Experience Buying Used Cars Safely, Avoid Losing Money Unjustly

Should I buy a used car?
Latest update date: February 10, 07

Old car are used vehicles that have been used for a certain period of time and can be bought and sold on the market. Buying used cars is increasingly popular for many reasons such as: saving a large amount of money, low rolling costs (only 2% of the car's value), low material insurance fees, and easy to experience the car segment. higher, especially the reliability of used cars is increasingly improved.

To buy a used car safely and avoid losing money unjustly, you need to clearly determine your usage needs, find a suitable car, check the car's condition carefully, have complete legal documents and negotiate a reasonable price. .

In addition, you should also learn more about the following issues: should you buy a car that is over 10 years old, a car that has been in an accident, or has been hydro-damaged; How many kilometers should I buy a used car; Buy a car at a good price; Scams to pay attention to; Reputable address to buy used cars,...

Buy used car is an important decision, requiring careful consideration. This paragraph, Thanh Phong Auto will help you gain the necessary knowledge to choose and buy a car that suits your needs and budget.

Why Should You Buy a Used Car?

You should buy a used car for the following reasons: can help you save hundreds of millions, low rolling costs, low material insurance fees, easy to experience higher segment cars, reliability of used cars increasingly improved.

Should I buy a used car?
Why should you buy a used car?

1. Save hundreds of millions

The first reason is definitely the price issue. Buying a used car, you can save quite a bit of money compared to buying a new car. According to estimates by car dealers, cars will lose about 20-25% of their value after 3 consecutive years of use. Besides, the first owner also has to pay some other fees such as registration, insurance, etc.

2. CLow rolling costs

According to current regulations, when buying a new car, the owner needs to pay a registration fee of 10-20% of the price. This is quite a large amount of money for the car to roll.

For vehicles manufactured and assembled in the country, the government has issued Decree 70 on support to reduce registration fees. However, this number is still not small.

If buying a used car, the owner only has to pay a registration fee equal to 2% of the car's value (the price of the car is also adjusted appropriately according to the time that the car has been used). In addition, buying a used car also saves fees such as license plate fees, registration fees, registration fees, etc.

3. Low material premium

Normally, car owners will buy physical insurance for their cars to feel more secure when using them. And for used cars, this fee is much lower than for new cars.

In particular, for first-time car buyers, choosing a used car will also be less "painful" when they do not have much travel experience, easily causing collisions and scratching the car.

4. Easily experience higher-segment cars

For those who want to experience high-segment cars but are not too "abundant", buying a used car will help them achieve their desires.

With the same amount of money, instead of buying a new B-class car, many people are willing to buy a second-hand C-class car. This is a reasonable choice for those who want to experience the supporting features. , entertainment facilities, large space ... of the higher segment cars.

5. Reliability of old cars is getting better and better

The increased quality of life makes the car owners' car care and maintenance more thorough. Therefore, cars that have been used for a few years, if properly maintained and maintained, will not be damaged - degraded too much.

Moreover, the technology and style of cars today have not changed too much in a few years. Therefore, buying a used car, especially a "surf" car, the next owner can still be satisfied with the model and experience the warranty from the manufacturer.

In addition, at professional car repair and maintenance centers, there is also a service of checking old cars, with commitments - ensuring the quality of cars, helping buyers have a specific basis to buy cars. out choices.

Experience Buying Used Cars

To buy a used car safely and avoid losing money unjustly, you need to clearly determine your usage needs, find a suitable car, check the car's condition carefully, have complete legal documents, and don't forget to negotiate the price. .

What should you pay attention to when buying a used car?
Experience in buying used cars you need to know

1. Identify needs

The first and most important step when buying a used car is to determine your needs. This helps you choose the car that best suits your intended use, financial ability and personal preferences.

Here are some important factors to consider when determining need:


  • Transporting your family: If you have a large family, choose a large car with many seats such as an SUV or MPV.
  • Going on a road trip: If you like to go on a road trip, choose a car with a high ground clearance, powerful engine, and good off-road capabilities like an SUV.
  • Traveling in the city: If you only use your car to travel in the city, choose a compact, fuel-efficient car like a hatchback or sedan.

Desired car model:

  • Hatchback: Compact, flexible, suitable for moving in the city.
  • Sedan: Elegant, luxurious, suitable for family or work.
  • SUV: Strong, sporty, suitable for moving on many terrains.
  • MPV: Spacious, comfortable, suitable for large families.

