Experience in Car Coolant Pump Repair

- Experience in Car Coolant Pump Repair
Latest update date: February 31, 01

The car operation process is smooth, the car engine does not overheat when operating thanks to the cooling water pump. This is considered an indispensable important part of the car. When the water pump has problems, it will be done Cooling system stop working, reduces the vehicle's performance, causing serious damage.

Knowing the signs and how to repair this part will help car owners can handle when unexpected damage occurs. Let's Thanh Phong Auto Go find out more.

1. What is engine water pump?

The water pump is a part of the car's cooling system, located near the position of the engine fan. Water pump circulates water in the system.

The type of water pump used in cars is the centrifugal water pump with compact size, simple structure and large output water.

Engine coolant pump
Engine coolant pump

2. Signs of damage to automobile water pumps

Car water pumps are considered to be quite long-lived parts, but in some cases, unintended circumstances lead to broken water pumps. The immediate need is to overcome quickly if serious damage should be replaced to stabilize the operation of the system.

Signs of engine water pump failure
Signs of engine water pump failure

Some signs of damage to automobile water pumps:

  • Put a piece of bright cover under the water pump, leave the car overnight if you see the water toad, that is the problem.
  • Puly pumps liquid water when spinning.
  • There was a noise under the bonnet and the hiss of the engine.
  • Temperature warning light lights up.
  • When the car is operating, the engine is too hot compared to normal.

To better understand this issue, please refer to some more Experience in testing car engine cooling water pumps that Thanh Phong shared.

3. Experience in repairing car coolant pumps

First check whether water is leaking or not, the horizontal level of the pump shaft by shaking the wheel, turning the pump shaft to see if the bearing and impeller are still running smoothly.

If the cooling water pump has a watery phenomenon, emits noise or the pump shaft is damaged, repair or replacement depends on the extent of damage.

Repair car engine water pump
Repair car engine water pump

Cooling water pump repair steps:

  • Cooling water must first be discharged.
  • Remove the water pipes fitted with the pump.
  • Loosen straps.
  • Remove the fan.
  • Remove the bolts and remove the pump.
  • Remove the pulley, the pump drive brake ring, and then remove the parts.
  • If the disc blade is worn or broken during the inspection, it should be replaced, as well as the bearing and the seal if broken, the appropriate part needs to be replaced.
  • If water leaks, the gasket needs to be replaced between the casing face and the body. After repair, replacement should check the flow and working pressure on the tape before reinstalling the water pump to make sure all the problems have been resolved, the engine is running smoothly.

If your beloved driver is experiencing one of the above signs, do not hesitate to take immediately to a reputable center for assistance. Because the longer it will make the car condition becomes more serious, endangering the user.

Thanh Phong Auto is the unit that specializes in providing these Repair service, maintenance and replacement of genuine auto parts, quality is much appreciated in Ho Chi Minh City. We have a team of professional technicians that will help you provide the optimal solution to both save costs, while ensuring your beloved driver operates most effectively and has the longest service life. Please contact us when the car has a problem.

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  • Giang 09/05/2023

    Do you have any facilities in the north or do you know where to repair car water pumps, pump leaks.
    Please let me know how to fix it, thanks.


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