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Any modern car is equipped with multi-screen notifications to warn of problems that can cause dangerous incidents. However, not everyone knows and understands these types of messages. In Mercedes-Benz cars, there are more than 300 types of warning messages stored in cache memory.

So what are the important warnings to pay attention to and how to handle them? Together Thanh Phong Auto find out.

Meaning and How to Handle Warnings on Mercedes-Benz Cars Best Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Mercedes Benz Car Warning System

Like other modern cars, the instrument cluster on the Mercedes-Benz is where the indicator lights are mounted. Besides, users can also query for more information from the multi-function screen. With more than 300 different types of on-screen alerts, these types of messages can be reminders, references, or safety alerts.

6 Warning Groups on Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Owners Should Be Cautious

1. Safety System Warning Group

Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes-Benz GLC and Mercedes-Benz C-Class) have about 30 different announcements related to safety system, of which 10 messages you need to keep in mind when appearing on the screen. Versatile:

Car Safety Warning
Mercedes-Benz Safety Warnings

How to deal with these messages, cEvil messages you need special attention:

The message contains the words:

   + Limited (limited),

   + Unavailable (not available),

   Malfunction (error),

   + Inoperative (inactive).

- Message played with alarm sounds.

- Messages cannot be hidden.

How to Handle Problems in a Car
Directions When Encountering Warnings

2. Engine System Warning Group

The engine is considered one of the most important parts of a car, and the messages related to the engine system have the potential to affect the safety of the vehicle. So, you need to know this group of warning to have a timely solution.

Important warnings and handling directions:

Engine Problems in Mercedes-Benz Vehicles
Warning About Engine Problems in Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

When warnings appear, if you feel "unsettled", it is best to bring your car to a Mercedes-Benz repair garage for the most accurate inspection. 

3. Driver Assistance System Warning Group

When this message appears on the screen, it will be difficult to identify the cause and the problem that the driver is facing (usually only experts or technicians can understand and know the cause. system error). Should be best, proceed as suggested.

Warnings and handling directions for driver assistance systems:

Steering Assist System Problems
Pictures of Driver Assistance Systems and How to Handle them

4. Tire Warning Group

Tires are also a very important part and directly affect the safety of the ride. When a relevant warning appears, you need to pay close attention to have a timely action.

With high priority warnings (fatal error), the message on the screen cannot be hidden, even they will be played over and over until they are thoroughly handled. In these cases, you need special attention.

Important warnings about tires and handling direction:

Car Tire Problems
Tire System Warnings on Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

5. Important General Alert Group

Mercedes-Benz models have more than 20 general messages displayed on the multifunction screen. Most of them are reminders of the driver's actions. However, some announcements are also important and meant to be a warning.

For example: Notification "Without changing gear, consult workshop"With a warning sound, it is possible that the gearbox is having problems.

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Important general warnings and directions:

The Most Important Car Warning
Important Warnings on Mercedes-Benz Cars

6. Service Notification Team (ASSYST PLUS)

Usually, service announcements ASSYST PLUS on multi-function screens can be hidden. Because this is the kind of message that is available in all Mercedes-Benz models to remind the regular maintenance schedule.

However, you should not "ignore" them because these messages are important in preventing future damage.

Service notices and how to proactively view service due dates:

Warning About Car Service
Mercedes-Benz Service Warnings

In which:

  • Service A (Service A): simple maintenance, can be done in a short time.
  • Maintenance B (Service B): maintenance is complicated, it takes more time to perform.

Refer Mercedes-Benz car repair price list latest at Thanh Phong Auto.

Experience in handling vehicle warnings Mercedes-Benz

  • When you do not fully understand and know all the important warnings, you should bring a user manual to look up when necessary.
  • If you are unsure about the messages, you should consult the experts (but selective information is needed).
  • Be careful when choosing a repair unit to ensure a professional consultation and inspection.
  • Periodic maintenance milestones are not ignored to minimize unnecessary damage.

Also you can refer to these Note when repairing Mercedes cars that Thanh Phong has shared before.

Above is the share of Thanh Phong Auto about important warnings on Mercedes-Benz that users should pay attention to. Hopefully the article will be useful, wish you always have the safest experience with your car!

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