Should You Buy a Used Van? Experience in Avoiding Risks

Should I buy a used van truck?
Latest update date: February 23, 03

An old van is a small, used truck with a rear compartment used to transport people or goods. This type of vehicle is often used to transport goods, passengers or for personal purposes. 

Mua old van truck Benefits in terms of purchase price, taxes, insurance, and lower depreciation compared to new cars. However, there still exist many risks regarding damage, legality, warranty and technology. Therefore, you should only buy a car if you have low finances, do not care about new technology, short-term use needs, and have experience buying used cars. 

when the Buy a used van, need to determine a specific plan and budget, search for a suitable vehicle, inspect the vehicle, negotiate the price and complete the necessary legal procedures to limit unwanted risks from occurring.

Some prominent names in the used van market include: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit, Volkswagen Transporter, Renault Trafic, Fiat Ducato. Price of used van will be affected by factors such as vehicle brand and segment, vehicle operating condition, vehicle model, scarcity in the market and market demand. 

Depending on your needs, you will have a choice of manual or automatic vehicles, gasoline or diesel vehicles, etc. If you still haven't chosen the right vehicle for yourself, contact us. Thanh Phong Auto for advice on buying quality used vans at good prices. 

This article will help you have a more detailed look when buying a used van. Let's explore!

1. Should or should not buy a used van truck?

Buying a used van is cheaper, has lower insurance and tax costs and less depreciation than a new car. Furthermore, the used van market is quite diverse in terms of models, models, prices... to fully meet consumer needs. However, buying a used car also has many risks such as vehicle damage, fraud on vehicle usage, warranty and lack of new technological features. 

Should I buy a used van truck?
Should I buy a used van truck?

You should only buy a used van when you have limited finances, short-term use needs, and have experience buying and selling used cars. 

1.1 What are the advantages of buying a used van truck?

Buying a used van has many benefits such as low price, low depreciation, low costs, diverse options, easy purchase and low risk. As follows: 

  • Low price: Compared to buying a new van, buying a used van is often significantly cheaper. 
  • Low depreciation: Used vans have gone through the most depreciation in value, so the loss in value after purchase will be less than when buying a new vehicle. You can also resell the car at a relatively stable price after a period of use.
  • Insurance and tax costs: Registration, insurance and tax costs are lower than for a new car.
  • Diverse choices: The used van market has many options in terms of brands, models, vehicle years and prices. You can easily find a van that suits your needs and budget.
  • Buy and sell easily: Used vans have high market demand, so you can easily buy and sell them quickly.
  • Low risk: Used vans are often used for business purposes and are therefore regularly inspected and maintained.

1.2 Do old van trucks have any disadvantages or risks?

Buying a used van carries many risks such as damage, fraud, difficult warranties, and limited features and technology. As follows: 

  • Damage and malfunctions: Older vans may have been used for many years, leading to wear and tear on the engine, transmission and other components. The risk of buying a car that is damaged, has an accident or is flooded is higher than a new car.
  • Cheat: When buying a used car, you may encounter cases of fraud regarding mileage, usage history, vehicle condition, etc.
  • Difficult warranty: Used vans usually do not have a genuine warranty. Repair and maintenance costs may be higher than for new cars because it is difficult to find replacement equipment for older models.
  • Limited features and technology: Older vans may not be equipped with the latest features and technology. If you are interested in advanced features, buying a used van may not meet your expectations.

1.3 When should you buy a used van?

You should buy a used van if you have limited finances, do not need modern technology, need short-term use, and have experience in testing and buying used cars. 

  • Limited budget: If you have a limited budget and don't want to invest a large amount of money in a new vehicle, buying a used van may be the right choice. Used vans often cost less than new ones, allowing you to save a significant amount of money.
  • Personal use does not require the latest features: If you use the van for personal purposes such as carrying goods, transporting furniture or family travel and do not need the latest advanced features, buying a used van can meet your needs without it costs too much.
  • Devaluation control: New cars often depreciate sharply in the first years. The value of a used van will be more stable and less volatile than a new one. You don't have to worry about losing too much value when reselling the car later.
  • Have experience buying and selling used cars: You have experience in checking and evaluating the condition of used vans to choose a good priced vehicle that suits your needs. 

