Is Suzuki Truck Review Good? Price List, From Which Country?

Suzuki Trucks have a compact size, suitable for transporting goods within the city

To meet the needs of transporting goods, the market is increasingly seeing many truck brands/models from domestic and foreign sources. When talking about long-standing truck brands in Vietnam, we must mention Suzuki trucks from Japan.

So is Suzuki truck worth buying? What is the current price of Suzuki trucks? Together Thanh Phong Auto Learn about this truck company with the following article.

Overview of Suzuki Trucks 

The Japanese Suzuki truck brand belongs to the light truck segment with models with a load capacity of less than 1 ton. When it comes to Suzuki trucks, many users highly appreciate their smooth operation, durability and fuel economy.

Suzuki currently has 3 truck versions:

Suzuki Carry Pro truck: imported complete unit, load capacity 750kg - 810kg - 940kg.

Suzuki Carry Pro Truck
Suzuki Carry Pro Truck

Suzuki Carry Truck: domestically assembled and using genuine imported components, load capacity 480kg - 550kg - 645kg.

Suzuki Carry Truck
Suzuki Carry Truck

Suzuki Blind Van truck: combination of travel vehicle and freight vehicle, load capacity 580kg.

Suzuki Blind Van Truck
Suzuki Blind Van Truck

Is Suzuki Truck Review Good? 

About the design

Belonging to the light load segment, Suzuki trucks have a compact size, suitable for transporting goods within the city. Modern, strong and durable car design, specifically: 

  • The vehicle's ground clearance is relatively high, making it easy to move on many terrains. 
  • The smallest turning radius is 4.9m, allowing for flexible turning on narrow, crowded roads.
  • The entire vehicle structure such as the trunk floor, chassis... are made of cast steel and multi-layer powder coated; ensuring high durability in harsh climatic conditions in Vietnam.
Suzuki Trucks have a compact size, suitable for transporting goods within the city
Suzuki Trucks have a compact size, suitable for transporting goods within the city

About the engine

The engine block of Suzuki trucks operates strongly, applying modern TECT technology to ensure safety when operating. Besides, this truck company also has:

  • Reinforcement bars help minimize damage if an unfortunate collision occurs.
  • Drum brakes on the rear wheels and radiator brakes on the front wheels provide high-speed stopping power.

 About fuel economy

Suzuki trucks have an electronic fuel injection system that meets EURO 4 emission standards, with a capacity of 1,6 liters reaching a capacity of 92,48 horsepower, maximum torque of 127Nm at low rpm; thereby helping to save fuel and reduce emissions into the environment.

Suzuki Trucks Have a Standard Electronic Fuel Injection System
Suzuki Trucks Have a Standard Electronic Fuel Injection System

About spare parts

As a long-standing brand with wide market coverage, finding genuine replacement parts for Suzuki trucks is quite easy. You can warranty, maintain, and repair your vehicle at the company's dealer network spread across the country.

It can be seen that Suzuki trucks possess many outstanding advantages to become a worthy choice for many people. However, this truck company also has minor limitations such as:

  • The interior is quite simple; Lack of tachometer, few entertainment tools.
  • May cause buzzing if moving at a fast speed.
  • The driver's seat and steering wheel cannot be adjusted: the sitting position is somewhat uncomfortable.

Suzuki Truck Price List 

Suzuki truck prices are reasonable, with a wide price range to meet a variety of customers' financial needs when buying a vehicle. 

Refer to the latest Suzuki truck price list:

Suzuki truck series



Suzuki Carry Truck

Carry Truck Mezzanine Tank 645kg


Carry Truck 550kg Tarpaulin Box


Carry Truck Sealed Container 550kg


Carry Truck Dump Box 480kg


Suzuki Carry Van

Suzuki Blind Van truck 580kg


Suzuki Carry Pro

750kg – 810kg – 940kg

Carry Pro Mezzanine


Carry Pro Canopy


Carry Pro Sealed Container


Carry Pro Side Door Composite Container


Carry Pro Ben Bin


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Is Suzuki Truck Review Good? Price List, From Which Country? Best Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

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