What Car Service Center Provides For Customers

What The Car Service Center Offers To Customers 1 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

The ten-point quality for car service center service is not only assessed on the basis of beautiful facilities, good terrain, modern equipment and facilities, but also on workmanship, prestige and service. Professional of professionals. Not outside these standards, those are the values Thanh phong Strive to bring in the service to your God.

And to better understand, let's learn about the repair and maintenance services of some of the current car service centers including Thanh Phong.

What The Car Service Center Offers To Customers 2 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

In recent years, Vietnam's automobile market has really become a potential market not only for domestic car brands but also for famous brands in the world. Along with the invention of producing good cars, the after-sales service is also focused and developed strongly.

Here are 7 items that car service centers are providing today:

1. Periodic car warranty service

What The Car Service Center Offers To Customers 3 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

During the warranty period, the service center will be responsible for free repair of the damage of cars from materials to production according to the previous terms and conditions. Customers will be reminded by the service center to periodically and carefully repair the car.

2. Supply genuine parts

What The Car Service Center Offers To Customers 4 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

The diverse market makes customers unable to differentiate between genuine auto parts. Car service center will provide customers with genuine spare parts designed, manufactured, quality tested to comply with the most stringent standards. As a result, the accessories that these centers provide always ensure customer satisfaction thanks to the best fit, durability and performance. Thereby extending the service life of the car as well as ensuring the highest safety for customers.

3. Service painted copper as new cars

What The Car Service Center Offers To Customers 5 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

The service of copper paint is loved by many customers because it renews the car after time of use. It is the process from mound, welding and copper bodywork, then painting to make the body as new.

4. Maintenance service

What The Car Service Center Offers To Customers 6 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Maintenance service is a series of jobs that the car company must do for the car after a period of operation.

In recent years, fast maintenance service is very popular because of quality response, shortening of time and optimization of costs but still bring customer satisfaction.

5. Repair service

Car repair services as well as doctors treating patients. Only the right diagnosis and the right method will quickly repair the damage to the car.

6. Car beauty care

What The Car Service Center Offers To Customers 7 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

If you are tired of your car's interior and exterior, you can apply a new coating to your car by:

  • Nano coating for vehicles.
  • Perform undercover coating.
  • Nozzles contact.
  • Descaling of combustion chamber.
  • Nano coating of glass or insulation film.
  • Car cleaning.

7. Customer care and rescue assistance

What The Car Service Center Offers To Customers 8 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Consulting, repair, maintenance and rescue support are always provided 24/24. Any time you have questions about automotive issues will be answered quickly and accurately. In case your car needs a rescue will also be quickly served.

Above are the after-sales services that car service center will provide customers. If you are in need of caring for your traveling companion, come to use and experience Thanh Phong's services.

Thanh Phong is a unit for repairing, maintaining and supplying quality and effective spare parts that many people believe in. A team of experienced, skilled professionals at Thanh Phong Auto will surely bring you the most satisfaction.


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