Common Damages and Effective Ways to Check Batteries

Common Damages And How To Test The Battery Effectively Professionally Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
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1. How long does a car battery last? 

Battery life depends on many factors such as: battery type, battery brand used, weather conditions, usage habits, etc. Therefore, there is no exact answer to what battery life is. long. However, in reality, some statistics show that car battery usage time is only about 2-3 years.

At the end of the average service life, the battery needs to be replaced immediately to avoid affecting other parts of the vehicle. The warranty period for these types of batteries is from 6 to 12 months depending on the brand. 

2. Some simple ways to identify battery damage 

Observe the color on the magic eye (for dry batteries) 

For dry batteries, on the surface there will be a magic eye that can observe the color inside along with conventional symbols, you can easily see the magic eye and identify the battery condition. 


Car Magic Eye and Color Assess Battery Condition
Car Magic Eye and Color Assess Battery Condition 

Battery fluid level too low, terminal plate key too high (for water batteries) 

For water batteries, people often design transparent battery cases so that users can easily observe the amount of liquid inside the tank. If you find that the fluid level is too low or the terminal plate is too high, it's time to replace your car battery. 

The battery warning light on the dashboard is on 

The easiest sign to recognize that the battery is showing signs of being weak or about to fail is to observe the warning on the dashboard. If the battery warning light on the dashboard lights up, you must bring the car to a garage or reputable battery store to check and replace the battery if necessary. 

The engine starts weakly or starting takes longer than usual 

One of the main uses of a car battery is to provide electricity to start the car. Therefore, if the battery is weak, it can cause the car's engine to start weakly or take longer to start than usual. If it takes too long to start the car, you should take the car to a garage or reputable battery store to have the battery checked and replaced if necessary. 

The battery does not hold power or does not hold power for long 

The main task of the battery is to store electricity for use when the dinamo is not running, so if your battery does not hold power, the engine has just turned off and cannot restart, or the voltage drop is large and can only be stored. within a few days, you need to replace the battery immediately 

Car battery is swollen 

Checking the bulge of the battery is also a way to identify a damaged battery that you can apply at home. The cause of this situation may be due to poor quality of the battery, high outside temperature, overcharging, etc.  

When the battery is swollen, the quality and safety of use will not be guaranteed, so you need to replace the battery immediately to avoid fire and explosion situations. 

The battery terminal is damaged, leaking, or cracked 

After a period of use, the battery terminals are very susceptible to loosening, cracking, or corroding Sulfate the tip of the cylinder due to the impact of the environment inside the engine compartment. This reduces the life of the tank, and can also cause danger due to voltage leakage.  

Sulfated Battery Terminals
Sulfated Battery Terminals  

Therefore, to ensure safety, you should bring your car to a reputable battery store to check and replace the car's battery with a new one. 

3. How to check car battery 

In addition to the ways to identify a damaged battery through the naked eye above, you can also use specialized tools. These tests will have higher accuracy, helping you promptly detect signs of battery damage and make the appropriate decision to repair or replace the battery. 

How to check a damaged battery with a Volt Meter 

The device commonly used to test car batteries is a voltmeter. A voltmeter will help you measure the voltage between the two terminals of the battery. 

How to check the battery with a Volt meter is as follows: 

  • First, you need to determine that Dinamo is still working well by measuring the battery voltage while starting the engine. If the result is from 13.0V to 14.4V, Dinamo is still operating stably. 
  • Then, turn off the engine and re-measure the battery voltage without starting the engine. 
  • Monitor the parameters displayed on the voltmeter: 

  – If the indicator displayed on the meter is between 12.4 - 12.7V, the battery is still operating normally.  

 – If the voltage is from 9.6 to 12.4V, you need to charge the battery.  

  – If the voltage is below 9.6V, the battery is weak and about to fail, you need to replace the car battery. 

In case the car does not start for a long time or starts but after turning off the engine, forgets to turn off the key, leaving other devices on such as fans, lights, radio... consuming all the power in the battery causing the car to not start. restart, you need to restart the battery by using another battery, connect the positive pole to the positive pole, the negative pole to the negative pole of the car's battery and start the engine to charge for 15 minutes, then crank it. First step is to check the dinamo and battery. 

4. How to replace car battery 

  • First you need to prepare a new battery, check the new battery voltage. 
  • Return the key to the completely off position. 
  • Proceed to remove the old battery in this order: remove the negative post first, remove the positive post later. 
  • Install the new battery in this order: install the positive post first, install the negative post later. 

Thanh Phong Auto provides battery testing and replacement services of all types of famous brands such as GS, ROCKET, VARTA, DELKOR... with a 9 - 12 month warranty policy for each brand.


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