Is Do Thanh Truck Review Good? Price List, From Which Country?

Is Do Thanh truck good?
Latest update date: February 21, 06

Trucks are one of the important means of transporting goods because they can carry a variety of goods, move quickly on many types of terrain, and have reasonable prices. Among many domestic and imported truck brands, Do Thanh trucks are still trusted and chosen by a large number of customers. 

So how is it that we so often forget to teach respect by respecting the children themselves? Is Do Thanh truck good? This is a product of which country? What are the prices? Let's explore details about Do Thanh trucks through the following article!

Which country's urban trucks are from?

Do Thanh truck is a Vietnamese truck brand, manufactured by Do Thanh Auto Joint Stock Company. Do Thanh Auto Joint Stock Company is one of the reputable truck manufacturers, assemblers and distributors with two main brands: Do Thanh IZ and Daewoo Trucks (Korea). 

Do Thanh Truck is a Vietnamese truck brand
Do Thanh Truck is a Vietnamese truck brand

In which:

  • Do Thanh IZ trucks use all imported components from Jiangling Motors Corporation Limited (abbreviated as JMC - a Chinese brand) and are completely assembled in Vietnam. 
  • As for Daewoo Trucks, Do Thanh Auto Joint Stock Company is only distributing this truck line in the Vietnamese market. 

Thus, when mentioning the Do Thanh Truck brand, users will immediately think of the Do Thanh IZ Truck lines. In this article, Thanh Phong Auto also focuses on reviewing and quoting Do Thanh IZ Trucks so readers will have a more detailed view.

Is Urban Truck Review Good? 

To be able to answer the question: Are Do Thanh trucks good or should I buy them? Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of this brand below:

Advantages of Do Thanh trucks

Do Thanh Truck brand has a strong position in vehicle segments under 6.5 tons. The car is highly appreciated for its quality, durability and reasonable price. As follows:

1. Engine: 

Powered by Japanese Isuzu technology Diesel engine
Powered by Japanese Isuzu technology Diesel engine

Thanks to running on Japanese Isuzu technology Diesel engines, Do Thanh trucks can operate strongly and durably on all types of terrain. Integrating Turbo technology helps increase engine capacity by up to 26%, and the vehicle has outstanding load-bearing capacity, which has been recognized by many drivers.

Do Thanh trucks use the Bosch fuel injection system, which helps significantly reduce fuel consumption and optimize operating costs.

2. Exterior

Modern, dynamic truck exterior design with 2 basic paint colors: navy white and creamy blue. However, Do Thanh still offers many other color options such as amber orange, deep red, dark green. 

Modern, dynamic truck exterior design with 2 basic paint colors: navy white and creamy blue
Modern, dynamic truck exterior design with 2 basic paint colors: navy white and creamy blue


  • The car mirror system can cover the field of view from all directions with front-view mirrors, convex mirrors, and rearview mirrors.
  • Chassis is made of hardened steel with a sturdy and stable structure when subjected to heavy loads. Therefore, the chassis life is durable and long.

3. Furniture

Do Thanh truck interior
Do Thanh truck interior

The interior of Do Thanh trucks is spacious, quality, comfortable and beautiful, bringing comfort and ease to the driver. The seats are covered with soft, high-quality faux leather and the Japanese air conditioning operates well to enhance the driving experience. 

4. Warranty policy

Do Thanh trucks have a thoughtful warranty policy, up to 3 years or the first 100.000 km. With a nationwide system of authorized service stations, customers can have complete peace of mind when needing to maintain and repair Do Thanh trucks.

Do Thanh trucks have a thoughtful warranty policy
Do Thanh trucks have a thoughtful warranty policy

5. Price

Do Thanh trucks have quite competitive prices compared to trucks using Japanese technology engines. 

Disadvantages of Do Thanh trucks

Besides the above advantages, Do Thanh trucks still have the disadvantage that the interior is not as luxurious as some other truck lines.

Should I buy a Do Thanh truck? Do Thanh truck is one of the good choices for individuals/organizations operating in the transportation field thanks to its good performance, diverse and beautiful designs, good after-sales service, and reasonable price. reasonable. Ignoring the "few" limitations mentioned above, you should also consider buying a Do Thanh truck if you find this vehicle suitable for your use and financial needs.  

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Latest City Truck Price Quotes

Do Thanh truck price quote will be updated in the third quarter of 3 as follows:

Truck type

Price list (VND)

IZ49 Do Thanh truck has a close cabin


IZ49 Do Thanh flatbed truck


IZ49 Do Thanh truck with canvas box


IZ49 Do Thanh closed truck


IZ65 Do Thanh truck cockpit cabin


IZ65 Do Thanh flatbed truck


IZ65 Do Thanh truck with canvas roof


IZ65 Do Thanh closed truck


IZ65 Do Thanh truck transports glass


2T5 IZ65S dump truck with 1 bed


3T5 Do Thanh IZ65S dump truck with 3-panel open box


IZ68 Do Thanh truck


IZ650 SE Do Thanh truck


IZ650 SE Do Thanh truck with canvas box


IZ650 SE Do Thanh closed truck


Do Thanh Truck
Do Thanh Truck

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  • Reasonable and competitive price. 

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Hope Do Thanh truck review is good? Price list, from which country? will be useful to you. Contact Thanh Phong Auto for more specific advice if you need to buy a car.

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