Top 5 Things To Know About 4-Seat Auto Insurance

Top 5 Information You Need to Know About Best 4-Seater Car Insurance Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2023

Because of the characteristics of the job or the needs of everyday life, many people now choose 4-seater cars as a means of transportation. However, when buying a car they are advised on many different types of insurance but they do not have specific knowledge, so it is very surprising. The following article, let's find out Top 5 information to know about car insurance 4 seats to get ready to the most suitable insurance company.

4-seat Car Insurance
4-seat Car Insurance

1 You are required to buy civil liability insurance for a 4-seater car

Under the current Law, 100% of people buying a 4-seater car are required to buy civil liability insurance.

Understandably, this type of compulsory automobile insurance operates on the principle of compensating the small majority. This means that the fee for participation of everyone will be pooled into a fund and ready to take out compensation payments for a few people who have unexpected problems.

The liability scope of civil liability automobile insurance is clearly stated in Circular 22/2016 / TT-BTC as follows:

  • The insurance will pay compensation for damage caused by motor vehicles of VND 100 million / person / case
  • Damage to property caused by motor vehicles or motorcycles, 2-wheel and 3-wheel motorcycles is VND 50 million / case.
  • Property damage caused by vehicles, motorcycles, tractors, special vehicles is VND 100 million / case

In the case of the owner intentionally causing damage to the vehicle or damage to accessories, parts during the use of 4-wheel cars will not be covered by insurance.

Typically, each civil liability auto insurance will have a term within 1 year with the date indicated on the insurance. Therefore, do not forget to regularly review the insurance to buy it back in time, if there are problems that insurance expires will not be compensated.

Participating in Civil Liability Auto Insurance is Compulsory
4-seat Car Insurance Is Compulsory

2 You should buy more material 2-way insurance for 4-seater cars

Although not compulsory insurance, but buyers of 4-seat cars should also buy additional 2-way physical insurance. This type of insurance will help you pay compensation in both directions when the fault occurs due to you or others.

Some cases that fall within the scope of 2-way coverage that you need to know are:

  • Damage to vehicle material by accident colliding with other motor vehicles
  • Vehicle damage due to collision, overturn, other objects dropped or collided
  • Damage caused by fire, explosion, natural disaster
  • Theft, stolen car
  • Physical damage after the accident, the incident occurred

However, you should remember that immediately after an accident or incident you need to notify the authorities or inspection insurers to be paid.

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3 Refer to some voluntary insurance when buying a 4-seater car

In addition to compulsory civil liability insurance and material 2-way insurance, you should also refer to some other voluntary insurance for 4-seat cars:

  • Insurance for drivers: compensation for bodily damage of the driver in the event of an accident or incident, the compensation is about VND 50 million / person.
  • Insurance for passengers in the car: compensation for bodily harm of the person sitting in the car is 50 million VND / case
  • Civil liability insurance of goods
  • ...
Currently, there are many voluntary insurances for 4-seat cars
Voluntary Insurance for 4-seat Cars

4 Cost of participating in insurance

Besides the benefits received specified on the terms of the insurance contract, the owner also needs to know more about the cost of participating in each type of insurance.

With civil liability insurance for 4-seater vehicles, the price will include VAT as follows:

  • 4-seater cars without transport business: around VND 500 thousand / year
  • 4-seater cars for transport business: about VND 850 / year

With the voluntary insurance each company offers will also offer different prices for your reference.

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5 Some reputable insurance companies today

Finally, before buying a 4-seater car and taking part in insurance, you should pocket some reputable insurance companies currently on the market to ensure both price and quality. Mostly are well-known companies, have long experience and have direct links with major car maintenance centers.

3 brightest names are:

  • Petrolimex Insurance Company, also known as PJICO for short
  • Vietnam Oil and Gas Insurance Company is also called PVI
  • Liberty Insurance Company
You should choose well-known insurance companies that are affiliated with vehicle maintenance centers
You should choose well-known insurance companies that are affiliated with vehicle maintenance centers

Let's pocket 5 useful information about 4 seat auto insurance to make the right choice to ensure your interests!

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