Estimated budget:

  • Car purchase price: Determine the amount you can afford to buy a car.
  • Rolling costs: Includes registration fees, vehicle registration, insurance,...
  • Maintenance and repair costs: Old cars often need more maintenance and repairs than new cars, so you need to budget some costs for this.

2. Search for vehicles

After determining your needs, you need to search for a car that fits your criteria. Below are some common experiences in searching for used cars:

Search by vehicle brand:

  • Toyota: Famous for durability, fuel economy, and high resale value.
  • Ford: Sporty, powerful design, equipped with many modern technologies.
  • Kia: Reasonable price, many diverse models, youthful design.

In addition, you can refer to other brands such as Honda, Mazda, Nissan,...

Search through intermediaries:

  • Used car floors: Providing a diverse selection of cars, competitive prices, and vehicle inspection service.
  • Used car showroom: Reputable, good service, but the price is often higher than buying through a used car floor.

Search from acquaintances/individuals:

  • You can buy a car at a good price and know the vehicle's history. However, you should be careful to inspect the car thoroughly before buying.

Refer to reputable sources:

  • Newspaper: Provides news about the used car market, reviews car models.
  • Car review website: Provides detailed information about car models and compares versions.
  • Forum, car forum: Share experiences in buying and selling used cars, evaluate repair garages.

3. Check vehicle condition

This is the most important step to ensure you buy a good quality used car. Here are the items to check:


  • Overall check: Is the vehicle scratched, dented, rusted? Is the car's paint still original or has it been repainted?
  • Check the details: Are the windshield, headlights, taillights, rearview mirrors, front bumper, rear bumper, etc. working normally? Are the inside edges of the door handle hook next to the driver's seat too worn?


  • The top of the dashboard: This is the part most easily discolored because it is close to the windshield, exposed to sunlight and exposed to a lot of dust. If the dashboard is well taken care of, you can trust the quality of the car's interior.
  • Door taps, ceiling, center pedestal: These parts often receive little care, so they need to be checked carefully to ensure the sturdiness of the car.
  • Driver's seat foam mattress: The driver's seat foam mattress is used the most, so it will become softer and more flattened than the other seats. This part should be checked to see if it is too degraded or not.
  • Steering wheel: You should check if the steering wheel is too smooth, or if the leather covering is too peeling.
  • Comfort equipment: Does the sound system, air conditioning, sunroof, etc. work normally?
  • For vehicles with normal keys, it is necessary to pay attention to:
  • Is the ignition key worn or not?
  • Is the lock loose or not?
  • Is the key turning smooth?


  • Start the engine: Listen to the sound of the engine, is it smooth or is there any unusual noise?
  • Check the gearbox: Is the gear change smooth?
  • Check the steering system: Does the vehicle vibrate when driving?

Tires and rims:

  • Check tire tread wear: Is the tire still thick enough?
  • Check tire size: Are the tires the correct size as recommended by the manufacturer?
  • Check the rim: Are the rims warped or cracked?

Check the speedometer:

  • Compare the number of kilometers on the clock with the actual number of kilometers of the vehicle: Are there signs of tampering with the speedometer?
  • Check vehicle maintenance history: Is the maintenance history complete?

Check the chassis:

  • The chassis is very important, if this part is damaged, it must be replaced, but it is difficult to repair. So you need to check this part carefully before you intend to buy a used car, to avoid having to spend a lot of money later.

Some test tips:

  • Use your finger to check the discharger. If the dirt is slippery or greasy, the chassis is in serious trouble.
  • Turn on the car switch, if white smoke appears, this is also a bad sign.

Test drive the car:

Test driving is a step to take when you intend to buy a used car. After checking all the interior - exterior, go for a test drive to experience the car firsthand.

Pay attention to noise, air inside the car, shock, etc. and feel your level of satisfaction. In addition, you should also take the time to review a few to compare and make the best decision.

note: You should use a used car inspection service if you are not knowledgeable about cars.

If you do not have any knowledge about cars, you should ask experienced people to accompany you when inspecting the car.

Or, you can use the old car inspection services of reputable car repair and maintenance centers. These units will help you check and evaluate the new - old of the car. At the same time, there is also a commitment - ensuring the quality of the car so that you have a basis to make the final decision.

4. Legal documents

Thoroughly checking legal documents is extremely important to ensure you buy a used car legally and do not face the risk of future disputes. Below are the documents that need to be checked:

Vehicle registration documents:

  • Car registration: Car registration paper, including information about the car owner, chassis number, engine number, license plate, etc.
  • Identity card/Citizen identification card of the vehicle owner: Verify vehicle owner information on the vehicle's dashboard.

