Is Hino Truck Review Good? Price List, Of Which Country

High quality, durable HINO trucks
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Hino trucks are one of the most famous truck brands in the world, manufactured by Hino Motors Corporation. In Vietnam, Hino trucks are also favored by many transportation businesses thanks to their high quality, durability, fuel economy and many modern safety features.

In this article, let's find out if Hino trucks are good? Which country is Hino truck from? Latest Hino truck price list today?

Which country is Hino truck from?

Hino trucks are products of Hino Motors, Ltd., - a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. Hino Motors headquarters is located in Hino-shi, Tokyo, Japan.

Hino Motors was founded in 1910 and is one of the largest truck manufacturers in Japan. The company currently has more than 40 factories manufacturing and assembling trucks, buses and many other types of diesel vehicles worldwide.

Review of Hino trucks
Review of Hino trucks

In Vietnam, Hino trucks are assembled and distributed by Hino Motors Vietnam Co., Ltd. - a joint venture between Hino Motors and Vietnam Automobile Industry Corporation.

Are Hino Trucks Good?

Hino trucks are considered one of the best trucks on the market today with many outstanding advantages such as:

High quality, durable:

Hino trucks are manufactured on modern Japanese technology lines, using high quality materials and components. The details on the vehicle are assembled meticulously and accurately, ensuring durability during operation.

Hino trucks have an average lifespan of up to 10 years, much higher than other truck models on the market.

High quality, durable HINO trucks
High quality, durable HINO trucks

High safety features:

Hino trucks are equipped with many modern safety features, helping to protect the driver and goods during transportation. Typical safety features on Hino trucks include:

  • ABS anti-lock braking system: Prevents wheels from locking when braking suddenly, helping the vehicle from slipping and losing control.
  • EBD electronic brake force distribution system: Appropriately distributes brake force between wheels, helping the vehicle operate stably when braking.
  • ESP electronic stability system: Helps the vehicle stay stable when traveling on slippery roads or when making sharp turns.
  • HAC hill start assist system: Helps the vehicle not drift when starting on a slope.
  • ...

Many modern and convenient amenities:

Hino trucks are designed with comfortable, modern interiors, helping drivers feel comfortable during operation. Typical equipment on Hino trucks includes:

  • Electric driver's seat: Adjust seating position to suit your body shape.
  • Air conditioning: Create a cool, comfortable space in the car cabin.
  • Radio, MP3, USB: Entertainment devices while driving.
  • ...

Diverse truck product lines:

Hino provides customers with many options in terms of load capacity, size, engine... to meet the cargo transportation needs of businesses in many fields. Currently, Hino is distributing in Vietnam the following truck lines:

Hino 300 Series: Light truck line, loading capacity from 3 to 5 tons, suitable for the needs of transporting small and retail goods in inner-city and urban areas.

Hino Series 300 truck
Hino Series 300 truck

Hino 500 Series: Medium truck line, loading capacity from 5 to 15 tons, suitable for the needs of transporting goods in suburban and rural areas.

Hino 500 Series trucks
Hino 500 Series trucks

Hino 700 Series: Heavy truck line, load capacity from 15 to 35 tons, suitable for the needs of transporting heavy, bulky goods over long distances.

Hino 700 Series trucks
Hino 700 Series trucks

In addition, Hino also provides specialized trucks such as refrigerated trucks, gasoline trucks, etc.

Beautiful, impressive truck design:

Hino trucks are designed with a modern, strong design, demonstrating the luxury and class of the brand. The car's chassis lines are delicate and sharp, bringing a feeling of strength and solidity.

* In addition to the above advantages, Hino trucks still have limitations such as:

  • The vehicle only works well when carrying the correct allowable load.
  • The price of the vehicle is quite high compared to trucks manufactured in Vietnam and China.

Latest Hino Truck Price Quote

Hino truck price list is updated in 2023 and is for reference only:

Latest Hino truck price list


Vehicle Model

Total Load (Kg)

Load (Kg)

Vehicle Price (VND)

Series 300


XZU650 4.99T





XZU650 6.5T

6500 3300













8500 4990 715.000.000

Series 500



11000 6300



11000 6600



11000 6500




11000 6400



16000 8400


16000 8400


16000 7900 1.310.000.000


16000 6850




24000 15200


15 FL8JW7A 24000 14450




24000 13300




24000 13900


Series 700


SS2P tractor




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- Is Hino Truck Review Good? Price List, Of Which Country

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