Is Jac Truck Review Good? Price List, From Which Country?

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When the need freight increasing day by day, if you own one vans If the quality and operation are good, the transport of goods will become efficient, saving effort and costs. Among the many truck brands on the market, the line JAC truck Currently attracting the attention of many individuals and businesses because of the diversity of designs, styles and price segments.

So is Jac truck good? How much? From which country? Let's find out detailed information about the quality, origin and price list of JAC trucks through the article below Thanh Phong Auto ok

Overview of JAC Truck Line

JAC is a truck line manufactured by Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd - a large automobile manufacturing brand in China and exclusively distributed in the Vietnamese market by JAC Vietnam Automobile Joint Stock Company. .

As a long-standing and famous automobile manufacturer in China, the JAC brand is currently present in more than 100 countries around the world. JAC trucks are designed with diverse loads, meeting the needs of transporting many different goods such as frozen goods, bulky goods, construction materials...

3,5 ton jac truck price
JAC truck series

Currently JAC provides 3 main truck lines:

  • JAC light truck: JAC L-SERIES models (JAC H360 pilot, JAC L200 1.9 tons, JAC L240 2.45 tons, JAC L250 2.4 tons, JAC L350 3.45 tons and JAC L500 4.9 tons), JAC N-SERIES (JAC N200S 1.99 tons, JAC N350 3.5 tons, JAC N350S 3.8 tons, JAC N650S 6.4 tons, JAC N900S 9 tons,...), JAC X-SERIES (990kg, 1.25 tons and 1.5 tons).
  • JAC medium truck: including JAC A5 with a tonnage of up to 7 tons.
  • JAC heavy trucks: includes JAC K5 4-legged and 5-legged imported complete units, with a tonnage of over 20 tons.

Is JAC Truck Review Good?

To evaluate whether a JAC truck is good or worth buying, you can refer to the advantages and disadvantages of this vehicle brand:

Advantages of JAC trucks:

  • Good operating performance: JAC trucks are designed with a powerful engine and modern transmission system to help the vehicle operate well and flexibly on both plain and mountainous terrain.
  • Durable and fuel-efficient engine: The vehicle uses a diesel engine with high capacity and low fuel consumption, helping to save operating costs.
  • Comfortable interior and exterior: The car design has a modern style, fully equipped with amenities such as air conditioning system, electric windows,... bringing comfort to users.
  • Durable: The car is manufactured from high-quality materials, guaranteed quality, so it has a fairly long lifespan.
  • Reasonable pricing: Compared to truck brands Isuzu, Hyundai... JAC trucks are considered to have more competitive prices, suitable for many audiences.

Disadvantages of JAC trucks:

  • It is difficult to find replacement parts, thus wasting a lot of time and money on maintenance and repair in case the vehicle is damaged.
  • Vehicle load capacity is limited compared to other truck brands.

+ Proposal: Price list for Auto Parts Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement

Top 3 Best-Selling Truck Lines of JAC

Below are specific assessments of the characteristics and prices of JAC's 3 best-selling truck lines:

JAC N900 canvas roof truck (Load capacity 9 tons)

The JAC N900 canvas-roof truck belongs to the light truck line, impressing with its modern sporty design. The vehicle operates durably, serving a variety of different cargo transportation needs.

Other advantages:

  • High-class double cabin design made of high-strength steel, ensuring safety in case of collision.
  • The rearview mirror includes 5 large-section spherical mirrors, helping the vehicle to observe easily, avoiding blind spots.
  • Durable CUMMINS ISF3.8s4R168 – 3T8 engine.
  • Canvas-style cargo box with large size and capacity.
  • Modern cockpit interior, fully equipped.
Which country is the jac truck from?
JAC N900 canvas roof truck (Load capacity 9 tons)

> Reference car price (updated in the third quarter of 3): VND XNX.

JAC N350 canvas truck (Load capacity 3.5 tons)

The JAC N350 canvas truck line has a strong and luxurious design style, equipped with an environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient 2.97cc DEV engine.

In addition, the JAC N350 canvas truck also possesses outstanding features:

  • The square cabin is sturdy and has outstanding durability.
  • Comfortable seats with materials specialized for American car seats.
  • The trunk is spacious and can carry many different types of goods.
  • The steering wheel is designed with many function buttons to create convenience for the driver during driving.
  • The mirror system is fully equipped with both side rearview mirrors and cabin mirrors to help the driver see more clearly, ensuring driving safety.
used jac truck price
JAC N350 canvas truck (Load capacity 3.5 tons)

> Reference car price (updated in the third quarter of 3): VND XNX.

JAC N350s flatbed truck (Load capacity 3,8 tons)

With a convenient mezzanine design and the ability to carry up to 3,8 tons, the JAC N350s mezzanine truck is a suitable choice for transporting a variety of goods in many different terrains.

JAC N350s truck has outstanding advantages:

  • The chassis is sturdy, has good strength, and securely fixes goods during transportation.
  • The mezzanine is made from high-quality steel, sturdy and impact-resistant.
  • The seat is adjustable in 4 directions, covered with leather and thick cushions, creating comfort for the driver.
  • CUMMINS HFC4DE1-1C engine is smooth.
  • Modern interior equipment includes: touch screen, USB port, audio speakers...
9 ton jac truck price
JAC N350s flatbed truck (Load capacity 3,8 tons)

> Reference car price (updated in the third quarter of 3): VND XNX.

Through the above reviews, it can be seen that JAC trucks have many outstanding features such as beautiful design, good operation, safety and reasonable price... suitable for the diverse needs of many users. statue. Hopefully you will have clearer information about the quality and price of this truck line and make the right choice for your requirements and finances.

