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The best Luxgen Car Repair and Maintenance Notes Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
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Luxgen with luxurious design, modern and smart furniture, so even though it has just appeared for more than 1 year in Vietnam, Luxgen has won a lot of love from consumers. Owning yourself a Luxgen car with high durability, stable performance, safety is what any car owner wants. To do that the car owner needs to master the Note car repair and maintenance LuxgenThanh Phong Auto will introduce the following. Let's read.

The best Luxgen Car Repair and Maintenance Notes Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Luxgen car

Introduction of the car line Luxgen

Luxgen is known as a Taiwanese car brand produced by Yulon Motor Corporation. It means "Luxury" - luxury and "Genius" - smart. Luxgen brings many outstanding cars such as:

+ Luxgen S3: There are 2 versions: Basic and Luxury.

+ Luxgen S5: Considered a more premium version than Luxgen S3, is a combination of Luxgen with the HTC brand.

+ Luxgen U6: Designed in the direction of luxury and very premium crossovers.

+ Luxgen U7: There are many safety equipment and amenities for the user.

+ Luxgen M7: Suitable for families of 5-7 people.

+ Luxgen7 CEO: As a luxury car, the target customers are mid-range and high-class people, so the price is quite expensive.

The best Luxgen Car Repair and Maintenance Notes Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Luxgen 7 CEO model is beautiful and luxurious

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2. Note car maintenance and repair Luxgen

Vehicle engine maintenance after 3.000 - 5.000km

After reaching the above level, the owner needs to take his Luxgen car for maintenance: usually work: checking engine oil, cleaning engine air filters and air-conditioning filters.

Change oil and oil filter system after 5.000 - 10.000km

At this time, the car owner should change the oil filter at the same time as the oil change, that is every 10.000km. Should change engine oil for the vehicle and must use the appropriate type of special use to help the car operate best.

The best Luxgen Car Repair and Maintenance Notes Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Check and change engine oil

Check, replace the engine air filter if necessary after 30.000 - 40.000km

After every 30.000km, the air filter often clings to a lot of dirt and is blocked, affecting the engine's operation and the health of the user. So should replace the engine air filter and air conditioner filter periodically.

After 40.000km, check the ignition spark plug

With this milestone, vehicle owners should replace ignition spark plugs every 30.000 - 40.000km used to avoid explosion or stalling situation.

The best Luxgen Car Repair and Maintenance Notes Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Check spark plugs

Oil change of manual transmission: 50.000km / time

It is advisable to change the manual transmission oil periodically, especially to bring the car to a warranty center or to reputable and professional garages to ensure that the correct oil is replaced for the vehicle.

Check, change automatic transmission oil when going 50.000 - 100.000km

When going 50.000-100.000km, the automatic transmission oil should be changed for the best performance, pay attention if the car has to operate in bad and continuous conditions, it should be replaced sooner.

Transmission belt: 70.000 - 100.000km

In the hot weather and hot weather, fast drying of the belt is inevitable. You can use lubricating oil to limit the drivetrain drying out.

Check coolant water when traveling 80.000 - 100.000km

After reaching the level of 80000 - 100.000km, the vehicle should be checked and cleaned with radiator water + cooling water so that the engine does not overheat during continuous operation. At the same time, do not forget to check components such as spark plugs, brake pads ... to ensure safety when using.

The best Luxgen Car Repair and Maintenance Notes Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Pay attention to check and add coolant to the car

In addition to the above parts, the owner also needs to regularly check, repair and replace other car parts such as: brake system, steering system, suspension system, lighting system, tires, battery , ...

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3. Professional unit specializing in repairing and maintaining Luxgen cars in Ho Chi Minh City?

Thanh Phong Auto is a specialized unit professionally repairing and maintaining cars Luxgen in Ho Chi Minh City. There is a staff of experienced, enthusiastic and in-depth knowledge of Luxgen cars. In addition, this unit has continuously improved quality, expanded the garage system facilities, modern equipment to ensure the best service to customers.

The best Luxgen Car Repair and Maintenance Notes Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Thanh Phong Auto - Professional car repair and maintenance garage in HCM

Moreover, when choosing Thanh Phong Auto, car owners will be owned and replaced with genuine parts - accessories. Another plus point for this unit is the extremely good warranty and after-sales service, which always satisfies all customers.

In order for your car to be always durable and beautiful over time, periodic vehicle inspection and maintenance is extremely important. With that information Thanh Phong Auto The above sharing has definitely helped you to understand more about Luxgen car and pay attention when repairing and maintaining it, right? Let's plan a car maintenance together.

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