2. How to avoid risks when buying a used van?

To avoid risks when buying a used van, you need to plan and determine a specific vehicle purchasing budget, find a vehicle from many sources, check the vehicle's condition, consider and negotiate an appropriate price and complete the transaction. into necessary legal procedures. 

Kinh nghiệm mua xe tải van cũ
Kinh nghiệm mua xe tải van cũ

2.1 Make a specific plan and budget

  • Demand: Determine the need to use the old van, including the purpose of use (carrying goods, materials, family travel, service business). From there, choose a vehicle with the appropriate size and load, and the required number of seats. 
  • Affordability: Calculate the amount you can pay to buy a car, ability to borrow from bank/relatives and interest rate. Then estimate the cost of car ownership (purchase costs, insurance, registration fees, title transfer...) to balance it most appropriately. 
  • Reserve for unexpected repair costs: Old vans may incur unexpected damage, so contingency costs are needed for repairs and replacement parts. 

2.2 Search for a suitable used van

Compare the pros and cons of each van in the same segment and brand between different sales channels:

  • Online: Reputable websites for selling used cars (,, used car dealer websites, car buying and selling Facebook groups.
  • Used car market/used car store: You can check the car directly before buying to make sure the car is in good condition and has no problems.
  • Acquaintance: friends, colleagues, relatives... 

Then consider choosing a car that suits your needs and budget.

2.3 Check the van's condition carefully

To properly evaluate the value of a used van and decide whether to buy it or not, you need to check the condition of the body, engine, transmission, interior and maintenance.

  • Check the condition of the vehicle body: See if there are any signs of scratches, dents, or signs of collision? Are the tires still new or rusty? What is the car paint like? Are the windshield and car lights still working well? 
  • Check vehicle engine condition: Through the sound the engine emits, the ability to start, operate and the condition of lubricant and coolant.
  • Check gearbox condition: Is it smooth when shifting and entering gear?
  • Check interior condition: Assess the condition of damage and wear and tear on seats, floors, ceilings, electrical systems, air conditioning, and sound systems.
  • Check maintenance status: Warranty book, repair invoice and vehicle usage history

From there, decide whether to buy the car and at what price. 

2.4 Price negotiation

Determine the reasonable price to buy a used van:

  • Based on market price: Check used van prices on reputable websites. Then compare the prices of cars of the same year, same brand, same load and determine the average market price.
  • Based on vehicle condition: Hire highly qualified workers to check and evaluate the condition of exterior, interior, engine, and gearbox; Determine the level of wear and damage of the vehicle. From there, adjust the price based on the condition of the old van. 

Then negotiate the price, clearly stating who will be responsible for paying additional fees such as vehicle registration fees, insurance fees, etc.

2.5 Complete necessary legal and procedural procedures

  • Check vehicle documents: Vehicle identification, business registration (if any), vehicle purchase and sale contract, documents proving vehicle origin.
  • Draft and sign vehicle purchase and sale contracts: The contract has clear, binding terms, clearly stating the warranty and return policy (if any). 
  • Change of name and change of owner: Proceed to register to change the name of the van according to state regulations. 
  • Buy insurance: Buy mandatory civil liability insurance and consider purchasing body insurance (optional). 

3. Questions related to owners buying used vans

3.1 What type of used van should I buy?

When buying a used van, you can consider the following product lines: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit, Volkswagen Transporter, Renault Trafic, Fiat Ducato. 