Latest JAC Truck Price Quote (Updated Quarter 3/2023)

Vehicle type (design symbol) Selling price (million VND) Dimensions of barrel (mm) Load (kg)
1. H360 – Total load 6.200kg, tires 6.5 – 16, engine 4B1-82C40, 2.270cm3, 60kW/3200 rpm (80PS)
JAC H360/DTLX (driving training) 373 3420 x 1790 x 1710 3600
2. N200S – Total load 4.995kg, 7.00-16 tires, German engine HFC4DE1-1C, 2.746cm3, 90kW/3200 rpm (120PS)
JAC N200S iron polish 404    
JAC N200S/TB1 (canopy) 448 4360 x 1820 x 1880 1990
JAC N200S/TK1 (stainless steel sealed container) 452 4380 x 1840 x 1880 1990
3. N350S – Total load 6.800kg, 7.00-16 tires, German engine HFC4DE1-1C, 2.746cm3, 90kW/3200 rpm (120PS)
JAC N350S iron polish 404    
JAC N350S/TL (mezzanine) 442 4360 x 1820 x 490 3800
JAC N350S/TB1 (tarpaulin box) 448 4360 x 1820 x 1770 3495
JAC N350S/TK1 (closed box) 452 4380 x 1840 x 1770 3495
JAC N350S/TKBN1 (closed box with lifting platform) 486 4380 x 1840 x 1770 3100
JAC N350S driving training 456 4370 x 1810 x 1770 3100
4. N350 – Total load 7.640kg, tires 7.00-15, German engine D30TCIE1 2.977cm3, 115 kW/ 3200 rpm (156PS)
JAC N350 iron polish 485    
JAC N350/TB2 (tarpaulin box) 539 5250 x 2120 x 2000 3490
JAC N350TK2B (closed box) 544 5250 x 2120 x 2000 3490
5. N500.CS - Total load 9.1T, tires 7.50-16, German engine D30TCIE1 2.977cm3, 115kW/3200v/p (156PS), millet brakes
JAC N500.CS iron xi 487    
JAC N500.CS/TB1 (tarpaulin box) 539 5250 x 2120 x 2000 4990
JAC N500.CS/TK1 (closed box) 546 5250 x 2120 x 2000 4950
6. N700 - Total load 11.15T, tires 8.25-16, German engine D30TCIE1 2.977cm3, 115kW/3200v/p (156PS), millet brakes
N700 iron polish 509    
N700-TB1 (tarpaulin box) 559 500 x 2060 x 2000 7350
7. 1081 - Total load 10.55T, tires 8.25-16, Duc engine D30TCIE1 2.977cm3, 115kW/3200v/p (156PS), cyclone brake
JAC 1081 iron xi 500    
JAC 1081/N650TB1 (tarpaulin box) 555 5250 x 2120 x 2040 6500
JAC 1081/N650TK1 (closed box) 560 5250 x 2120 x 2040 6450
JAC 1081/N650TKBN (closed box with lift platform) 589 5250 x 2120 x 2040 6200
8. N680 – Total load 11.330kg, 8.25-16 tires, German engine YNF40E1 3920cm3, 125kW/2600v/p (170PS), millet brakes
JAC N680 iron polish 491    
JAC N680TB1 (tarpaulin box) 609 6210 x 2140 x 210 6500
JAC N680TK1B (closed box) 614 6210 x 2130 x 2100 6400
9. N650S.Plus – Total load 11.300 kg, 8.25-16 tires, American engine ISF3.8S4R168, 3760cm3, 125kW/2600 rpm (170PS)
JAC N650S.Plus iron poker 594    
JAC N650S.Plus-TL (mezzanine) 651    
JAC N650S.PLUS-TB1 (tarpaulin box) 653 6200 x 2130 x 2100 6600
JAC N650S.PLUS-TK1A (closed box) 658 6210 x 2130 x 2100 6400
JAC N650S.PLUS-TKBN (closed box with lift platform) 695 6100 x 2130 x 2100 6000
10. N800S.Plus, Total load 14.3T – 8.25R20 tires, American engine ISF3.8S4R168, 3760cm3, 125 kW/ 2600 rpm (170PS)
JAC N800S.Plus iron poker 658    
JAC N800S.PLUS-TB1/TL (mezzanine) 722 7620 x 2270 x 630 8600
JAC N800S.PLUS-TB1 (tarpaulin box) 726 7620 x 2270 x 2150 8450
JAC N800S.PLUS-TK1A (closed box) 743 7620 x 2280 x 2260 8100
N800S.PLUS-TK1A/MK-TK22 (closed container) Updating 7620 x 2280 x 2260 7700
11. N900S.Plus, Total load 14.85T, 8.25R20 tires, American engine ISF3.8S4R168, 3760cm3, 125 kW/ 2600 rpm (170PS)
JAC N900S.PLUS iron xi 658    
JAC N900S.PLUS-TB1 (tarpaulin box) 726 7000 x 2270 x 2150 9100
JAC N900S.PLUS-TB1/TK (closed box) 750 7000 x 2270 x 2260 9000

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- Is Jac Truck Review Good? Price List, From Which Country?
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  • Buying and selling procedures are carried out quickly and flexibly, with specific contracts signed.
  • Enthusiastic staff advises and supports customers in buying and selling cars that suit their needs and economy.
  • Customers who buy used trucks receive dedicated and quick support in changing names and transferring documents.
  • Professional in working style, dedicated to serving and bringing customer satisfaction.

Hopefully with the content of the above article, you have a clearer view of the quality and price of the line JAC truck. When you need to buy and sell new and used trucks, please contact with Thanh Phong Auto for specific advice.

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