type of insurance suitable for your car, Thanh Phong shares with you some Experience in buying auto insurance today.

3. Where is a good place to buy used cars?

With many years of experience in the industry, Thanh Phong Auto Proud to be one of the most prestigious addresses for buying and selling used cars in Ho Chi Minh City. We specialize in providing a variety of used cars, from popular to high-end, with competitive prices and guaranteed quality.

- 7 Types of Used Cars You Absolutely Should Not Buy Even If They Are Cheap
Prestigious car sales, repair and maintenance garage in HCM

Reasons to buy used cars at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Professional staff, knowledgeable about cars, ready to assist customers in choosing a car model that suits their needs and personal finances.
  • Guaranteed vehicle quality: Thoroughly inspected before being warehoused, guaranteed to be collision-free, The car is not flooded, do not overhaul the engine.
  • The vehicle's origin is clear, with complete legal documents.
  • Support title transfer procedures, vehicle registration, and appropriate insurance advice.
  • Competitive price.
  • Careful warranty.

Besides, Thanh Phong Auto Also supports professional car maintenance and repair and buys used cars at good prices. Contact for more specific advice.

Buying a used car carries more risks than buying a new car. Therefore, equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and experience is extremely important to avoid "losing money". Hopefully this article has provided you with useful information about 7 types of used cars that you should absolutely avoid, even if they are cheap. See more practical advice on buying cars and trucks on our website!

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