Is Kia Truck 990kg, 1 Ton Good? Price and Notes on Use

Is Kia Truck 990Kg, 1 Ton Good?
Latest update date: February 15, 04

Kia 990kg, 1 ton truck (Kia New Frontier K100) belongs to the light truck segment, manufactured by THACO Truong Hai based on the modern technology platform of Kia Motors Korea. This vehicle line has a flexible load capacity from 990kg to 1 ton, suitable for the needs of transporting goods in inner-city areas and narrow roads.

According to JD Power's ranking in 2022: “TIn the 2022 light-duty truck customer satisfaction report, Kia Motors is ranked highest in vehicle reliability and quality.".

With outstanding advantages such as modern design, powerful engine, fuel economy, high quality truck and attractive warranty, Kia 990kg, 1 ton truck is becoming a potential choice for businesses. small businesses and individual businesses.

But with the small tank size and quite high price, you also need to consider carefully before choosing. The price to own a car is about 200-361 million VND, depending on the version and old/new condition.

When using a 990kg - 1 ton Kia vehicle, you should be carefully prepared, drive the vehicle carefully on each terrain and maintain and clean it regularly to ensure safety as well as increase the vehicle's lifespan. .

Is Kia Truck 990Kg, 1 Ton Good?
Is Kia Truck 990Kg, 1 Ton Good?

This article will provide you with an overview and details about the Kia 990kg - 1 ton truck, thereby helping you make the wisest investment decision. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages, price and notes when using this car model.

Is Kia Truck 990kg, 1 Ton Good?

Kia's 990kg, 1 ton truck is a suitable choice for the needs of transporting small goods in inner-city areas. With a modern design, powerful, fuel-efficient engine, high-quality truck and attractive warranty, this vehicle line meets the needs of small businesses and individual businesses.

However, users need to carefully consider the car body size and price when deciding to buy.

What is the origin of the Kia 990kg, 1 Ton car?

Kia's 990kg, 1-ton load line (Kia New Frontier) was launched by THACO Truong Hai in 2018. This vehicle line is assembled in Vietnam based on the modern technology platform of Korean Kia Motors with a high localization rate. High quality, guaranteed quality and competitive price.

In JD Power's 2022 light-duty truck customer satisfaction report, Kia Motors is ranked highest in vehicle reliability and quality.

What are the advantages of Kia's 990kg, 1 ton truck?

Kia New Frontier K100 has a modern design, powerful, fuel-efficient engine, high-quality truck bed and attractive warranty.

Modern design:

  • New style cabin, monolithic electrostatic paint and Metalic color paint.
  • Chrome-plated steering wheel, aesthetic front bumper with fog headlights.
  • Wide rearview mirrors and front halogen lights help you see easily.
  • The cabin is 1.740mm wide, creating a comfortable feeling.
  • The dashboard displays full information and is easy to operate.
  • Adjustable steering wheel, car-style gear lever.
  • High quality felt seats, adjustable posture, electric adjustable glass doors.
Kia's 990Kg, 1-Ton Truck has a Modern Design
Kia's 990Kg, 1-Ton Truck has a Modern Design

Powerful, fuel-efficient engine:

  • Hyundai D4CB - CRDi engine meets Euro 4 emission standards.
  • Cylinder capacity 2.497 cc, maximum power 130 Ps.
  • Maximum torque of 255N.m, helping the vehicle operate strongly.
  • Equipped with Turbocharger, CRDi fuel injection system.
  • Gearbox with 6 forward gears + 1 reverse gear, 2 quick gear ratios.
  • Aluminum alloy gearbox shell, light, smooth, good heat dissipation.
  • Disc brakes, hydraulic drive system, vacuum assist.
Kia's 990kg, 1-ton truck has a powerful engine
Kia's 990kg, 1-ton truck has a powerful engine

High quality loading box:

  • The mezzanine box is fully dipped in electrostatic paint.
  • Curved side and back panels, machined with high technology.
  • Guaranteed durability and aesthetics.

In addition, Kia New Frontier also has a number of other advantages such as:

  • Genuine warranty 3 years or 100.000 km.
  • Good after-sales service, wide dealer network.

What are the disadvantages of Kia 990kg, 1 ton trucks?

