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Small truck Very popular with businesses because it can move easily on narrow roads and access roads where large trucks may be prohibited.

In the Vietnamese small truck market, besides famous brands such as Dongben, Suzuki, Thaco, Towner... Kenbo truck is an emerging name that has received a lot of attention.

So is the quality of Kenbo trucks good? Which country produces? What's the price? Together Thanh Phong Auto Find out through the content of today's article.

Learn About Kenbo Truck Brand

Kenbo truck is the brand okay Chien Thang Automobile Company Limited Register for exclusive protection in Vietnam. The car's components are 100% imported from China and assembled in Vietnam.

Realizing that the truck market in Vietnam is growing stronger and demand is increasing, Chien Thang Auto Company Limited has launched a diverse line of Kenbo trucks and has been well received by many customers:

  • Kenbo truck 990kg.
  • Kenbo truck 950kg.
  • Kenbo van truck 650kg, 680kg, 945kg…

Review Is Kenbo Truck Quality Good?

To evaluate whether Kenbo trucks are good or not, please refer to the advantages and disadvantages of this vehicle line.


  • Diversity of types

Kenbo trucks have Kenbo van truck models and Kenbo box trucks. Regarding packing specifications, there are full versions of tarpaulin containers, mezzanine containers, closed containers... so that users can choose the vehicle that best suits their transport needs.

Kenbo 5 Seater Truck

Kenbo truck 990kg mezzanine

  • Modern, neat exterior

The exterior of Kenbo trucks is highly appreciated by customers for its design and performance:

  • There is a headlight cluster with high illumination.
  • Large rearview mirrors help drivers easily observe blind spots behind.
  • Equipped with a radiator grille to cool the engine quickly.
  • The cabin shell is made of heavy-duty steel and has high hardness: ensuring safety during use.

Kenbo 1 Ton Truck Price

Kenbo truck 990kg closed box

  • Comfortable and beautiful interior

Kenbo trucks have interiors that are highly appreciated for their comfort and aesthetics:

  • Control parts such as the steering wheel, gear lever, and dashboard are intelligently installed and easy to use.
  • There are entertainment features such as: FM radio, radio, memory card slot; The sound quality is sharp and vivid.
  • There is air conditioning to keep the air in the car cool and comfortable.
  • The driver's seat is covered in leather and is very comfortable; Can be adjusted up and down for the most comfortable driving position.
  • Arrange many convenient storage compartments within reach.

Kenbo Batwing Box Truck

Van Kenbo 2-seat truck 945kg

  • Powerful, durable engine

Kenbo truck engines operate durably, powerfully and smoothly on many different roads. The car can shift gears smoothly and has 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear; Capacity reaches 94ps at 6000 rpm. Another advantage of this car line is its high fuel economy.


In addition to its outstanding advantages, Kenbo trucks also have some limitations such as:

  • Small loads are not suitable for large transportation needs.
  • Vehicles using BAIC engines are popular in China but not yet popular in Vietnam: users may feel hesitant when accepting new ones.

Used Kenbo 990Kg Truck Price

Van Kenbo 5-seat truck 650kg

See more Reviews of the latest truck models:

Latest Kenbo Truck Price Quote (Updated Quarter 3/2023)

Version Already xe
Kenbo truck 990kg stainless steel sealed box VND XNX
Kenbo truck 990kg sealed galvanized box VND XNX
Kenbo truck 990kg with canvas roof VND XNX
Kenbo truck 990kg mezzanine VND XNX
Kenbo truck 990kg bat wing box VND XNX
Kenbo truck 990kg mobile sales box VND XNX
Kenbo truck 900kg closed box VND XNX
Kenbo truck 900kg bat wing box - mobile sales VND XNX
Van Kenbo 2-seat truck 945kg VND XNX
Van Kenbo truck 650kg 5 seats VND XNX
Van Kenbo truck 680kg 5 seats VND XNX

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