Is Isuzu Truck Review Good? Price List, Of Which Country

Is Isuzu truck review good? Price list, from which country?
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Isuzu is one of the most popular truck brands in Vietnam. The vehicle is highly appreciated for its quality, durability and stable and safe operation. 

So, what truck lines does Isuzu have? Is the quality really good? What is the price list of Isuzu trucks? What is the origin? Posts Is Isuzu Truck Review Good? Price List, Of Which Country will help you answer the above questions. Let's explore now!

Which country is Isuzu truck from?

Born in 1973, Isuzu is a major Japanese brand specializing in manufacturing commercial vehicles and trucks. Up to now, Isuzu has been present in more than 140 countries around the world. 

In 2005, Isuzu was among the TOP in the world in terms of supply of medium and heavy trucks. In 2009, this brand produced 21 million diesel vehicles.

Xe tải ISUZU dòng xe tải Nhật Bản được lắp ráp tại Việt Nam
Xe tải ISUZU dòng xe tải Nhật Bản được lắp ráp tại Việt Nam

Isuzu trucks assembled in Vietnam use 90% of components imported from Japan, the remaining 10% are manufactured by reliable partners and have passed inspection by the Japanese Isuzu Corporation. 

Isuzu Truck Classification

Isuzu trucks are classified based on the following criteria:

  • Based on the structure of the vehicle body: refrigerated vans, insulated vans, closed vans (packed a lot on LD), canvas vans (packed a lot on MD and HD), open-top vans...
  • Based on vehicle tonnage: Small Isuzu trucks under 3,5 tons (QKR77F-A), light Isuzu trucks – LD1 (QKR 77F, QKR77H-A, NMR85H-A), light trucks – LD2 (QKR77H, NMR85H, NPR85K, NQR75H, NQR75L, NQR75M), medium trucks – MD (FRR90H, FRR90L, FRR90N, FVR34L, FVR34Q, FVR34S, FVR34U), heavy trucks – HD (FVM34T, FVM34W, FVZ34Q)
Các dòng Xe tải Isuzu bán chạy
Các dòng Xe tải Isuzu bán chạy

Is Isuzu Truck Review Good? 

Advantages of Isuzu trucks

Present in Vietnam since 1995, Isuzu trucks have quickly become the top choice of individuals and organizations in the field of freight transportation, house moving, office moving... To achieve such achievements , Isuzu trucks possess the following outstanding advantages:

  • Operation 

Isuzu car engines apply Blue Power technology, meeting EURO 4 standards. Therefore, the car operates powerfully, smoothly, creates little noise, consumes little fuel and is environmentally friendly. 

In particular, when comparing Isuzu with Hyundai and Bright Automotive, this brand's fuel consumption is also the lowest and most stable. 

Động cơ xe Isuzu ứng dụng công nghệ Blue Power, đáp ứng tiêu chuẩn EURO 4
Động cơ xe Isuzu ứng dụng công nghệ Blue Power, đáp ứng tiêu chuẩn EURO 4
  • Exterior

Isuzu trucks impress with their beautiful, modern appearance. The high chassis design and sturdy chassis ensure driver safety throughout every journey. The white cabin is a typical highlight of Isuzu brand trucks.

In addition, convenient equipment such as rearview mirrors, windshield wipers, headlights, anti-fog lights... are also fully equipped. 

Xe tải Isuzu gây ấn tượng bởi vẻ ngoài đẹp mắt
Xe tải Isuzu gây ấn tượng bởi vẻ ngoài đẹp mắt
  • Interior  

Truck interior space is also highly appreciated by drivers no less than the exterior. Scientific driving position design helps drivers easily and comfortably control the vehicle. The car also integrates many amenities such as FM radio, air conditioning... providing the most comfortable and pleasant car usage experience for everyone. 

Không gian nội thất xe tải Isuzu được đánh giá cao
Không gian nội thất xe tải Isuzu được đánh giá cao
  • Longevity

Isuzu trucks are made from high-quality, highly durable materials, helping the vehicle have a long life.

  • Price

Due to importing components from Japan and assembling in Vietnam, the car's selling price is relatively good and competitive compared to the general market. 

Disadvantages of Isuzu trucks

In addition to the above advantages, Isuzu trucks still have some disadvantages such as:

  • The vehicle's shock absorption ability is limited when traveling on uneven roads.
  • The driver's seat is straight and has few adjustment mechanisms, making the driver feel uncomfortable on long journeys.

Latest Isuzu Truck Price Quotes

The following is an updated Isuzu truck price quote as of 2023:

Truck type


Super Carry Truck

252.230.000 VND

Super Carry Truck Rooftop Box

278.346.000 VND

Super Carry Truck Sealed Container

279.819.000 VND

Super Carry Truck Sd 490 Kg

290.619.000 VND

Super Carry Truck Sd 520 Kg

290.619.000 VND

Super Carry Truck Dumpster

293.564.000 VND

Super Carry Van

294.448.000 VND

Super Carry Pro Euro 5 Container

318.600.000 VND

Super Carry Pro Sealed Container Euro 5

347.884.000 VND

Super Carry Pro Rooftop Euro 5

342.812.000 VND

Thanh Phong Auto: Reputable Address for Buying and Selling Used and New Trucks in HCM

Isuzu trucks have competitive prices, suitable for the needs of many businesses and individuals. To update the latest quotes, please contact Thanh Phong Auto - One of the reputable and long-standing dealers in buying and selling new and used trucks in Ho Chi Minh.

- Review Xe Tải Isuzu Có Tốt Không? Bảng Giá, Của Nước Nào

Customer benefits when buying trucks at Thanh Phong Auto: 

  • New trucks are 100% genuine, quality guaranteed, say no to trucks floating around of unknown origin on the market. 
  • Used trucks are inspected, repaired, guaranteed for quality and safety, and can be used immediately after purchase. 
  • The car has all the documents to complete the vehicle registration procedures for the customer.
  • Diverse vehicle types (closed box, open box, canvas roof...), vehicle tonnage (light vehicle, mid-range vehicle, heavy vehicle...) of many famous brands such as Isuzu, Thaco, Hyundai,...
  • Warranty for thoughtful and quick vehicle care, maintenance and repair.
  • Enthusiastic and friendly Vietnamese consultants clearly present the characteristics of each car model that customers are interested in, and at the same time give the most optimal suggestions to meet customers' usage and financial needs. 
  • Competitive price.

Hope the article Is Isuzu truck review good? Price list, from which country? will be useful to you. Contact us for the best support if you need to buy a cargo truck!

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