The minus point of the 990kg, 1 ton Kia brand truck is its low load, quite small trunk size and slightly high price. 

Low load:

  • Only suitable for transporting light goods, less than 1 ton.
  • Cannot meet the needs of transporting bulky and heavy goods.

Small car body size:

  • The trunk area is limited, affecting the ability to transport goods.
  • Suitable for small businesses and individual businesses with little transportation needs.

High price: The price of buying a new Kia 990kg, 1 ton car ranges from 350 million, quite high compared to other brands in the same segment.

Should I buy a 990kg, 1 ton Kia truck?

The decision to buy a 990kg, 1 ton Kia truck depends on your needs and financial ability. If you need a light truck, powerful engine, many convenient features and good finances, the Kia brand 1-ton truck is a good choice.

Depending on your needs, choose the right vehicle
Depending on your needs, choose the right vehicle

How much does a Kia truck load 990kg, 1 Ton?

Kia light truck prices depend most on each version and old/new condition. The price to own a car is about 200-361 million VND.

What factors does the purchase price of a Kia 990kg, 1 Ton truck depend on?

The price of a Kia 990kg, 1 Ton truck depends on many factors such as vehicle version (truck type), vehicle condition (old, new), vehicle dealer, time of purchase and additional equipment.

Refer to the price quote to buy a new used car with a load capacity of 990kg, 1 ton from Kia (updated April 4)



Size bins

New car purchase price

Price to buy used car 

Kia K100S sealed box


2.850 x 1670 x 1.655 mm

353 million

200 - 300 million

Kia K100 canvas box 

1 tons

3.200 x 1670 x 1.830 mm

361 million

200 - 300 million

Kia K100 with closed side doors


3.200 x 1670 x 1.830 mm

361 million

200 - 300 million

Kia K100S mezzanine 

1250 Kg

2850 x 1670 x 410 mm

353 million

200 - 300 million

Kia K100S with canvas roof 


2.850 x 1670 x 1.410/1.655 mm

353 million

200 - 300 million

What to Note When Using a 990kg, 1 Ton Truck?

Before driving a Kia 990kg - 1 ton, you need to check the car's parts carefully, carry the correct load and prepare all the documents. During driving, you need to drive carefully, legally and pay attention to the terrain. Besides, it is necessary to maintain and clean the vehicle regularly to increase performance and longevity.

Kia's K100 Truck
Kia's K100 Truck

What should you keep in mind before using a truck?

It is necessary to check the vehicle thoroughly, weigh the load carefully and prepare complete identification documents before participating in traffic.

  • Inspect the vehicle thoroughly:

    • Tires: ensure adequate pressure, not worn or cracked.
    • Lubricant: check level and replace if necessary.
    • Braking system: ensures effective operation.
    • Headlights, taillights: working well.
    • Rearview mirror: adjust to the appropriate position.
  • Load scale:

    • Do not exceed the permissible load.
    • Distributes the load evenly on the vehicle body.
  • Identification:

    • Bring the appropriate driver's license.
    • Vehicle registration certificate.
    • Car insurance.

What should you pay attention to when driving a truck?

You need to drive the truck carefully and pay attention to each terrain when traveling in traffic.

  • Drive carefully:

    • Comply with traffic laws.
    • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles.
    • Drive at the right speed, do not speed or overtake recklessly.
    • Avoid braking suddenly.
  • Pay attention to the terrain:

    • Go slowly and carefully when crossing rough and steep roads.
    • Avoid entering areas at risk of flooding.

What should you pay attention to after using the truck?

After using the truck, periodic maintenance and cleaning are also very important.

  • Periodic vehicle maintenance:

    • Change oil, oil filter, air filter.
    • Check the brake system, tires, headlights, and taillights.
    • Choose reputable maintenance and repair services and technicians with experience with Kia trucks.
  • Clean your car regularly:

    • Wash car after use.
    • Clean the car trunk thoroughly.

Related Questions When Buying a Kia Truck 990kg, 1 Ton

What to note when buying a 990kg, 1 ton Kia brand truck?

To own a quality Kia car with a load capacity of 990kg, 1 ton, at a good price, you need to determine the correct usage needs, compare versions, find out the price of the car, choose a reputable dealer, inspect the car thoroughly and You should test drive before making a decision. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to completing important procedures.

