Professional Car Cover Tarpaulin Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024


Original price was: 560,000 VND.Current price is: 490,000 VND.

Outstanding advantages of car covers in Thanh Phong:

  • High quality car cover
  • High quality aluminum foil coated PE fabric, waterproof small square design
  • 3 times more heat-insulating than conventional tarpaulins
  • Scratch-resistant and heat-insulating thanks to the thick cotton layer lớp
  • Stylish and luxurious
  • Has a reflective strip to keep the car safe at night
  • Full range of sizes for both cars and SUVs


Description of High-class Car Cover

Covered tarpaulin is used to protect cars from bad influences from the outside environment such as: dirt, rain, sun, water, etc. This product also has the ability to limit impacts well, helping the surface of the car. Avoid situations such as scratches, scratches, peeling paint colors, ...

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Car Cover
Car Cover Protects Cars From Dust, Rain, Sun, Water

Overview of Car Tycoon Cover

Product information


the size

There are many different sizes such as: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, ... Suitable for cars from 4 seats to 7 seats


- The outer layer is silver coated, aluminum coated.

- The inner layer is pressed felt.


Silver aluminum


Compact, about 2kg - 2.5kg


3 layers

Outstanding Advantages of High-class Car Covers

+ Made of flexible, thick PVC and PE materials, with good durability and high aesthetics.

+ The tarpaulin is designed with elastic at both ends and safety belts to help hug the body of the car, ensuring it is neat and not being thrown in the wind.

+ The heat-resistant PECA silver coating of the car cover has the effect of reflecting ultraviolet rays, helping to reduce the heat absorbed into the vehicle. 

+ The inside is a thin felt fabric layer, which is good at preventing car scratches.

+ The seams at the edge of the canvas cover firmly and carefully.

+ The canvas part on the mirror has a reflective strip to help protect the car safely at night.

+ Provides 3 times higher insulation than other conventional car covers.

+ Strong zipper design, easy to use.

Car Cover Tarpaulin
Made from soft, thick PVC and PE materials, with good durability and high aesthetics.

Notes When Using Car Covers

+ Should not be covered with tarpaulin for a long time, this will cause the car to be sealed, not ventilated, so it is easy to damage the interior of the car.

After use, the canvas should be folded neatly and properly.

+ Limit the choice of dark-colored car covers because it will absorb more heat than light-colored tarpaulins.

+ The tarpaulin should be cleaned and dried after each use.

+ Should avoid putting the car cover near sharp or rusty objects, because they can damage or affect the features of the canvas.

+ Should not compress the canvas with great pressure, this can easily damage the structure of the canvas.

+ Because the tarpaulin is made of flammable materials, avoid placing it near flammable objects.

+ Do not use chemical solutions to clean the tarpaulin.

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