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Once we have used cars as a means of transportation, we have to be prepared to not keep the new vehicle intact. Especially, there are some careless cases that make the car's outer layer easily distorted. So when cars are dented, what do we do? To learn more about this and make sure 4 notes when Repair dented cars. We invite you to follow the article below.

4 List Note When Repairing Dents, Dents Cars Need To Know

Dented cars for many reasons
Dented cars for many reasons 

What are the ways to fix car dents?

In recent times, on the social network spread the word about how to repair a car dent at home simply without having to bring the garage to repair. Specifically those methods are:

  • Use shrimp noodles

Sounds ridiculous, right? However recently here Chinese there was a clip that posted about a man using shrimp noodles to fix a dents on a car. Although this method has many conflicting opinions and doubts about the authenticity, but it is also very interesting and tested by many friends.

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  • Use boiling water

Another way to fix a dented car without a garage. Because some parts of cars are made of plastic, you can use water at high temperatures to stretch the plastic and apply force to bring it back to its original shape. Therefore, with small dents, boiling water can handle up to 80%.

  • Use a hair dryer and compressed air tank

This is a home remedies for car dents, it has the same rules as the method of boiling water, but if you combine the dryer with a cold spray bottle, the result is still better.

  • Silicone glue, screws and lumps of wood

This is one of the methods to overcome the problem of dented cars at home with large size, severe dents.

However, all of the methods to overcome the above car dents are general, the results are not as satisfactory. Therefore, the best way to fix the dents on cars is to bring the car to the professional garage.

You should look to places specializing in repairing dented cars
You should look to places specializing in repairing dented cars

4 noted when repairing car dents

  • Do not let the car have many dents before bringing it to repair.
  • Do not let the dents become too big.
  • Do not leave the car dented like that and continue to use, as it will make it worse.
  • Should look to the address of professional car repair and repair.

Above are the note when repairing the dent of cars that we want to share with you. Hopefully, with the information we provide, you will be able to overcome your car's dented condition.

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