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Volvo known as a luxury car brand from Sweden - this is a car with great attraction because it possesses many outstanding features. All Volvo cars are certified for safety by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - IIHS of America.

However, to ensure absolute safety when operating, Volvo cars It also needs repair and maintenance like any other car. So when Repair and maintenance of Volvo cars What issues should be noted? Let's Thanh Phong Auto Find out in this article.

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Note when repairing and maintaining Volvo cars

When to repair Volvo cars?

In order for a Volvo car to operate smoothly, smoothly and safely, you first need to have it serviced properly. This will enable Volvo cars to be fully cared for in their parts. At the same time, detecting damages and deterioration in order to have a solution. In addition to periodic maintenance, Volvo cars need to be taken to repair centers as soon as there is any sign of damage.

Volvo car repair and maintenance will bring you huge benefits:

  • Helps increase the durability of car parts.
  • Helps minimize damage to Volvo cars thanks to early detection.
  • Avoid dangerous accidents when driving Volvo cars on the road.
  • Helping Volvo cars are always durable - beautiful - clean - luxurious.
  • Helping those who sit in the car feel secure and comfortable.

Note when repairing and maintaining Volvo cars

Important Volvo Car Maintenance Items

  • Cleaning of interior and exterior.
  • Oil change, oil filter and air filter.
  • Align the tire pressure of the wheels.
  • Air conditioning system maintenance.
  • Transmission system maintenance.
  • Brake system maintenance.
  • Chassis system maintenance.
  • Paint maintenance - surface correction.

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Professional technical team, dedicated at work

Repair and maintenance landmarks for Volvo cars should be remembered

  • Maintenance of Volvo level I (5000km travel): change of oil, add coolant, check engine undercarriage, ...
  • Class II Volvo car maintenance (10000 km travel): change engine oil, clean air filter, check undercarriage, check cooling water, check tire brakes, check air conditioning, ...
  • Class III Volvo car maintenance (20000 - 30000 km travel): oil change, air filter cleaning, power assist oil check - brake fluid, suspension check, tire rotation, ...
  • Maintenance for Volvo Class IV (travel 40000 km): oil change - engine oil filter, air filter change, spark plug replacement, clutch oil change - brake fluid - steering power - transmission oil, 4 wheel brake maintenance check undercarriage, turn tires, clean the air filter - add cold gas (if lack).

Select a reputable Volvo car repair and maintenance unit

Currently, with the development of science - technology, finding a garage that can repair and maintain Volvo cars is not difficult. However, find a reputable address to be able to quickly - accurately - effectively repair damage to Volvo cars.

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Find out in advance for reputable repair and maintenance garages

If you are wondering in choosing a quality Volvo car repair and maintenance garage in Ho Chi Minh City - come to Thanh Phong Auto.

Reasons to repair and maintain Volvo cars in Thanh Phong Auto

In Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Phong Auto is known as a reputable car repair - maintenance - care garage. Thanks to its deep understanding of cars with quality and affordable services, Thanh Phong Auto will be a reliable destination for all customers.

  • Thanh Phong Auto has a team of professional staff, experienced in maintenance and repair of Volvo cars.
  • Volvo car repair and maintenance services in Thanh Phong have clear procedures and prices. Commitment to be transparent - reasonable.
  • The tools for the repair and maintenance of Volvo cars meet the quality standards.
  • Volvo car repair and maintenance consulting is extremely attentive, in accordance with the vehicle condition and the needs of customers.

Car Repair Note for Volvo 5 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Prestigious and professional car repair and maintenance garage in Ho Chi Minh City

In addition, when repairing and maintaining Volvo cars at Thanh Phong Auto, customers are always guaranteed maximum benefits with a good warranty. Therefore, Thanh Phong Auto is definitely the name for you to be assured of "entrusting" repair and maintenance of Volvo cars.

Above are the Note when repairing and maintaining Volvo cars that you need to handle for your Volvo to run well, to ensure durability. For questions about Volvo car repair and maintenance services, please contact Thanh Phong Auto for quick advice and support.

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