Product Features

  • Baseus air vent clip car perfume
  • Baseus car fragrance wax has a deodorizing effect to create a pleasant fragrance
  • Products meet European safety standards ROHS on protecting human health and the environment
  • The product comes with 5 scented wax tablets (3 packs of cologne, 2 packs of sea scent, 1 pack of flower garden scents)


Baseus perfume in thin stick form of Baseus brand, USA. Products are appreciated for quality, design as well as price.

Baseus Fragrance Wax Thin Bar
Baseus Fragrance Wax Thin Bar

Basic Information About Baseus Fragrance Wax Perfume

  • Placement position: clip in front of the air conditioner door to easily spread the scent throughout the car.
  • Effect: effectively eliminate odors on the car, emit a gentle fragrance throughout the car, clean the air, so create a feeling of comfort, avoid motion sickness for people sitting in the car. In addition, Baseus perfume is also used to decorate the car compartment.
  • High safety: Baseus fragrance wax meets European ROHS standards, so it is safe for users, including children and pregnant women.
  • Scent: plants, flowers.
  • Color: white border color, black border color, silver border color.
  • Ingredients: Baseus fragrance wax made from translucent aluminum alloy materials. Long, flat U-shaped design with smooth surface.
Perfume Fragrance Wax Thin Bar Clip for Baseus Car Air Conditioning Door High Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Thin Bar Can Be Clipped In Front Of Air Conditioner Door To Easily Spread Fragrance Throughout The Car

Why Choose Baseus Fragrance Wax Perfume?

  • Compact design, maximizes the space of the car compartment.
  • Colorful, beautiful, suitable for many car colors.
  • The price is cheaper than other perfumes.
  • Stable quality, durable over the years.
  • When buying, you will get 5 scented wax tablets (2 packs of sea scent, 2 packs of cologne, 1 pack of perfume scents).

Perfume Fragrance Wax Thin Bar Clip for Baseus Car Air Conditioning Door High Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

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