Automotive Repair & Maintenance Service Processes

Genuine Car Maintenance and Repair Service Process at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

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Details of work performed automotive repair and maintenance process
Genuine Car Maintenance and Repair Service Process at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

1 step: Receiving vehicle records, customer records

  • Service Advisor (CVDV) is the direct contact with customers;

Greet customers, exploit customers' vehicle information about maintenance information, damaged symptoms, strange noises around the car, scratches customers request to make copper paint ...

Complete the customer's vehicle information, contact information, observe and check for scratches, cracks around the vehicle, items on the vehicle to complete the PYCSC form according to the company's form;

In case the customer leaves the CVDV workshop, they must give the green color and their name card to the customer for convenient contact and revoke the green contact when the customer comes to pick up the car.

2 step: Check, identify the vehicle status based on customer requirements

Based on customer requirements and information, CVDV provides direct inspection to determine the status of the vehicle or assigns KTV SCC, KTV bodyshop & painting to check or test the vehicle if necessary, in some cases, KTV SCC can invite guests. customers try the car together to accurately determine the customer's wishes and accurately check the current status of the vehicle;

Before getting into the car, the KTV customer must cover the seat, cover the steering wheel, before boarding the lifting bridge and dismantling, the KTV must cover and obstruct the customer car according to the company regulations;

In case of necessity, KTV SCC may disassemble the relevant details to check the damaged details but not allowed to carry out the repair without permission;

After checking, the technician must record the repaired content on the paper and submit it to the Leader to sign and submit to CVDV and explain the most specific cause and phenomenon to CVDV to consult customers and answer any questions. Questions from CVDV upon request.

3 step: Service consultation, quotation

CVDV conducts a detailed quotation based on the requirements of the professional Leader and customer needs;

CVDV is a person who directly advises and explains to customers the causes of damage, remedies, cost estimates and time for customers;

CVDV would like to confirm the repair agreement of the customer according to the quotation by direct signature or confirmation via email, SMS in case the customer car is still in the factory. In case of necessity to place an order and the customer's vehicle is no longer available at the CVDV workshop, the customer is requested to make a minimum deposit of 30% of the quotation price;

If customers have Membership cards issued by the company and still have CVDV usage, they must discount directly according to the list listed on the card.

+ Note: Painting Service Process

4 step: Allocate work, repair order

CVDV completes the repair order (linked in gold) according to the quotation approved by the customer and transferred to the professional Leader.

5 step: Service implementation

The professional team leader assigns tasks to each technician to follow the repair service room order down completely and accurately;

CVDV, the professional Leader must regularly monitor the progress and technical inspection to make sure the technician complies with the repair order, on schedule to complete the work.

6 step: Check the quality of service

After completing the repair order, KTV must directly check the work done to meet the requirements and techniques, clean and clean the customer car while observing and checking related systems, checking overview of customer car before signing the repair order;

The technician reports to the professional Leader and checks the service quality. If the quality is not up to the requirement, the Leader must immediately appoint a technician to repair it immediately. If the satisfactory is reached, the Leader must sign for certification. KTV moved the car to the toilet area, removed the seat cover, wrapped the steering wheel.

7 step: Cleaning

KTV conduct cleaning and repair area, vacuuming the inside of the car for customers;

After the cleaning is complete, the technician moves the car to the delivery area and brings the repair order, the car key to the CVDV and reports the completed work.

8 step: Check before delivery

CVDV checks the car before delivering the vehicle to customers to ensure that the customer request according to the quotation has been properly and sufficiently implemented and the features, internal and external conditions of the customer's vehicle are completely normal as when customers handing over the car;

After the inspection is completed and the quality is satisfactory, the CVDV will notify the customer to pick up the car.If the service quality has not reached the CVDV, you have the right to ask the Leader to appoint the KTV to perform the service again until it meets the requirements.

9 step: Payment

Service accountant collects customer fee according to CVDV quote and writes VAT invoice if the customer requests;

In special cases where the customer receives the car but has not paid yet, it is required to have a guarantee from the Director, Chief of Service Department or the vehicle of the company with the associated contract or the insurance company with the associated contract;

For companies with associated contracts, insurance companies, before customers get their cars, must sign the repair certificates in accordance with the contents of the quotation and sign the acceptance test, the minutes of handover of old spare parts and Other necessary documents if any.

10 step: Car delivery

CVDV is the person who directly delivered the car to the customer to confirm that the content has been done correctly, according to the customer quotation approved and pay attention to the customer about the need to use the vehicle, or warn the damage should be future settlement if any;

Withdrawing the inter-green gave customers when they received the car and asked customers to check the car, its contents, vehicle papers ...;

For new customers, CVDV sends Membership cards issued by the company to discount for customers in the next service.

+ Note: Engine & Undercariage Maintenance at Low Level, Midle Level and High Level

11 step: Find out information after the service

CVDV asks customers when the service is completed to survey customer satisfaction;

If the process has errors, please CVDV customers need suggestions to satisfy customers.

12 Step: After sales

Sales staff must call customers and check information about service quality to survey customer satisfaction when operating vehicles within 7 days after delivery of customer vehicles;

Sales staff take care of customers and call maintenance reminders for 3 and 6 months period Sales staff text or call customers when the company has a sale or after-sales program applies to customers .

Customer comments are very important to us. Thanh Phong auto committed to constantly improving the quality of all types Car repair service, will always listen and act on feedback from customers. If you have any compliments or suggestions, let Thanh Phong auto know.

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