Popular Types of Tires

Are there many ways to classify car tires? People often classify tires according to the road surface they are used on and clearly indicate the functions and characteristics of each type.

1. Snow tires

Snow tires are designed to maintain maneuverability on muddy and snowy roads. This feature is achieved by creating more blocks in the tread and making these blocks deeper and farther apart. Combined with a lug tread pattern to effectively transmit driving force and a ribbed pattern to reduce lateral slippage.

Snow Car Tires
Snow Car Tires


  • Less side-slip and greater traction and more stable steering while braking
  • Easier to steer when turning and changing lanes
  • Get out of ruts more easily
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Less vibration and less noise

Because the tread of a snow-covered tire is not as sturdy as the tread of a normal tire, it has less ability to keep the vehicle running at high speeds on dry roads, especially when the vehicle is turning.

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2. Tires with nail heads

The tire has a studded tip to provide more stability on snow-covered roads and has the ability to grip on icy roads. It has tread characteristics used on snow-covered roads combined with metal studs to increase the tire's grip on the surface to transmit the driving and braking forces of the vehicle. However, this type of tire only works to increase safety when driving on snowy and icy roads, not an absolute guarantee. Drivers need to operate the vehicle very carefully.

Car Tires With Nail Heads
Car Tires With Nail Heads

In addition, you must avoid using tires with studs on normal road surfaces, because this not only speeds up the wear of the studs, but can also damage the road surface and pollute the air with dust when driving. transfer.

For this reason, in some countries or localities, the use of studded tires is restricted or banned.

3. The tire has no grip

In the past, people used studded tires to drive on ice and snow-covered roads. But now, studded tires have been restricted or banned in many countries, so studless tires have been developed for vehicles driving on ice roads to use instead. Hubless tires use a special type of rubber tread, which prevents loss of controllability at extremely low temperatures and retains the characteristics of a tire used on snow and ice roads.

This rubber tread pattern can ensure full contact with the road surface, even when the road is covered with snow or ice.

Non-Slip Car Tires
Non-Slip Car Tires

In addition, due to the many small cuts in the tread surface, the tire can dig and release snow and ice when running so that it can receive enough driving and braking force.

However, there are still cases where tires without knobs cannot fully utilize their features depending on certain road conditions. Therefore, it is important to drive carefully on icy roads and use extra chains if necessary.

4. Types of tires that run on sand

This type of tire is designed to run on soft and sandy ground. The tread of these types of tires is wide and has a ribbed tread pattern with shallow grooves to avoid breaking the top layer of the road surface.

Car Tires Running on Sand
Car Tires Running on Sand

The inflation pressure of these tires is lower when driving on sandy terrain to maximize the surface area in contact with the road surface. Therefore, the ply layer of these tires is structured to be able to withstand heavy loads, even at low inflation pressure.

5. All-weather tires (4-season tires)

All-weather tires are normal tires that have been improved and have enhanced driving performance on sandy or snow-covered roads. It is a tire used for many road surface conditions and can be used all year round because it has the characteristics of both normal and snow tires.

All-Weather Tires (All-Season Tires)
All-Weather Tires (All-Season Tires)

The chart below shows the performance of all-weather tires compared to conventional tires (represented by circles in the chart). Values ​​outside this circle correspond to higher performance.

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The all-weather tire features a radial ply and steel belt and a densely cut tread pattern to increase traction and prevent side slipping. The tread grooves of all-weather tires are shallower than those of snow tires but deeper than those of regular tires. That means they can make the car run more stable by digging deep into the snow to firmly grip the road.

Please refer to the information about the structure, function and popular tire tread types mentioned in part 1: Here

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