Find out 6 Causes of Broken Headlights

Find out 6 Causes of Broken Car Headlights at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
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Headlights are like the eyes of a car, when the headlight is broken, it can cause many dangers for the driver when traveling at night. There are many reasons for headlights to be broken and not function properly. To better understand this issue let's Thanh Phong Auto Go find out more.

1. Concept of car headlights?

Car headlights are a lighting device, an indispensable part of the car when operating in the dark.

Car Headlights
Headlights Produce Strong Light Beams Capable of Illuminating About 100M

Mechanism of operation: Headlights create strong light capable of lighting about 100m or more and focusing across the road surface. Not only that, the headlights are also considered a highlight to help create a unique style for each car.

2. The popular automobile headlights today

Currently, there are 4 types of car headlights on the market as follows:

Popular Types of Car Headlights
Popular Types of Car Headlights
  • Halogen lamp: This is the most used headlights today. With the advantage of low cost, long life, its disadvantage is that it consumes too much energy.
  • Xenon-HID: Launched in 1991 is an intense lighting system that improves visibility of good drivers. The downside is the high cost.
  • LEDs: High aesthetics, glowing fast, does not consume much energy but the price is too high.
  • Laser: This is the most modern and expensive lamp, it does not have a phase mode, so you need to install Bi-Xenon or LED lights.

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3. The causes of car headlights are broken

  • Light bulb goes out

Headlight Bulbs Have a Lifetime of 500 – 2.000 Hours of Driving
Headlight Bulbs Have a Lifetime of 500 – 2.000 Hours of Driving

Each bulb will typically have an average life span of 500 - 2.000 hours driving at night. Car light bulbs should be replaced after 5 years of use. If you regularly operate at night, you should pay attention to replace light bulbs.

  • Headlight fuse burn

Often, headlights fuses can burn out either due to the lamp not operating properly or due to a short circuit. The fuse is designed to "burn" if the vehicle is charging too much charge. If the fuse has a problem, replace it quickly.

  • Headlight relay switch defective

Headlight Relay Switch
Headlight Relay Switch

The relay switch adopts one or more relays to control the light bulb, if the headlight does not work, the problem may be with the faulty relay switch. The relay should be replaced so that the headlights are back to normal.

  • Due to faulty or damaged wires

The power cord may be cut, corroded, poorly connected or damaged. Make the conductor unable to efficiently transmit electrical energy to the headlight causing flicker.

  • Generator is not working

Check the Battery When Headlights Don't Work
Check the Battery When Headlights Don't Work

When a car uses a Xenon headlight, if the generator is broken the light will not light. Because with this type of headlight to bring xenon and salt to the plasma state, the HID generator must increase the voltage up to 30.000V, then stabilize about 90V when the light bulb operates.

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  • Headlight switch is broken

With cars often operating at night, turning on and off the switch repeatedly will wear or be ignored. Therefore, it should be checked periodically to avoid this situation.

Hopefully the information we have provided above will help you have more useful and better information to take care of your beloved driver. If you encounter the above conditions and you do not have experience in repairing, please bring the car to Thanh Phong Auto immediately for enthusiastic support. If you do it yourself, it may cause a worse condition for the driver. We are committed to providing you with the best quality service and price.

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