From A - Z Buying Used Cars and Trucks Avoid "Wasting Money"

Buying and Selling Used Trucks in HCM

Old cars and trucks are used cars that are then sold or traded to a new owner. A car or truck that becomes a “used vehicle” has usually gone through several stages of use and shows some signs of wear and tear. The condition of a used car can vary depending on age, mileage, maintenance and how the previous owner used it.

To own a quality used car or truck, the first step is to clearly identify your needs and existing budget, thoroughly research the market and prepare enough documents and finances. You can buy a car at showrooms, websites, used car markets or from acquaintances, but you should consult many sources and choose a reputable place to feel secure about the car's quality.

The step of inspecting a used car is extremely important. You should pay attention to the exterior, interior, engine, transmission, vehicle documents, etc. and should take a test drive to feel the performance. In particular, you need to carefully price the car based on depreciation, year of manufacture, number of kilometers, condition, version, brand, origin, color of the car and consult the market or ask an expert to negotiate a good price. best.

Finally, it is necessary to buy and sell a car according to the correct process and procedures, have a clear contract, pay registration tax and fully change ownership.

Buying a used car or truck is an important decision, requiring care and meticulousness. If you don't have knowledge and experience, you can buy a car of poor quality, one that has been in an accident, a hydro strike, a business car, etc., leading to "lost money". This paragraph, Thanh Phong Auto will provide the most useful information so you can confidently buy the car you want without worrying about being scammed.

What do you need to prepare before buying a used car or truck?

Before buying a used car or truck, you need to determine your needs, finances as well as carefully research information about the used car market to make the best choices. At the same time, prepare all necessary documents to complete the procedures for quickly changing ownership.

Buying and Selling Used Trucks in HCM
What do you need to prepare when buying a used car or truck?

1. Determine needs and budget

Do you need to buy a used car or truck? What is the purpose of buying a car: commuting, for work or for family? How often is it used? What is the distance like? What is the current budget?…

Determining your intended use and budget clearly will make it easier for you to make choices that suit your needs.

2. Find out information about the used car market

According to Cho Tot Xe's report, in 2023, the number of used cars bought and sold on the floor will increase by 30% compared to 2022. High supply and demand make the used car trading market quite complicated, you need to carefully research the information. about: used car models worth buying, prices, reputable buying channels,... to avoid buying poor quality cars.

  • Popular car models: Refer to popular used car models on the market to make the right choice. The most popular used cars are sedans, hatchbacks and small SUVs, priced from 500 million to 1 billion VND (according to a survey by Cho Tot Xe).
  • Market price: Find out the market price of the car models you are interested in to be able to evaluate the reasonable price.
  • Reputable used car trading channels: Choose reputable used car trading channels such as showrooms, websites, car markets...
  • Consult reviews and experiences in buying used cars: Consult with experienced people to gain more knowledge and avoid risks when buying a used car.

3. Prepare documents and finances

Documents to prepare include: CCCD, household registration and driver's license (if you buy it to drive). Regarding finances, in addition to the cost of buying a used car, you also need to make specific plans for registration taxes, insurance, and post-purchase repair, restoration, and maintenance.

Where Should I Buy Used Cars and Trucks?

You can find and buy used cars and trucks at showrooms, used car buying and selling websites, used car markets, used car buying and selling groups, buying from acquaintances, etc. Each address will have its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Showrooms, used car dealers: Have a certain reputation, the car is thoroughly inspected, has a warranty, but the price may be higher than the market.
  • Used car buying and selling websites: Diverse choices, easy price comparison but high risk of fraud.
  • Used car markets, used car buying and selling groups: Competitive prices, can be negotiated directly but difficult to check car quality and susceptible to fraud.
  • Buying through an acquaintance: Rest assured about the car's quality, can negotiate the price but limited options.
Buy and Sell Cheap Used Cars
Where to Buy Reputable Used Cars and Trucks?

How to Check Old Cars and Trucks?

You need to carefully check the exterior, interior, engine, transmission, vehicle documents and should test drive the car to feel its performance. If you do not have experience, it is best to ask professional technicians.

1. Check the exterior

It is necessary to carefully check the overall paint layer, windshield, tires, headlights and taillights.

  • Overall observation: Look at the overall vehicle to assess the level of wear, scratches, and dents.
  • Check the paint layer: Carefully observe the car's paint layer to see if there are peeling, fading or signs of repainting.
  • Check the windshield: The windshield is not cracked, ensuring clear visibility.
  • Check tires: Tires are not worn or cracked, ensuring good road grip.
  • Check headlights and taillights: Headlights are bright and taillights work normally.

2. Interior inspection

Important interior parts to check include seats, dashboard, steering wheel, floors and sound system.

  • Car seats: Seats are not torn or frayed, ensure comfort, and do not have a musty smell.
  • Taplo: Taplo is not cracked, control buttons work well.
  • Steering wheel: The steering wheel does not peel off, ensuring a good grip.
  • Car floor: The car floor is not dirty, torn, moldy, or damp.
  • Sound system: The sound system works well, without noise or noise.

3. Check the engine and gearbox

You need to start the car and check the gearbox, car exhaust, and undercarriage to see how the old car operates.

  • Start the car: Start the car to check noise, vibration, and ensure the engine operates smoothly.
  • Check the gearbox: Shifts smoothly, no strange noises.
  • Check car smoke: Car smoke is not black, does not have a burning smell.
  • Check the car's underbody: The car's underbody is rust-free and has no signs of strong impact.

4. Check vehicle documents

Important vehicle documents to check when buying a used car or truck include: driver's license plate, vehicle registration certificate and registration book.

