Is Daehan Teraco Truck Review Good? Price List, From Which Country?

Are teraco trucks good?
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As one of the truck lines that has shaken the market in the past 5 years, Daehan Teraco Many drivers appreciate its design and functionality. So what is the origin of Daehan Teraco trucks, what are the advantages that make them so "famous"? Together Thanh Phong Auto Find out interesting information through the article!

A few words about the Daehan Teraco Truck Brand

Daehan Teraco is one brand vans new, manufactured and distributed by Daehan Motor Company Limited with 100% investment capital from Korea. Currently, the company still has its headquarters in Korea, and the factory is built and operates in the Automobile Mechanical Industrial Park, Hoa Phu commune, Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City.

Are teraco trucks good?

TERA 190 – payload 1,9 tons

Daehan Teraco truck is a light-tonnage truck line, designed with a long trunk to diversify the transport of goods and improve transportation efficiency. With the production process of components as well as assembly being strictly managed and strictly inspected, Daehan Motor is committed to bringing the best products to consumers.

Currently, on the market there are many Daehan Teraco trucks with diverse tonnage, specifically:

  • TERA V owns a Mitsubishi engine, with a load capacity of 945 kg.
  • TERA 100 owns a Mitsubishi engine, payload 990 kg.
  • TERA 190 has a Diesel engine and has a payload of 1,9 tons.
  • TERA 230 has a Diesel engine and has a payload of 2,3 tons.
  • TERA 240 has a Diesel engine and has a payload of 2,4 tons.
  • TERA 250 has a Diesel engine and has a payload of 2,5 tons.
  • TERA 245L has an Isuzu engine, loading capacity of 2,4 tons and 2,8 tons.
  • TERA 180 & TERA 150 have Diesel engines, payload capacity of 1,8 tons and 1,5 tons.
  • TERA 350 has an Isuzu engine, with a payload of 3,49 tons.
  • TERA 190 SL & TERA 345 SL own Isuzu engine, loading capacity 1,9 tons and 3,5 tons.
  • TERA 240S & TERA 245L own Isuzu engine, load capacity 2,4 tons.

Is Daehan Teraco Truck Review Good?


Although Daehan Teraco trucks are the "youngest brother" in the truck market, they have many outstanding advantages, specifically:

  • Develop a variety of vehicle lines equipped with powerful engines and modern equipment. Currently, the company has launched Tera 100, Teraco 180, Tera 190 SL, Teraco 345SL, Teraco 350 and Tera Van V truck lines with diverse tonnage to meet customers' different freight needs.
  • The car design is simple, compact but still fashionable and aesthetic. The exterior of Teraco cars gives viewers a pleasant feeling. Utility equipment on the vehicle is installed in a balanced, harmonious manner and meets all functions.
  • The car's cabin is spacious and firmly reinforced in the event of a strong impact. The interior of the car is comfortable. Air conditioning system, FM radio, card reader for entertainment needs are fully equipped.
  • Vehicle engines are mainly used from Isuzu and Hyundai so they are highly durable. Chassis system, sturdy springs.
  • The chassis is long and wide and comes with a large box size. Truck trunks have many versions from closed containers, tarpaulin containers, insulated containers, open containers, and frozen containers for customers to choose from.
  • Teraco car prices are considered quite cheap compared to other cars in the same segment with many flexible installment policies.
  • Attentive and dedicated after-sales service with good warranty quality. Daehan Motors builds a system of authorized service centers and repair facilities nationwide to make it more convenient for customers to answer questions as well as repair and warranty.
  • The company provides extremely convenient 24/7 mobile repair services, helping truck drivers no longer worry when encountering problems on any road.
  • Daehan Motors' Teraco truck distribution system is present nationwide, helping customers have the most thoughtful and convenient service experience.


Although there are many advantages, Daehan Teraco cars also have a few disadvantages:

  • Car parts are not synchronized with the place of production, some are made in Vietnam, Korea or Japan.
  • Vehicle quality has not been clearly verified. Because this is a new car line launched in 2017, damage, depreciation, durability, etc. have not been specifically evaluated.
  • The Teraco truck line belongs to the light truck line, so it is only suitable for individual customers or small-scale businesses.

See Reviews of the latest truck models:

Daehan Teraco Truck Price List (Updated Quarter 3/2023)

STT Vehicle name Reference price - Unit: VND
Chassis Mezzanine box Sealed box Tarpaulin box
1 TERA 100   221.000.000 232.500.000 230.000.000
2 TERA 190 309.000.000 317.000.000 340.500.000 335.500.000
3 TERA 230 348.000.000 356.500.000 380.500.000 375.000.000
4 TERA 240 312.000.000 320.000.000 343.500.000 312.200.000
5 TERA 250 340.000.000 348.000.000 371.500.000 366.500.000
6 TERA 245L   417.000.000 434.000.000 432.000.000
7 TERA 180 314.000.000 333.500.000 344.000.000 340.000.000
8 TERA 150   333.500.000 344.000.000 340.000.000
9 TERA 350 428.000.000   475.000.000 473.000.000
10 TERA 190 SL   507.000.000 524.000.000 522.000.000
11 TERA 345 SL   512.000.000 528.500.000 526.000.000
12 TERA 240S 369.000.000 385.000.000 400.500.000 397.500.000
13 TERA 240L 389.000.000 406.000.000 422.000.000 421.000.000
14 TERA V 320.000.000 – 323.000.000

Should I buy a teraco truck?

TERA 240 – payload 2,4 tons

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