Importance Of Dynamic Balancing Car Wheel

The Importance of Dynamically Balancing Car Wheels Reputable Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 16, 05

Currently, cars are a means of transportation that many people choose to use because of the convenience it brings. Along with the use, your car also needs to be serviced and cared for parts appropriately. One of the important parts on the car worth mentioning is the car tires.

Your car wheel life is very much related to wheel balancing. Therefore, from the moment you buy a new tire, you need to conduct a tire balance right away.

Image of Experts Dynamically Balancing Wheels
Image of Experts Dynamically Balancing Wheels

Following this procedure will help your tires to be balanced with the weight of the wheels. At that time, each tire will be guaranteed smooth and smooth during vehicle operation.

When the tire is unbalanced, you will feel the movement of the steering wheel. This is a problem that greatly affects the safety of your vehicle as well as the life of your vehicle. So let's Thanh Phong Auto Learn about this wheel-balancing unbalance!

Dynamic equilibrium concept.

Dynamic equilibrium is known to distribute the weight of the wheel evenly in rotation. This helps to effectively prevent the wheel from being worn, swayed or tumbled.

On the rim of the wheel is usually attached with lead pieces and the inner edge is clamped a piece of cylindrical iron. Thanks to these factors, the wheels are balanced because in the rim production process, the accuracy of the tire cannot be absolute.

Dynamic Wheel Balancing Helps Your Car Run Smoothly and Avoid Wheel Debris
Dynamic Wheel Balancing Helps Your Car Run Smoothly and Avoid Wheel Debris

The cause of dynamic wheel imbalance.

  • Wheels or wheels are defective during manufacture.
  • The car runs often on bad roads.
  • Due to worn tires.
  • Due to the dirty of the coupling.

Habits that cause wheel imbalance.

  • The car is not running yet hit the steering wheel quickly.
  • Often speed up suddenly.
  • Drive at high speed and be sharp.
  • Soil and mud are sticky due to not cleaning the tire often.
  • Do not take the initiative when braking or braking quickly.
  • Meeting obstacles does not slow down.
  • Excessive or lacking in constant pressure.

When should wheel dynamic balancing be performed?

  • When changing new tires.
  • When it comes time to periodically dynamic equilibrium (range 10.000 km).
  • When you feel the tire is unbalanced.
  • Notice that the car tires are not worn uniformly.
  • See the steering wheel shaking when driving.

Consequences of wheel dynamic imbalance on cars.

The Importance of Dynamically Balancing Car Wheels Reputable Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

  • Affect the feeling of driving as well as the suspension.
  • Creating uncomfortable and tired for drivers and people in the car on the long way.
  • Make noise when the car is running.
  • Damaging tires and costly maintenance money.

The process of performing wheel balancing.

  • Clean all old dirt and lead from the wheel.
  • Put the wheel on the engine then start.
  • Observe the results of unbalanced locations on the machine.
  • Attach a piece of lead to the newspaper and check points.
  • Remove the cake and end the process.

Hopefully, the information about wheel dynamic balance and its importance provided by Thanh Phong Auto above will be useful information for you. Thanh Phong Auto specializes in providing customers with quality genuine car tire products and prestigious car tire dynamic balancing services. Therefore, Thanh Phong is always trusted by customers to use its products and services.

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