Causes of Engine Power Reduction

Causes of reduced car engine power
Latest update date: February 17, 11

After a period of use, Car engine will weaken, reducing the quality and speed of vehicle movement. The cause may come from during the operation of the engine or due to maintenance error of the user.

Let's Thanh Phong Auto recognize the Causes of engine power loss? for more caring experience and vehicle maintenance your own.

Causes of reduced car engine power
The main factors that cause car engine power to decrease

Summary of Causes of Engine Power Reduction

1. Worn Spark Plugs

Spark plug It is a part of the car's ignition system. Between the two spark plug electrodes there is a gap, over time the two electrodes wear out, forming a large gap that makes the spark weak. In addition, after a period of use, the soot will stick to the spark plugs, preventing the production of sparks, not enough to ignite the fuel and air mixture. As a result, worn spark plugs will make the engine power weaker.

The direction of the problem is to regularly monitor the engine clearance distance, to have a method of replacing and renewing spark plugs.

Reasons for reducing car engine power
Worn spark plugs

2. Damaged High Voltage Wire

The high-voltage wire is a component associated with the operation of the spark plug. After a period of use, the high-voltage wire is also worn away, reducing the ignition efficiency of the spark plug.

In order to promptly handle the wear and tear of the high-voltage wire, it is necessary to equip a resistance manual. When there is too much resistance change in a short time, you need to replace the high voltage wire to ensure the operating capacity of the motor.

3. Straps, Chains Worn out

The final stage of compression is when the spark plug needs to spark. It is necessary to determine the correct timing of the spark plug, if it is too early or too late, it will disturb the power of the engine. The main cause of this condition is due to the wear and tear of the belts and chains after a long time of operation. You need to check and replace so that the engine power is not reduced.

Why is car engine power reduced?
Worn belts and chains

4. Broken Ignition Bolts

The turbine has the effect of generating a high voltage current, which helps the spark plug to ignite sparks that ignite the fuel and air. This process moves the piston, from which the crankshaft moves, generating work to help the engine start. Therefore, if the turbine is damaged, it will lead to a loss of spark in the spark plug, causing the engine to not be able to start.

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5. Air Filter Clogged

Air purifier is the part that removes dirt and impurities before being put into the engine. However, after a period of use, the air filter can become an obstacle to the operation due to dirt and garbage sticking to cause blockage.

In order for the air to be circulated and to ensure the durability of the engine, it is necessary to have a reasonable vehicle maintenance and use process. Regularly clean the ventilated and clean air filter chamber.

6. Clogged Exhaust Pipe

The exhaust pipe is the place where toxic gases are discharged to the outside. Therefore, it is quite easy to explain the problem of frequent clogged exhaust pipes.

Some parts that are frequently clogged include: injectors, combustion chambers, intake valves, piston tops. If the car shows signs of shaking, difficult to start, should immediately check the exhaust pipes and have timely handling methods.

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- Causes of Reduced Engine Power
The exhaust pipe is clogged

7. Low Compression Index

Low compression index is common in vehicles with little oil change and frequent use. Low compression causes the engine to ignite the wrong way, creating not enough power for the vehicle to operate, leading to sluggishness when accelerating.

Therefore, in parallel with using the vehicle, it is necessary to have car maintenance process reasonable, do not omit any parts to ensure the durability of the car engine.

8. Faulty Fuel Pressure Controller

Fuel pressure can be adjusted according to need. However, when the pressure controller is faulty or damaged, the car will not start or cannot accelerate. In addition, the engine will face problems when too much or too little fuel enters the engine, the power will be reduced and the operation will be unstable.

Causes of engine power loss?
Faulty fuel pressure controller

All the causes of car engine loss come from not cleaning and maintaining the car regularly. Reduce engine power will directly affect the performance of the vehicle. However, with proper care, car owners can extend the life of the vehicle car engine.

Above are the Causes of reduced engine power in cars You should consult to have the right handling direction for your car. If you still have any questions to answer or have a need for car maintenance and repair, Contact Thanh Phong Auto via Hotline (028) 377.55.429 for more specific advice.

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