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is known for its durability, powerful performance and versatility. This brand offers many versions from small valves to large valves. Sprinters also often have many convenient features and advanced technology.
Xe tải van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Xe tải van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Ford Transit: The Ford Transit is one of the most popular van models on the market. Ford Transit has many designs and sizes, with the common advantage being a powerful engine system and outstanding safety features.
Xe van Ford Transit l
Xe van Ford Transit 
  • Volkswagen Transporter: The Volkswagen Transporter, also known as the VW T-Series, is a popular choice in the van segment. This car line is famous for its beautiful design and stable performance. The Transporter also comes in a variety of trim levels and engine options to suit your needs.
Xe van Volkswagen Transporter
Xe van Volkswagen Transporter
  • Renault Trafic: Renault Trafic is a popular van in Europe. The product is highly appreciated for its performance, spacious interior space and many convenient features.
Xe van Renault Trafic
Xe van Renault Trafic
  • Fiat Ducato: Fiat Ducato is a quality choice with good performance, large space and powerful engine.
Fiat Ducato
Fiat Ducato

Refer to the detailed advantages, disadvantages, and selling prices of some van truck models in the article: "Top 7 Good Van Truck Lines, Trusted in Use Today” that Thanh Phong previously shared!

3.2 What factors affect the price of used vans?

Used van prices are affected by: vehicle brand and segment, vehicle operating condition, vehicle model, scarcity in the market and market demand. Analysis of factors affecting car prices:

  • Brand and vehicle segment: 
    • The higher the popularity and prestige of the brand, the more expensive the car is. 
    • Large, passenger, specialized vans cost more than small vans
  • Vehicle operating status: Price depends on newness, vehicle condition, and number of kilometers driven. The longer the car operates, the more kilometers it runs, and the greater the level of wear and tear, the cheaper the price.
  • Vehicle model (new, old): The newer the car, the higher the selling price.
  • Level of scarcity in the market:
    • Cars are scarce: Prices are higher because demand is higher than supply. For example: old van, special edition.
    • Popular car: More competitive prices due to abundant supply.
  • Market demand: The higher the demand, the higher the price due to competition between buyers. 

3.3 Should I buy a used van with manual or automatic transmission?

Depending on your needs (regularly traveling in the city or on the road), driving ability and budget, you will have the right choice.

  • Buying a used van with a manual transmission will save fuel, be cheaper, and be easier to repair. However, driving is more difficult, especially in the city.
  • Buying a used van will make driving easier and more comfortable when moving around the city. The downside is that it consumes more fuel, costs more, and is more difficult to repair.

3.4 Should I buy a used van that runs on gasoline or diesel?

If you need a cheap, easy-to-maintain vehicle, you should buy a gasoline-powered van. However, gasoline cars will consume more fuel.

You should choose a diesel van if you frequently use it and want to save more fuel and be more durable. But the disadvantages of diesel cars are higher prices, more complicated maintenance and louder noise.

3.5 Is a used van suitable for a family?

If your family has many people (5-7 people) or often travels and needs to carry a lot of belongings, an old van is a suitable choice. But if your family only has 4 people or less, rarely travels and doesn't need to carry a lot of belongings, you should consider other types of vehicles.

3.6 Where to buy reputable and quality used cars?

Thanh Phong Auto is proud to be one of the reputable and quality used car trading addresses in Vietnam. With many years of experience in the field, Thanh Phong Auto has provided customers with hundreds of quality used cars at reasonable prices.

Reasons to buy a car at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Used cars have clear origins and complete documents.
  • Vehicles are thoroughly inspected before being warehoused, ensuring the best quality.
  • Support for changing ownership, refurbishing old cars... 
  • Providing a variety of vehicles: sedans, vans, pickups, trucks... from popular to luxury.
  • There is a team of professional, enthusiastic staff, always ready to advise and support customers.
  • Accompanying services such as: change of ownership, warranty, maintenance, insurance consulting... are performed quickly and professionally.
  • Competitive prices with many attractive incentives. 

Contact Thanh Phong Auto to buy quality used vans at good prices. 

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