3 Note When Rearview Mirror Folds Electric Cars

3 Notes When Electric Folding Rearview Mirrors on Quality Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

In the car, electric folding rearview mirror is one of the fairly simple equipment but is preferred by many drivers. Not only new car models, even the owners of old cars also like to use electric folding mirrors. So those Note when the rearview mirror folds electric cars what? We invite you to refer to the following article for more useful information on this issue.

The folding rearview mirror is a modern, basic and not luxurious item
The folding rearview mirror is a modern, basic and not luxurious item  

For European countries, folding electric rearview mirror is not a necessary equipment. Basically, their country has low traffic density and relatively wide roads.

However, in areas in Vietnam, when cars do not have electric folding mirrors, it will bring a lot of inconveniences. When at rush hour in small alleys, electric mirrors will be a tool to help you control vision when driving.

Therefore, for cars that do not have the folding mirror technology available, the electric folding mirror is quite necessary.

Why must use electric folding mirror?

If you have many years of driving experience, you will feel how useful it is to use an electric folding mirror. Electric folding mirrors not only help control the car while driving, but also use it during parking.

In Vietnam, parking spaces are relatively cramped, especially when you park in the street or in garages that are small. When parking, almost every vehicle owner needs to close their rearview mirror. This helps the car to avoid being hit by cars and motorcycles. When a car does not have an electric folding mirror, the vehicle owner will have to get out of the car, folding the mirror in the most manual method. So many car owners have chosen electric folding mirrors for their cars.

The installation of an electric folding mirror system for non-available cars is quite necessary
The installation of an electric folding mirror system for non-available cars is quite necessary

Electric mirror folding of the effect of what?

Typically, the A-class models when sold on the market are not available with automatic mirror. Some older electric vehicles also do not have these functions. Not only that, the car owners also feel uncomfortable and annoyed because they have to fold the mirror with their hands when stopping the car. Sometimes because of being too busy, forgetting to fold the mirror, there have been unnecessary impacts.

The effects when that power folding mirror is:

  • Mirrors can open automatically when you turn on the electric lock and automatically fold when you turn off the engine.
  • When the car is running, you can also easily open the mirror.
  • You can also control the mirror remotely via the key. You will not need to fold the mirror yourself as before.

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3 Note When Rearview Mirror Folds Electric Cars

1. Types of electric folding mirrors

In the market today, there are only 2 types of electric mirrors that are commonly used. That is the electric mirror adjustment for motor vehicles and electric mirror adjustment for vehicles without motors.

Particularly for vehicles with motors, the owner only needs to add a mirror folding controller to be able to control opening and closing as desired. If the vehicle does not already have a motor, you need to install an electric motor to open the mirror.

Currently on the market there is an electric folding mirror type
Currently on the market there is an electric folding mirror type

2. Installation time of electric rearview mirror

Normally, an electric folding rearview mirror will take 3-4 hours to install. accessories for conducting electric folding mirrors are: Auxiliary switch, electric motor, a board used to control the folding mirror by remote.

Normally, for a set of automatic folding mirrors, the price will range from 1,5 to 3 million. The price depends on the complexity of the installation and the type of mirror selected by the vehicle owner.

Particularly for cars with motor, the installation will be simpler. Just add an auto-mount mirror circuit to the windshield when the door is locked, the mirror will automatically fold. If the original vehicle did not have this motor, additional equipment would be required and the price would be higher.

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3. Does the mirror folding harm the car?

A lot of people wonder if the electric folding mirror is harmful to the car or not.

Electric folding mirrors do not harm the car
Electric folding mirrors do not harm the car

In fact, most of the add-on products will be tweaked by technicians to ensure the fit and firmness of the vehicle's structure. Exterior accessories such as the vehicle's rearview mirror will not affect the structure or the system inside.

However, you still need to choose electric folding mirrors in prestigious units to ensure the quality of service. The higher the workmanship of the craftsman, the better the aesthetics and quality of the electric folding mirror system.

Hopefully the information we share will help you have a more specific view on the electric mirror adjustment for cars.

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  • Thành 13 September, 2020

    Let me ask if the rearview mirror is electric folding, does it affect if we fold it with our hands

  • Trinh Phuong Son 13 March, 2021

    how much does it cost to fold the rearview mirror with the honda city car


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