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Original price was: 550,000 VND.Current price is: 499,000 VND.

Leather steering wheel cover is made from 100% genuine leather high quality cow leather, the details are sharp with high precision.
- Wrapping the steering wheel with the luxurious, classy and seductive 3d snake skin pattern
100% genuine leather, high quality monolithic non-grafted cowhide.
- High-class design, high-class materials, 3d texture technology, manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen.
- The steering wheel has a solid texture including real-grade leather outside and premium natural rubber inside.
- This premium leather steering wheel covers most 5 and 7 seater vehicles.
- Diameter of the steering wheel 38 mm.
- There are 4 colors to choose from: Black, Cream, Orange, Gray


When driving a car, the steering wheel is the part that is always used and has the most contact with hands. This makes the steering wheel often have conditions: sweat sticky, flaking, oxidized, dirty, fast old, ...

To maintain the look and durability of a steering wheel - equip the steering wheel with a protective coating. Let's find out information about the characteristics and uses of the Car Wrap product.

Beautiful Steering Wheel Cover
Car Steering Wheel Cover

Uses Of Automotive Steering Wheel Cover

  • It is one of the accessories that protect the car steering wheel from dirt, scratches, degradation, ... under the negative impact of external factors.
  • Assist the driver to handle the steering more firmly, limit sweat in the hands and increase hand grip on the steering wheel. From there, it helps the driver to better control the steering wheel, ensuring safe driving. 
  • Create a trendy beauty for the interior of the car.

Criteria for Selecting Quality Car Steering Wheel

  • The size is suitable for the steering wheel.
  • Reasonable thickness: too thin steering wheel cover will easily tear and too thick will be difficult to drive.
  • Leather or Carbon fiber should be preferred. Because they are resistant to water and antioxidants, they should be used for a long time.
  • Models and colors are suitable for the space inside your vehicle.
Advantages of Car Steering Wheel Cover
Advantages of Car Steering Wheel Cover

Advantages Of Car Wrap In Thanh Phong Auto

Product information

Product's name

Wrap Steering Wheel




38 mm


Cream, orange, gray, black

  • Genuine 100%, with clear origin papers.
  • Made from 100% high quality cowhide to ensure durability and aesthetics.
  • Use 3d snake skin texture to decorate - create luxury, class for the car space. At the same time, these lines also create friction to help control the steering wheel more firmly.
  • Suitable for most 5-seater as well as 7-seater cars.
  • Variety of colors, any color is easy to combine with different car interior spaces.
  • Discount.

Wrap Car Steering wheel at Thanh Phong Auto ensures the requirements of durability, color, size, price that customers want. For more information, please contact Thanh Phong Auto for specific advice.

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