  • Vehicle identification: Vehicle identification is the original owner, information is clear and matches the vehicle.
  • Vehicle registration: Vehicle registration is still valid.
  • Registration book: The registration book has a lot of important information about:
  • Year and country of manufacture: Imported cars and domestically assembled cars will have different prices even though they have the same design, size, and brand.
  • Is it a business car or not: Business cars will be driven a lot, repaired a lot, and restored a lot, so their performance will not be as good as a family car.

5. Test drive the car

You should test drive the car on many different terrains to feel the vehicle's performance, brakes, suspension and smoothness. From there, compare and choose the best.

Used Trucks Price Under 200 Million
How to Check Old Cars and Trucks Correctly

How to Correctly Price Used Cars and Trucks?

The price of used cars and trucks depends on many factors such as depreciation of the vehicle, year of manufacture, number of kilometers, condition, version, brand, origin, vehicle color, etc. To avoid "buying wrongly". ”, you can set the price based on the market price or ask experienced experts/units.

1. What factors do the prices of used cars and trucks depend on?

According to general convention, every year used cars will lose about 10% of their value. In addition, the car price also depends on other factors such as:

  • Year of manufacture: The newer the car, the higher the price.
  • Number of kilometers traveled: The less the car travels, the higher the price.
  • Vehicle condition: Vehicles that are original and have not been crashed or flooded will have a higher price.
  • Version: Premium versions with more equipment will cost more.
  • Brand: A popular, reputable car company will have a higher price.
  • Origin: Imported cars are more expensive than domestically assembled cars.
  • Vehicle color: Popular car colors that are easy to sell will have a higher price.

2. How to value used cars and trucks?

You can search for price information of similar cars on used car trading channels such as websites, showrooms, car markets, groups... and filter options based on year of manufacture, number of kilometers traveled, and vehicle condition. , version... to determine the price of the car you need to buy.

If you need a more accurate and specific assessment, it is best to ask experienced people.

Procedures for Buying Used Trucks
How to Correctly Price Used Cars and Trucks?

Are the procedures for buying and selling used cars and trucks complicated?

The procedure for buying and selling used cars and trucks will be more complicated than buying a new car, but if you prepare all the documents and follow the process, it is still quite simple.

  • Step 1: Prepare and notarize the purchase and sale contract.

After agreeing on the terms, the seller and buyer will create a sales contract including: information of both parties, vehicle information, selling price, payment method, etc. The contract needs to be notarized properly.

  • Step 2: Pay registration tax.

The buyer pays tax at the Tax Department where the vehicle is registered. The tax rate is based on the vehicle value in the contract.

  • Step 3: Change name and owner.

The buyer checks in at the vehicle registration agency. In case of buying a car from another province, the seller must withdraw the original documents at the police station and the buyer needs to make a new registration book at the vehicle registration location.

How to Value Used Cars
Procedures and Process for Buying and Selling Used Cars and Trucks?

What to Note When Buying Used Cars and Trucks?

In addition to the important information that Thanh Phong Auto has shared, you need to pay attention to:

  • You should not buy a car that has been in an accident because it may have been overhauled and rebuilt and "unlucky".
  • You should not buy a car that has been hydro-damaged because the engine's durability and performance will no longer be good. You can Quickly check if your car has been flooded when buying a used car through the car's interior such as: the car is moldy, water stagnant, seats and floors are replaced, unstable features...
  • You should avoid buying a business vehicle (taxi, grab, etc.).
  • Used car prices may fluctuate over time and the market.
  • If Buy used imported cars, you need to carefully learn about the origin, usage history, vehicle condition, etc. to avoid being scammed.
  • Be careful with cars that are surprisingly cheap.
  • Be careful with sellers who do not provide complete information and vehicle documents.
  • You should compare prices from many different sources to get an accurate assessment.
  • Choose a reputable used car and truck sales address with many years of experience in the industry.

Where is a good place to buy used cars and trucks in Ho Chi Minh City?

Buying a used car also poses many risks if you do not have experience and knowledge about cars. So, where is a good place to buy used cars and trucks in Ho Chi Minh City?

With more than 10 years of operation in the industry, Thanh Phong Auto is a reputable address for buying used cars and trucks in HCM that you should refer to.

  • Providing quality used cars and trucks with clear information and competitive prices.
  • A team of experienced experts and technicians can accurately assess the vehicle's condition.
  • Careful consultation, helping customers choose car models that suit their needs and finances.
  • Support for name transfer procedures and professional insurance consulting. To know more about types of auto insurance, Thanh Phong shares with you the necessary information Compulsory & voluntary auto insurance according to the latest regulations.
  • Before handover, used cars are carefully inspected for exterior, interior, accessories, and engine.
  • There is a long-term warranty policy, implemented right at Thanh Phong Auto garage.

Popular car models at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Used cars: diverse models of SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, MPV... of brands Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda,...
  • Used trucks: diverse truck lines from 1 ton, 2 tons,... of brands Suzuki, Hyundai, Isuzu, Thaco, JAC, TaTa, Dongben,... Vehicle details Price quote for 1 ton trucks (old & new) The best today is the latest updated by Thanh Phong.
  • New truck: TQ Wuling standard and high-end versions with closed box, canvas roof, open box (Thanh Phong Auto is Genuine Chinese Wuling truck distributor in HCM).

Above are from az the steps to buying used cars and trucks, hopefully it will be useful. For any questions about products, quotes for used cars and trucks, contact Thanh Phong Auto for detailed advice!

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