Top 5 Vocational Training Places for Professional Kien Giang Automotive Electrical - Electronics

TOP Professional Vocational Training Center for Kien Giang Automotive Electrical - Electronics
Top places for vocational training in auto engineeringTop 5 Vocational Training Places for Professional Kien Giang Automotive Electrical - Electronics

Before the development of the automobile market in Vietnam, Automotive Electrical - Electronics is a hot industry lacking human resources, sought after by many companies, businesses and garages. With a high salary, stable job, plus passion, many young people in the province are looking for reputable, quality vocational training places with good outputs to develop their careers.

In Kien Giang, the potential for economic development is high, the density of automobile use is increasing, so the automotive electric-electronic industry is very promising. However, because this is a small province, it is difficult to find professional vocational training institutions.

Understanding the inadequacies in the search, this article will summarize the TOP Place of Professional Vocational Training in Automotive Electrical - Electronics Kien Giang for young people to make an appropriate choice for their future.

What is Automotive Electrical - Electronics?

Automotive electrical and electronics engineering is a specialized profession in the assembly, operation, maintenance and repair of electrical, refrigeration and electronic controls in automobiles.

Electrical - Automotive Electronics
Electrical - Automotive Electronics

After graduation, the profession equips students with all knowledge of technology related to automotive electricity, and at the same time has basic skills to handle situations related to automobile electronic systems. .

TOP Place of Vocational Training for Electrical - Automotive Electronics Kien Giang

1 Kien Giang College

Kien Giang College is a school with more than 50 years of training and development. The school has trained many generations of students who are well-qualified and skilled in the electrical and automotive trades, working in famous centers and garages inside and outside the province. .

Kien Giang College
Kien Giang College

What do you get from studying electrical and automotive electronics at Kien Giang College:

  • Students are professionally and intensively trained in the knowledge of electronics and automotive electrical systems under the dedicated guidance of experienced instructors.
  • In addition to knowledge, students can practice right on the car itself, not on the model, thereby grasping it faster.
  • Flexible learning method, tested on many courses to ensure fastest learning.
  • The training program closely follows the actual needs, has a separate route without rambling to help students go straight to the problems that need to be met in the profession.


  • 425 Mac Cuu, Vinh Thanh Ward, City. Rach Gia, Kien Giang Province.
  • 217 Chu Van An, An Hoa Ward, City. Rach Gia, Kien Giang Province.

2 Kien Giang Province Ethnic Boarding Secondary School

Kien Giang Province Ethnic Minority Boarding Vocational School is a public non-business unit, established in 2010, experienced in training many professions.

During its operation, the school has always oriented development in all aspects, becoming a unit of training high-quality human resources, striving to be the basis that plays a pivotal role in the system of vocational training schools in Kien Giang province. .

With the industry of technology, automotive electronics at intermediate and elementary levels, the school has trained many graduates with good expertise to meet human resources in the province.

Kien Giang Province Ethnic Boarding Secondary School
Kien Giang Province Ethnic Boarding Secondary School

It is advisable to learn the profession of Automotive Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Kien Giang Province Ethnic Minority Boarding Intermediate School for the following reasons:

  • Teaching methods go hand in hand with practice, following the program so that students have good knowledge and high skills.
  • Experienced, professionally trained, experienced instructors.
  • Output quality is committed, not completed will be relearned. At the same time, introduce jobs to good students after graduation.


Xeo Chac Hamlet, Long Thanh Commune, Giong Rieng District, Kien Giang Province

3 Kien Giang University

In order to perfect the mind, strength, and physical strength, especially in the rapidly changing conditions of science and technology and the strong impact of the current 4.0 revolution, Kien Giang University has been taking the following steps: a new step in training professions, creating the main labor resources of the province.

Kien Giang University
Kien Giang University

At the school, the training professions are diverse such as: electrical engineering, electrical - automotive electronics, accounting, engineering technology ... In which, the field of Electrical - Automotive electronics has good output quality, students Graduates always have many job opportunities and are highly competitive compared to training schools in the province.

