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Vocational Roadmap for Automotive Electrical Repair Need to Know the Quality of Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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In a society where the market economy and science and technology are developing day by day, the demand that each individual wants to own a car is increasing day by day. Therefore, each car produced in this period must meet the requirements of consumers on criteria such as: engine power, fuel consumption, pollution emission reduction, smoothness and comfort. convenient to use the car…  

To do that, the electrical system in modern cars plays an extremely important role in controlling the functional systems in cars to optimize working ability.

For example: To increase capacity and reduce fuel consumption for internal combustion engines, the electrical and electronic control system on the car will control and adjust fuel injection volume, ignition timing, and control. air mixing…

Or it can be said that the car's electrical system acts as the "central nervous system" that controls the operation of the entire vehicle. Although it only accounts for 20% of the entire vehicle's mass, the car's electrical system is capable of controlling 80% of the remaining systems. 

Figure 1: Car Electrical System
Figure 1: Car Electrical System


It can be seen that the automotive electrical system has an extremely important function in controlling the operation of the car, but the components that make up the electrical system are quite simple, can name a number of parts and detailed assemblies. as follows:

  • (1) Power supply (including battery and generator);
  • (2) Protection devices (including general fuses, normal fuses, CB - Circuit Breaker...);
  • (3) Control equipment (including function switches, relays and ECU control box...);
  • (4) Power consuming equipment (including the above lamps, motors, solenoid coils, etc.);
  • (5) Types of electrical conductors.

All combine to create the electrical system in the car, so the details and parts on the car are closely related and correlated with each other. Just a failure in any part or part has the potential to cause damage to the entire system to varying degrees. It is because of that connection that makes it difficult to repair or fix the damage of an electrical system. 

Vocational Roadmap for Automotive Electrical Repair Need to Know the Quality of Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Therefore, if an automobile electrical repairman does not master the basic knowledge and methods of measuring and checking using specialized measuring tools such as VOM digital meters, current meters, he will Oscilloscopes and scanners make it very difficult to make accurate judgments about the system's damage status.

In addition, auto electrical repairmen also have to overcome many other barriers such as: having to read the actual electrical circuit diagram of the vehicle, and being able to look up repair documents in English. 

(Image source: 

There are many people who have prejudices against the auto electrical repair profession, they think that it is a very difficult job, requiring a lot of natural factors to be able to pursue this path.

Because of that prejudice, the repairman limits his own abilities, turns himself into an inferior person, and does not dare to face challenges in his career to expand his thinking ability. own logic.

However, if we have the right approach to the problem, nothing is difficult. Just be confident in your abilities and experience highly challenging jobs like work. car electrical repair, as our grandparents often said: "Fire tests gold, hardship tests strength".  

Vocational Roadmap for Automotive Electrical Repair Need to Know the Quality of Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

To be able to repair the electrical system on a car, learners need to have a clear path and must master the basic knowledge of automotive electricity as a basis to develop analytical thinking and problem solving.

When encountering any medical problem, the repairman's essential job is to be confident in his or her own abilities and apply guided inspection methods to accurately check the actual condition of the vehicle. The system then makes judgments about the cause of damage to the system. 

Thus, it is important and necessary right now that you set out for yourself a path of study, research and career experience in accordance with your abilities. If you are still confused, you can refer to the roadmap set out for learners who want to pursue a career in auto electrical repair as follows: 

Stage 1: Access to basic electrical and electronic knowledge

This stage is considered the stage of acquiring fundamental knowledge as the basis for building professional electrical abilities. Remember that for a house to be strong, it must first have a real foundation. firm.

Like that view, this stage is considered the most important foundation stage in the process of building a learning path about automotive electricity. 

Phase 2: Research on electrical systems in modern cars

Just like the previous stage, this stage forces learners to equip themselves with general knowledge about the car's electrical system. From that overview, learners will understand how the electrical system operates and the relationship between functional systems in controlling the operation of the engine and car.

From there, learners will come up with initial ideas about the process that needs to be carried out when repairing a damage to a certain system on the car. 

Stage XNXX: Learn the methods of reading circuit diagrams, the method of using specialized measuring tools

This is considered a stage for learners to access support tools, and is also the stage to provide accurate measurement and testing methods when repairing damage to any electrical system. The most important thing is how to read electrical circuit diagrams.

The circuit diagram is considered the main language used to describe the operating principles of the system, and after analyzing the circuit diagram, learners will come up with the locations that need to be measured on a cell. actual bowl.

Therefore, the circuit diagram will help the repairman clearly understand the system, and provide solutions that need to be implemented to troubleshoot the problem. Therefore, if you want to become a professional auto electrician, you must always remember one fact: “If you want to repair the car electrical, you need to read the actual electrical diagram of the car”. 

Stage 4: Learn about the body electrical system

At this stage, learners need to equip themselves with the ability to read and analyze circuit diagrams of vehicle body electrical systems, thereby implementing testing methods to make accurate judgments about the vehicle's electrical system. system failure condition. 

Stage 5: Learn about the motor electrical system

This is the stage that requires learners to be able to link knowledge together, which is the relationship of the electrical control system with all systems on the engine.

To be able to repair damage related to engine operation (for example: the engine cannot be started, the fuel pump does not work, the charging indicator light on the dashboard lights up when the engine is running). dynamic...), learners must clearly understand the operating principles and how the system operates; Must find connections between systems.

Or it can be understood that going through this stage is intended to help learners find out "the source of the problem" cause damage instead of guessing the cause of damage according to their own feelings. 

Stage 6: Learn about the OBD-2 . self-diagnostic system

This is considered the stage for the “Professional Diagnostic Technician” (as Toyota calls it). In order to have a good approach to the electric-electronic control system on modern cars, learners need to be able to absorb the knowledge about control in cars, learners must often ask questions: Why Need an electronic control system? Which actuator will the ECU control? What input signals will be needed to control the ECU box (from the switch, or from the sensor)? From there, apply methods to conduct damage inspection of the components inside the control system. 

In addition to mastering the basic knowledge in books, learners need to apply the knowledge they have learned in practical experience, not being afraid to encounter difficult diseases to bring repair experience to themselves. from there, draw up for yourself a repair process to achieve high efficiency at work.

Hopefully the above roadmap can help you in the process of learning about the automotive electrical repair profession. Wish you all study and work well. 

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