Should You Buy a Used Truck? Experience in Avoiding Risks

Experience Buying Used Trucks
Sharing translation experiencesShould You Buy a Used Truck? Experience in Avoiding Risks

Whether or not you should buy a used truck is an issue that many people are interested in, especially for those who are just starting out in the transportation profession or individuals/businesses buying a used truck for the first time.

Used trucks are cheap, suitable for the financial capabilities of many people/businesses, but there are also concerns about vehicle quality, paperwork, vehicle sales history... if the buyer does not have experience.

Sharing Experience Buying Used Trucks
Sharing Experience Buying Used Trucks

In this article, Thanh Phong Auto will help you answer the question "Should I buy a used truck?" and share experiences to help avoid risks when buying a used truck. Please follow!

Should You Buy a Used Truck?

Buying a used truck brings many benefits, including:

  • Cheaper price than new car: The lower initial investment cost compared to buying a new car is the top reason why many people choose to buy a used truck. Thus, you will have more costs to invest in other items and the capital recovery time when using an old truck is also faster than a new one.
  • The quality is not much inferior to a new car: Many trucks are used but the vehicle quality is still about 80%, even 99% of new vehicles. Therefore, if you have experience, you will have the opportunity to buy a used truck with almost new quality, while the price is much cheaper.
  • Easily buy rare cars at good prices: Used trucks are diverse in models and types; In which you can find rare cars (difficult or impossible to find and buy new cars). So, you can both get the car you want and buy it at a cheap price.
  • Suitable for new truck drivers license holders: Newly licensed truck drivers often lack experience in handling real-life situations, so they will feel stressed, afraid of vehicle damage and costly repairs if an incident occurs.

Same error, but the cost to repair an old truck is usually 20 - 30% lower than repairing a new one. Therefore, many new drivers often choose to buy used trucks to feel more confident when driving.

Experience Buying Used Trucks to Avoid Risks

Buying a used truck is a solution that helps many people own a quality vehicle at a cheap price. However, to avoid buying a poor quality car, you need to have some of the following experience:

Parts to check when buying a used truck

Some important parts you need to check when buying a used truck include:

+ Vehicle body:

  • Are there scratches, cracks, dents, or rust?
  • Make sure the seams on the hood and body are even and have similar surfaces.
  • Check the gap between the fenders and the vehicle door. If the gap is large, the truck has been repaired or the vehicle is not fully assembled.
Truck Body Inspection
Truck Body Inspection

+ Chassis set:

  • If the vehicle frame is bent and heavily corroded: the truck has been overloaded with goods for a long time.
  • Check whether the frame shell is original or not, check by placing a magnet on the place where there are signs of patching (this method does not work with plastic patches).

+ Tires: Vehicles that frequently collide strongly with curbs or potholes will have cracks, scratches, wear, and swelling on the tire casing; Cracked or chipped wheel rims.

Check Tires
Check Tires

+ Vehicle lighting system:

  • Check if the turn signals, brake lights, high beam lights, headlights... are working well.
  • Make sure the lamp lens is intact and complete.

+ Windshield: ensure there are no cracks, avoid situations where cracks gradually get bigger, damaging the glass surface and causing expensive replacement costs.

+ Dashboard: check each switch, knob, lever, lights, heating system, air conditioner...

Check the Control Panel
Check the Control Panel

+ Engine: operates smoothly in idle mode, shifts gears without jerking, does not make strange noises when accelerating to climb steep slopes...

Check Vehicle Engine
Check Vehicle Engine

+ Exhaust pipe:

  • The exhaust pipe operates normally if the discharged dirt is dry and dark gray in color.
  • Exhaust pipe residue that has an unusual color may indicate an oil leak.

+ Brake system: guaranteed to work well; no vibration, deviation, jamming...

+ Bottom of the car:

  • Make sure tap water and oil are not leaking.
  • The rubber cover on the shaft must be round and not dented.
Check Undercarriage
Check Undercarriage

+ Car interior: has all the necessary equipment to ensure comfort and convenience when driving: driver's seat, air conditioning, pedal system...

Check Vehicle Interior
Check Vehicle Interior

Check vehicle documents and sales contract

To understand the origin of the truck and the time of use of the previous owner, you need to check important documents such as vehicle registration license, insurance number, vehicle registration number...

At the same time, you need to request a car purchase contract to ensure your rights. Be sure to read each clause in the contract carefully and only sign when you clearly understand the contract.

Test drive the car

Test driving the car will help you get the most realistic experience about the vehicle's performance. From there, evaluate the level of satisfaction with the truck and make the appropriate choice.

Test Driving The Car Will Help You Get The Most Realistic Experience
Test Driving The Car Will Help You Get The Most Realistic Experience

Choose a reputable address to buy used trucks

Choosing to buy a used truck at a reputable address helps you feel secure about the vehicle's quality, purchase price and warranty policies. If you have not chosen a suitable truck model, you will be advised to buy a vehicle based on your transportation needs, financial level, etc.

Thanh Phong Auto – Reputable Address for Buying and Selling Used and New Trucks in HCM

If you are looking for a place to buy quality used trucks, with a variety of products and reasonable prices, Thanh Phong Auto is confidently your top choice.

Should You Buy a Used Truck? Experience in Avoiding Risks to Secure Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

With many years of experience in buying and selling new and used trucks in the city. HCM, Thanh Phong Auto commits:

  • Sell ​​cars at reasonable prices - buy back cars at high prices.
  • The new truck is imported genuine, with full documents.
  • Used trucks are carefully selected, ensuring legality, aesthetics and good operation.
  • Professional car valuation, no price pressure.
  • Fast buying and selling process, with full contract.
  • Accurate and complete advice on the type of vehicle customers are interested in; Assist customers in making appropriate choices.
  • Supports quick and simple name transfer procedures.

Hope this article has helped you answer your question Should I buy a used truck? don't and get those Useful experience when buying used trucks. If you need advice on buying/selling new/used trucks in HCM - please contact Thanh Phong Auto for thoughtful support.

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