Reasons to study Automotive Electrical and Electronics at Kien Giang University:

  • Affordable tuition, affordable for many families.
  • Trained in a professional environment, focusing on following the program.
  • Equipped with modern equipment for learners to practice right in the classroom.
  • There are dormitories for remote students.
  • The teaching staff is good, skilled and enthusiastic.


320A Highway 61, TT Minh Luong, Chau Thanh District, Kien Giang Province.

4 Kien Giang Vocational College

Established in 2002, after 20 years of construction and development, the school has had many training courses in the field of automotive electrical and electronics with excellent student quality.

Studying at the school, students are formed vocational skills, cultivate knowledge and more especially, experienced teaching staff will have good orientations for them to go in depth.

Kien Giang Vocational College
Kien Giang Vocational College

Automotive Electronics - Electrical industry is a trend of many young people, the number of students registering for this profession at the school has increased rapidly because of a number of outstanding points:

The school aims to form both knowledge and skills for students, so it is inevitable to improve skills in the learning process.

The skills of diagnosing and handling damage in vehicles are focused on training by the school. Students after the learning process must pass a test on drawing and reading drawings, evaluating and checking the electronic equipment system inside the vehicle. The knowledge related to the profession is selected to lead students to the right major.


1022 Nguyen Trung Truc, An Hoa Ward, City. Rach Gia, Kien Giang Province.

5 Automotive Technical Practical Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto: Address of Prestige Automotive Electrical - Electronics Vocational Training

In addition to the addresses for vocational training in Automotive Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Kien Giang, students wishing to learn more about nearby large areas such as Can Tho or Ho Chi Minh.

Dubbed as the cradle of vocational training, at the same time, the geographical distance from Kien Giang province is not too large, traveling by public and private transport is convenient, Ho Chi Minh City has many training facilities. Professional training in automotive electrical - electronics that students want to be able to study.

Cooperation signing ceremony between Thanh Phong Auto and Ho Chi Minh University of Technology
Cooperation signing ceremony between Thanh Phong Auto and Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

Automotive Technical Practice Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto is proud to be a reliable address, known and chosen by many Kien Giang students in recent years. Training links with Polytechnic University, the center gathers good and experienced teachers and technicians, ensuring to bring the most understandable, easy-to-remember and easy-to-apply learning methods for students.

Here, enrolled students will receive:

  • Regularly updating the latest car models (hybrid cars and new electric cars), so students are not surprised with modern cars after graduation.
  • If you have registered but do not have the conditions to study, you can reserve without any cost.
  • Support jobs for students after graduation at reputable and quality workplaces.
  • The curriculum focuses on the practicality of the job, learning how to do it, not rambling, not prolonging.
  • Upon graduation, students will receive a vocational training certificate.
  • There are advanced classes according to thematic such as: machine, chassis, electricity - electronics, refrigeration, copper, paint, engine level, interior ... with preferential tuition fees.
  • Provide many models of new and old cars for students to directly practice on the car, with a large practice room fully equipped with tools.

Short, intensive theoretical class - Company's textbook + Polytechnic University
Short, intensive theory class – The company's textbook + Polytechnic University
Students practice directly at the Garage with direct instruction from skilled instructors and technicians
Students practice directly at the Garage with direct instruction from skilled instructors and technicians

With Automotive electronics industry, Thanh Phong Auto There is a 5-level roadmap with intensive training according to the standards of the General Department of Vocational Training. Trainees can participate in short-term training (a few sessions) or long-term training (from 2-6 months/course). The center also organizes full-day (part-boarding), shift or accelerated class training according to students' learning needs.

Above is the article that summarizes TOP Kien Giang Auto Electrical - Electronics Vocational Training Place Professionally. If you are wondering about finding a place to study, or you may not have a career orientation, you can refer to both the profession and the above teaching addresses.

Choosing a good vocational training place is a necessary condition, while the ability to learn, the spirit of self-discipline, seriousness with learning and a new job is a sufficient condition to create a good worker. Therefore, if you have set a goal for yourself, do everything to develop it with your own will.

Hopefully with the above sharing, readers can find a reputable, quality and conscientious place for vocational training in Automotive Electrical - Electronics. Good luck on your chosen path.


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