Signs That Spark Plugs Are In A Problem

Signs That Your Car's Spark Plug Is Having Problems Best Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

Spark plugs are considered to be an important and indispensable part of a car's engine. Because of high intensity, extreme conditions, spark plugs often get broken. To identify the signs that spark plugs are having problems to promptly overcome, do not miss the article below.

1. What are spark plugs?

Car Spark Plugs
Car Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are known as the last set of components in the ignition system. The mission is to generate sparks between the central electrode and the electrode of the cool connector to ignite the air and fuel.

2. How to check spark plugs through colors

  • Brick sparklers, yellow-brown: When checking spark plugs in brick red, yellow brown, you can rest assured because the ignition system still works well.
Bigi Golden Brown Is Working Well
Bigi Golden Brown Is Working Well
  • Spark plugs are black and dry: With this situation, your spark plug may be having problems such as: due to unburnt fuel, or expired spark plug wire, broken carburetor, worn piston, should be checked and replaced. timely.
Black Spark Plug Dry Fuel Parts Are Having Problems
Black Spark Plug Dry Fuel Parts Are Having Problems
  • Spark plugs are white: Cause this situation may be due to spark plugs are not really suitable, reduce the performance or due to malfunction of the cooling system, lack of gasoline ...
  • Black and wet spark plugs: The cause may be due to the oil leaked into the cylinder and the burning oil creates black soot layer on the porcelain shell of spark plug.

3. Spark plugs are worn out

Spark Plugs and 5 Signs Related to Best Engine Condition Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023 Garage
Extremely Worn Spark Plug

Spark plugs are worn out due to the following reasons:

  • Spark plugs have an inappropriate amount of heat.
  • Lack of air to fuel.
  • Ignition time sooner.
  • Engine lubrication is not enough

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4. Some signs that your car spark plug is in trouble

Signs of Spark Plug Problems
Signs of Spark Plug Problems
  • More fuel consumption: If you have a spark plug problem, it can cause the engine to consume more fuel than usual.
  • Machine does not explode: It could be caused by worn, contaminated spark plugs, cracked spark plug wires or other problems.
  • Motor lamp instability: ECM is very sensitive, so it can be detected if it is not detected in the cylinder.
  • Difficult to start the car: When the spark plug wears, it is difficult to ignite, resulting in a difficult start of the car.
  • Slow response: This is also considered a sign that your spark plug is having a problem. Often will cause sudden car shock phenomenon.
  • Poor capacity: A faulty spark plug or weak ignition may not produce a spark strong enough to ignite the fuel and produce the required energy.

5. How to choose the appropriate spark plug for cars

Choosing the right spark plug is extremely important, it will help to operate at its proper capacity and function, limiting the problems of damage to the vehicle. Therefore, to choose the best and most suitable automobile spark plug, it is necessary to base on the following basic principles:

  • For vehicles running short distances, low engine speeds, engines with low compression ratio, also known as small distribution, should choose the type of hot spark plug.
  • In contrast to cars that often run long distances, heavy loads, run at high speed, the most suitable option is the cold spark plug.

Currently on the market there are 2 most popular types of spark plugs are DENSO and NGK. How to identify those who have no experience are:

Popular Types of Spark Plugs Today
Popular Types of Spark Plugs Today
  • The smaller the heat index: the hotter the spark plug.
  • The higher the heat index: the cooler the spark plug.

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With the information that we have provided above will certainly be very helpful for many car owners. Please save it for later reference. Especially if your car is experiencing one of the above conditions, do not hesitate to take it to Thanh Phong Auto to be tested, repaired and replaced by our experienced technicians to help your horse work best.

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