Determine usage needs:

  • Load level: Carrying heavy or light goods?
  • Vehicle trunk size: Need to carry bulky goods?
  • Moving terrain: Road or inner city?

Compare versions:

  • Kia K100S sealed box: Suitable for carrying goods that need to be preserved.
  • Kia K100 canvas box: Suitable for carrying bulky goods.
  • Kia K100 with closed side doors: Convenient for loading and unloading goods.
  • Kia K100S mezzanine: Suitable for carrying construction materials.
  • Kia K100S with canvas roof: Flexible for many types of goods.

Find out prices:

  • New car price: Refer to the listed price list of Kia and dealers.
  • Used car price: You should refer to reputable car buying and selling websites and thoroughly check the car's condition.

Choose a reputable dealer:

  • Has many years of experience in the truck field.
  • Provide good warranty and maintenance services.
  • Provide consulting support and answer questions wholeheartedly.

Inspect the vehicle thoroughly:

  • Exterior: No scratches or dents.
  • Interior materials: Seats, steering wheel, and dashboard are intact.
  • Engine: Smooth operation, no unusual noise.
  • Gear: Shifts smoothly, without jerking.
  • Brake system: Effective braking, no brake lock.
  • Tire: New, not worn or cracked.

Try driving:

  • Feel the performance, engine noise, and smoothness of the vehicle.
  • Check the functions for normal operation.

Complete the purchase and sale procedure:

  • Sign the sales contract.
  • Payment according to agreement.
  • Register your car, buy insurance.

Should I buy a used Kia K100?

You should buy a used Kia K100 if you need a car with good capacity but have a limited budget. However, it is necessary to research the market, carefully check the condition of used cars and buy and sell cars according to the correct processes and procedures. Refer to the article From A - Z Buying Used Cars and Trucks to avoid "wasting money".

When should I buy a new Kia 990kg, 1 ton truck?

When you have enough budget and want to buy a high-quality, newest car with low risks and a long-term warranty, you should buy a new Kia car 990kg, 1 ton.

However, some references are needed Experience when buying a new truck such as: clearly determining usage needs, budget, researching the market, choosing a reputable dealer and taking a test drive yourself, asking for expert advice and carefully negotiating a contract when buying a new car.

Who is the Kia 990kg, 1 ton truck suitable for?

Kia's 990kg, 1-ton vehicle line is suitable for small businesses, business households, and individuals who need to transport light goods such as furniture, construction materials, or small businesses.

What is the fuel consumption of the Kia K100 truck?

According to the manufacturer's announcement, the 990kg, 1-ton Kia truck has a fuel consumption of about 7-8 liters/100km depending on usage conditions, driving habits and fuel quality.

Which 990kg, 1 ton truck is selling best today?

Current best-selling 990kg, 1-ton trucks include: China Wuling N300P, JAC 990kg X99, Suzuki Carry Pro, Dongben T30, TaTa Super ACE 990Kg, VEAM 1 ton, Isuzu 1 ton,... You should refer to Best price quote for 1 ton trucks (old and new). for comparison and appropriate selection.

Which unit sells reputable, good-priced Kia light trucks in Ho Chi Minh City?

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of maintenance - repair - buying and selling used/new cars and trucks, Thanh Phong Auto is proud to be a reputable and quality supplier of light-duty Kia trucks in Ho Chi Minh City.

Strengths of Thanh Phong Auto:

  • A team of dedicated consultants, knowledgeable about truck models, is ready to assist customers in choosing the most suitable product.
  • Providing a variety of light trucks (990kg-1.5 tons) of many brands, meeting the diverse freight transport needs of customers.
  • Competitive and transparent selling prices.
  • Used trucks are thoroughly inspected and maintained, ensuring quality and complete paperwork.
  • Attractive, long-term warranty policy.
  • Supports quick processing of car buying and selling procedures.

In addition to providing used trucks of many brands such as Kia, JAC, Suzuki, Hyundai, Isuzu, Thaco, TaTa, Dongben,... Thanh Phong Auto is also a China Wuling South Saigon agent, specializes in distributing genuine Chinese Wuling trucks with many attractive incentives. 

For detailed advice and choosing the right light truck, please contact Thanh Phong Auto.

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