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The fixing mound, shock-absorbing paint are common items of cars. Especially for cars that involve painting. This is not an easy step, simple and not cheap. So Note when welding - adjust mound three automobile shock what? We invite you to follow the article below to have more useful information for me.

Welding - Adjusting Car Shock Absorbers is a common task that car owners need to perform
Welding - Adjusting Car Shock Absorbers is a common task that car owners need to perform

What is the adjustment to paint three car shock?

Almost everyone who owns a car is worried that the car will have scratches. Especially in positions such as: Front door behind, three shocked, babule ...

  • The three shocking crumbs are the part that is split in front of and behind a car.
  • These locations are prone to collision problems leading to scratches and cracks.
  • The original scratches and cracks are just unsightly for the car, but if the cracks, scratches when appearing interlaced will affect the vehicle structure.
  • This is why car garages often have a three-wheel shock correction service for cars.
Adjusting the shock absorber is very necessary for cars
Adjusting the shock absorber is very necessary for cars

Correction service package, three shock paint

Usually, auto garages all have the same shock service. However, the luxury car garage will have better quality, meet the requirements of customers.

Particularly for customers who own luxury cars such as Audi, BMW, Lexus ... Car owners often have higher requirements on the operation of welding three-shock shock welding. They demand high quality, longevity, color standard and must ensure the luxury.

Ba Do Shock Welding Knee Adjustment Technology Must Ensure Quality
Ba Do Shock Welding Knee Adjustment Technology Must Ensure Quality

The technology of welding, correcting three shock points must have a complete process and ensure proper technique. The brand of paint used for welding mounds, resetting three shock absorbers is also a high-class brand name, ensuring the standard color, good color adhesion and does not cause patchy phenomenon.

The mechanic in charge of adjusting the three-dimensional shock mound must have many years of professional experience, skill and know how to handle situations.

The process of adjusting mound, paint shock

The process to rectify and paint shock absorbers must have all steps and ensure the standards. Ensuring to bring customers satisfaction with service, quick construction time and finishing bad situations in three shocking cases.

All Welding, Straightening, and Adjusting Painting of Ba Do Shock Must Be Standard
All Welding, Straightening, and Adjusting Painting of Ba Do Shock Must Be Standard

The service of welding, correcting and correcting paint, shocking prestige will provide customers with complete steps such as:

Step 1: Receiving requests from customers, check to see if the three shock problems and how to solve them.

Step 2: Service consulting to help customers understand and agree on the plan of welding and correcting three shock absorbers for cars.

Step 3: Cost up and provide customers with the most accurate price list for three-shock paint correction service.

Step 4: The customer agrees with the service, the new facility will send a technician to conduct welding to adjust the shock of the lipstick.

Step 5: In the welding and correcting step, all problems of three automobile shock shocks such as: Dented, protruding and concave, wounds will be overcome.

Step 6: Technical staff will use specialized cleaning solution, sandpaper to start the three steps of shock cleaning.

Step 7: Covering, wrapping, auto parts without paint. Then apply a layer of anti-rust coating on the three shock pads and wait about 15 minutes.

Step 8: Continuing will be the paint step of Matis for the third part of shock to fill the scratched, concave, peeling surface.

Step 9: Continue to apply an extra layer of primer for the three shocked babies and wait for another 30 minutes.

Step 10: Mix standard colors with car colors and start spraying, coating. When applying shock-absorbing paints, the paint room must be painted with a full range of specialized equipment to avoid dust from outside.

Step 11: Dry the paint in a temperature of 60 - 80 degrees C.

Step 12: The welding and repairing work of three-foot shock paint is nearly completed, quality inspection is conducted.

Step 13: The car is clean, dry before being delivered to the customer.

+ Proposal: 4 noted when equipped with a car bluetooth device

Above is the information we would like to share about refining the welding mound with three shock absorbers for cars. Hopefully the above information will help you understand more about the manipulation of welding corrections for automobile shock paint. Thank you for taking the time to follow the article.

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