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Possessing outstanding features such as the ability to transport goods quickly, move flexibly on many types of terrain and reasonable prices, vans are chosen for use by many individuals and businesses. However, with the variety of designs and prices, choosing to buy one is difficult van truck Fitment is difficult for those who do not have much knowledge about this type of vehicle.

In the article below, Thanh Phong Auto will give you information about Top best cargo vans with price list and advantages for your reference. Let's find out through the article!

Characteristics Of Van Trucks

A van is one of the types of small trucks, with a large compartment on the back of the vehicle, often used to transport people or goods. The size of the vehicle is larger than a 4-seat car but smaller than a passenger car and bus. Vans possess the following characteristics:

  • The car space is spacious and comfortable: The van has quite a large space so it can be used to serve many different needs and purposes. In particular, the rear compartment of the car is spacious and convenient for storing many belongings and goods.
  • Low chassis: Compared to other vehicle models, the chassis of the van truck is designed quite low so children can climb inside very easily. In addition, the rear door of the car can be opened wide, convenient for moving up and down.
  • Large load capacity: Vans have outstanding features such as durability and high load capacity. The vehicle's towing capacity is up to 2,5 tons and has a payload capacity of 10 -16 people depending on the vehicle type.
  • Create good viewing space for the driver: The rear window of the car is large in size to help the driver see more easily and conveniently.

Review of Van Trucks on the Market & Reference Price List of Van Trucks

Van Gaz truck

Gaz vans are capable of carrying a lot of goods, especially bulky items and electronic goods. The car is designed in a European style with luxurious and modern beauty with a 6-seat version and a 3-seat version.

Advantages of the car:

  • Modern, luxurious design in European style.
  • Can carry many types of goods, especially bulky goods and electronic goods, and is not limited to travel hours within the city.
  • Equipped with a durable and powerful Cummins engine.
  • Large box capacity of up to 14 cubic meters, supporting the transportation of large quantities of goods.
  • Comfortable and complete interior and equipment: touch screen, air conditioning, bluetooth, Cruise Control cruise control system...
Gas Van Truck
Gas Van Truck

* Gaz vans currently have the following reference prices:

Range of vehicle Reference price
Price of 6-seat Gaz van VND XNX.
Price of 3-seat Gaz van (short version) VND XNX.
Price of Gaz 3-seat van (long version) VND XNX.

Tera-V 2-Seater Van

The Tera-V Van is considered one of the most popular van lines on the market today. The car has a modern design, many amenities and good operating modes.

Vehicle highlights:

  • High load capacity of 945kg is suitable for transporting fresh food, consumer goods, and express delivery service.
  • The vehicle has a solid frame and can withstand large loads.
  • Beautiful design, keeping up with trends.
  • Durable Mitsubishi engine helps the vehicle operate flexibly.
  • The rear door is designed with two wings that open to both sides, convenient for using a forklift to load and unload goods.
Tera-V 2-Seater Van
Tera-V 2-Seater Van

* Price of Tera-V van:

Range of vehicle Reference price
Tera-V open-wall van VND XNX.
Tera-V closed-wall van VND XNX.

Suzuki Blind Van Truck

Suzuki Blind is Suzuki's best-selling car line in the Vietnamese market thanks to its high durability and optimal fuel economy. With a compact size but spacious trunk, the vehicle is suitable for carrying goods in narrow, crowded areas.

Suzuki Blind Van
Suzuki Blind Van

Advantages of the car:

  • Genuine imported from Japan with quality guaranteed components.
  • The trunk is wide, the floor is flat and the sliding door design is convenient, making it easy to load and unload goods.
  • High durability, little damage, saving maintenance and repair costs.
  • The body of the vehicle is made from tempered steel and anti-rust paint to ensure durability.
  • Ability to move flexibly during rush hours or crowded urban areas and active vehicles.

* Suzuki Blind van currently has a reference price from only 300.000.000 VND.

Kenbo Van

This is a vehicle line manufactured by the Kenbo brand (China), including 2 versions: 2 seats with a load of 945kg and 5 seats with a load of 495kg, meeting a variety of transportation needs of users.

Strengths of the car:

  • The car interior is full of modern features such as: electric windows, electric locks, 2-way air conditioning...
  • Good fuel economy.
  • Cheap price compared to other cars of the same type.
Kenbo Van Truck
Kenbo Van Truck

Kenbo van price list:

Range of vehicle Reference price
Kenbo 2-seat van VND XNX
Kenbo 5-seat van VND XNX

Van Dongben X30 truck

Dongben X30 van truck is currently selling very well on the market. The vehicle is conveniently designed and equipped with many features to support quick transport of goods, saving time and costs.

Dongben van characteristics:

  • Spacious cabin, large cargo capacity.
  • Luxurious and sophisticated interior and exterior design.
  • Equipped with an EPS power steering system to help make the operation smoother and lighter.
  • Diverse load capacity and number of seats: 490kg - 5 seats, 695kg - 5 seats, 950kg - 2 seats.
Dongben X30 Van
Dongben X30 Van

* Refer to car price:

Range of vehicle Reference price
Dongben 5-seat van 490Kg – X30 V5M VND XNX
DongBen 5-seat van 695kg – X30 V5 VND XNX
DongBen 2-seat van 950kg – X30 V2 VND XNX

Van Thaco Towner truck

Thaco Towner vans are manufactured using modern production lines with compact size and fully equipped installation. The vehicle is suitable for transporting goods during rush hours in inner-city areas with flexible and easy movement.

The car possesses the following characteristics:

  • The cargo compartment is large and comfortable.
  • Equipped with EPS electric power steering and electric door glass in the front seats.
  • There are 4 colors to choose from: white, purple blue, gray, bronze gold.
  • Safe and sturdy anti-slip floor design.
Thaco Towner Van Truck
Thaco Towner Van Truck

* Reference car price list:

Range of vehicle Reference price
Thaco Towner 2S 2-seat van  VND XNX
Thaco Towner 5S 5-seat van  VND XNX

TMT Van Truck

The TMT van line is loved by customers for its good performance, flexibility and fuel economy. Vehicles are designed with a variety of designs and functions, with compact models carrying goods and large models capable of carrying passengers.

Other features of the car:

  • Powerful engine, safe braking system.
  • Convenient interior with: standard air conditioning, sound, and safety systems.
  • The cargo box is large in size and can transport many goods at the same time.
Truck Van Tmt
Truck Van Tmt

* Specific prices for each type of TMT vehicle:

Range of vehicle Reference price
TMT K05s 2-seat van VND XNX
TMT K05s 5-seat van VND XNX
TMT C35 2-seat van VND XNX
TMT C35 5-seat van VND XNX

Thanh Phong Auto: Buy and Sell Used/New Trucks at Good Prices in Ho Chi Minh City

In addition to repair, maintenance, and car care services, Thanh Phong Auto also provides used/new trucks with many loads and prices from many reputable brands on the market.

Top 7 Good Van Truck Lines, Trusted Currently Professional Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Thanh Phong Auto's service commitment:

  • Support and advise customers on new and used car models as required and in accordance with their financial situation.
  • Buying and selling procedures are quick and convenient.
  • The vehicle has all the necessary documents according to regulations.
  • Vehicle quality is guaranteed, production origin is clear, and operation is good.
  • Customers are free to inspect the vehicle and test drive it before choosing to buy.
  • Good warranty, many incentives.
  • Reasonable price, many price segments to choose from.

Above is how to write an introduction to the lines Best cargo Van truck: price list and advantages, hopefully will help you choose to buy the car model you like. If you need more detailed advice about each type of van or cargo truck, contact us immediately for dedicated support.

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