Top 5 Best 500kg Cargo Trucks Today & Latest Selling Price

Suzuki Truck 500Kg Tarpaulin
Latest update date: February 14, 11

500kg trucks are chosen by many individuals/businesses to transport goods because they can easily move on narrow roads and are not limited in travel time like large trucks.

If you want to learn about the types best 500kg cargo truck To choose, please follow this article by Thanh Phong Auto.

The Best, Most Trusted 500kg Trucks 

Suzuki Truck 500kg Tarpaulin

Suzuki Truck 500kg Tarpaulin Truck is manufactured by the prestigious Suzuki corporation of Japan. Products with high durability, outstanding quality, and affordable prices will be the perfect choice for your business.

Suzuki Truck 500Kg Tarpaulin
Suzuki Truck 500Kg Tarpaulin


  • Electronic fuel injection technology engine meets Euro 4 emission standards: fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • The car body is made of galvanized steel, the chassis is sturdy.
  • Strong suspension system with safe disc brakes, shock absorbers and increased durability.

Limitations: Driver's seat and steering wheel cannot be adjusted.

Reference price: 263.000.000 VND.

Suzuki Blind Van truck 495kg

Suzuki Blind Van 495kg truck is a good combination of cargo transport ability and comfort. The vehicle is designed with a spacious trunk to accommodate a lot of goods and sliding doors in the body of the vehicle for convenient loading and unloading of goods.

Suzuki Blind Van Truck 495Kg
Suzuki Blind Van Truck 495Kg

Other advantages:

  • Comfortable interior: flexibly arranged storage compartments, multi-information display clock cluster, Kenwood Radio MP3 CD player sound system...
  • Strong suspension system with safe brakes.
  • Super strong tweezers help carry heavy goods effectively.

Limitations: Price is quite high.

Reference price: 293.000.000 VND.

TaTa Super ACE 500kg truck

TaTa Super ACE 500kg truck is imported completely from Tata Group - India. This type of vehicle operates stably, has a compact design suitable for the needs of transporting goods in narrow and crowded road conditions.

Tata Super Ace Truck 500Kg
Tata Super Ace Truck 500Kg


  • Larger cabin, giving large interior space - increased visibility.
  • Fully equipped with air conditioning, electronic clock, fabric seats, hydraulic power steering wheel... creating a comfortable feeling when driving.
  • The car body is built on a thick chassis base, reinforced with load-bearing horizontal bars.

Limitation: there are no imported components from India to buy when needing replacement.

Reference price: 183.600.000 VND.

Thaco Towner 500kg truck

Thaco Towner 500kg is a small truck line manufactured by Truong Hai Auto Group (Thaco) - the leading automobile company in Vietnam. This type of truck is popular in the market because of its many outstanding advantages.

Thaco Towner Truck 500Kg
Thaco Towner Truck 500Kg


  • The perfect front suspension system includes: shock absorbers, cylindrical springs, and durable disc brakes.
  • Modern engines meet Euro 4 standards, improving performance and environmental protection.
  • Spacious cabin, user-friendly dashboard design - within arm's reach of the driver.
  • Affordable price.

Limitations: No air conditioning system.

Reference price: 153.000.000 VND.

Dongben 450kg truck

Dongben 450kg truck is a product of SRM - one of China's leading automobile manufacturing groups.

Dongben Truck 450Kg
Dongben Truck 450Kg

This truck line is highly appreciated by:

  • Fuel-efficient engine.
  • The front of the car has an impressive design with dual grille masks and inverted U-shaped ventilation holes; Helps block wind and increases engine cooling.
  • The trunk has a long, wide roof that can carry many types of goods.
  • The brake force balance system helps control the balance and stability of the vehicle.
  • The front suspension system is designed independently, helping to increase road holding ability and load capacity - ensuring driving safety.
  • There is 2-way air conditioning to help the driver feel comfortable while driving.

Limitations: Price is quite high.

Reference price: 257.000.000 VND.

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Top 5 Best 500Kg Cargo Trucks Today & Latest Genuine Selling Price Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

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Hopefully the review information evaluates to 5 Good 500kg trucks are widely used on the market now will be useful to you. If you need support or advice on choosing to buy a 500kg cargo truck, please contact us immediately for attentive service.

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