Collection of Parking Lot List - Car Parking in District 5

List of Parking lots - Car Parking in District 5 1 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

You currently own one car. Your yard is not enough for parking. You need to find a place to keep your car safe and convenient 5 District. If you are facing this problem then today's article Thanh phong Definitely for you.

By Thanh Phong Auto understand the concerns of the owners car when the condition is found car parking space, car parking There are many difficulties like today, please refer to the article right away!

List of Parking Lot - Car Parking in District 5

Map of District 5, HCMC

Car Parking List - Cheap, Safe Car Parking In District 5

1. Parking / Parking Nancy Children's Clinic

+ Address: No. 615A Tran Hung Dao, Ward 1, District 5, City. HCM City

2. Parking / parking 24/24 hours

+ Address: Nguyen Bieu Street, Ward 1, District 5, City. HCM City

3. Parking / parking Le Hong Phong

+ Address: Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 4, District 5, City. HCM City

4. Dai Gioi parking / parking lot

+ Address: Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward 5, District 5, City. HCM City

5. Parking / parking Nguyen Chi Thanh

+ Address: No. 100 Hung Vuong, Ward 9, District 5, HCMC

6. Parking / parking for Chau Mai Building

+ Address: No. 161 Luong Nhu Hoc, Ward 11, District 5, City. HCM City

7. Parking / parking of Medical University

+ Address: No. 215 Hong Bang An Duong Vuong old, Ward 11, District 5, City. HCM City

8. Parking and parking at Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital

+ Address: No. 120 Hong Bang Street, Ward 12, District 5, Tp. HCM City

9. 24-hour parking / parking

+ Address: Roundabout Ly Thai To - Pham Viet Chanh - Hung Vuong - Nguyen Van Cu, District 5, City. HCM City

10. Thuan Kieu Plaza parking / parking lot

+ Address: No. 190 Hong Bang, Ward 12, District 5, City. HCM City

+ Note: List of Car Parking / Parking in District 1

In addition to these car parking / storage locations then car relief services It is also something owners should pay attention to. Currently, there are many addresses to provide car relief services in the city. HCM, so which relief service is reputable? Sure Thanh Phong Auto is the first mentioned name, because under the trust of customers, Thanh Phong Auto always brings the best service with top quality.

Car park in District 5 is prestigious and high quality

Car rescue service in Ho Chi Minh City

When do you need to call Thanh Phong Auto's car relief service?

  • It is when you are moving that your car suddenly detects a problem, stop immediately to check.
  • Your car cannot start the engine before moving, the battery is out of power
  • When there is a collision between your car and another obstacle.

When you encounter one of these situations, you need to move your vehicle to the curb to avoid obstructing traffic. Then contact Thanh Phong Auto for support via the hotline and have a team of staff right to your location.

List of all car rescue addresses in Saigon District 5

Thanh Phong Auto - A reputable door-to-door rescue service provider in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces

+ Note: List of Car Parking / Parking in Binh Tan District

Why choose Thanh Phong Auto's car relief service on the spot?

  • Highly skilled staff, agile and professional car rescue style.
  • Time to be present at the place where a customer's car is having problems is always fast.
  • The equipment used to check, repair and rescue cars is modern and complete so that the work can be done quickly.
  • Specific and transparent quotes after determining the problem that cars are having. Commitment not to take advantage of customers' difficult situations for profit.
  • Check the operation of the vehicle carefully before delivering the car to the customer.

So, Thanh Phong Auto has just compiled the list Car parking - car parking in District 5These are definitely suitable, safe, and cheap places that you can refer to when needed. And don't forget that, when you have any difficulty in using your car, you can contact us for quick support and resolution.

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