Maintenance history:

  • Warranty book: Record vehicle maintenance history at authorized dealers.
  • Repair history: Record vehicle repair history at the garage.

Testing session:

  • Certificate of technical safety and environmental protection inspection: Determines whether the vehicle is still inspected or not.

Road taxes and fees:

  • Registration tax payment certificate: Determine whether the vehicle has fully paid registration tax or not.
  • Road toll payment certificate: Determine whether the vehicle has fully paid road tolls or not.

5. Negotiate prices and buy and sell

After carefully checking the car and documents, you can proceed to negotiate the price and buy and sell the car.


  • Find out the market price: Refer to the selling price of similar cars on the market.
  • Determine the value of the car: Consider the car's condition, model year, number of kilometers driven, amenities, etc. to estimate the value of the car.
  • Set a suitable price: The price you offer should be based on the market price, the value of the car and your financial ability.
  • Negotiate with the car owner: Discuss with the car owner to come to a common price that both parties agree to.

Buying and selling process:

  • Sign a sales contract: The contract clearly states information about the vehicle, selling price, payment terms, responsibilities of both parties, etc.
  • Payment: Pay in full the car purchase price as agreed (cash, bank transfer, installment payment,...).
  • Pay registration tax: Pay at the Tax Department where the vehicle is registered (tax rate is based on the vehicle value in the contract).
  • Name change to owner: Complete the procedure to change name to change owner at the vehicle registration agency.

Sale contract:

Information required in the sales contract:

  • Vehicle information: License plate number, chassis number, engine number, type, color,...
  • Information about buyers and sellers: Full name, address, phone number,...
  • Car selling price: Amount and form of payment.
  • Payment terms, responsibilities of both parties,...
  • Signatures of both parties.
old car buying experience
Some things to note when buying a used car

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Used Car

Questions you should learn more about when buying a used car: should you buy a car that is over 10 years old or has been in an accident or water damage; How many kilometers should I buy a used car; Buy a car at a good price; Scams to pay attention to; Reputable places to buy used cars,...

1. Should you buy a used car over 10 years old?

Buying a used car over 10 years old can pose many risks because the car has been used for a long time and the parts gradually wear out and become damaged. However, if you have experience and skills in thoroughly inspecting cars, you can still find and buy a good used car at a cheap price.

2. Should I buy a used car that has been in an accident or hydro strike?

You should not buy a used car that has been in an accident or has been damaged by water damage.

  • A vehicle that has been involved in a serious accident can affect the vehicle's frame structure, leading to a risk of unsafe operation.
  • A hydrostatic vehicle can cause an electrical fire and damage to interior and engine parts. You can Quickly check the car has been flooded When buying a used car, look for the following signs: the car is moldy, water stagnant, seats and floors have been replaced, unstable features...

3. How many kilometers should I buy a used car?

The ideal number of kilometers to buy a used car depends on many factors such as: car model, model, price, and vehicle condition. However, usually you should choose to buy a used car that has been run less than 100.000 km to ensure the car is in good working order and has little damage.

4. Should I buy a public car that the bank will liquidate?

Liquidated public vehicles are often quite cheap but also pose many potential risks. Therefore, buyers need to consider carefully before deciding to buy.


  • Starting price is lower than market.
  • Many options for brands and car models.


  • The post-auction price is usually higher than the starting price.
  • Complicated buying and selling procedures.
  • It is difficult to ensure vehicle quality.

To help answer this issue more clearly, please refer to the article: Should I buy a cheap liquidated public vehicle?? will help you get the most detailed and accurate answer. 

5. How many years old should I buy a used car?

According to experts, the ideal time to buy a used car is under 6 years old.


  • The car is new, with little wear and tear: Cars under 6 years old are usually new and have not been used much, so there is little wear and tear and little damage.
  • Can be warranted: Many used cars under 6 years old are still within the manufacturer's warranty period, so buyers can rest assured about the car's quality.
  • Reasonable price: Prices for used cars under 6 years old are usually 30% to 50% cheaper than new cars, but still ensure good quality.

6. Should I buy cheap imported used cars?

Imported used cars Cheap prices have attractive prices, but the process of checking origin, vehicle information, and assessing quality is also quite difficult. Therefore, buyers need to consider carefully before deciding to buy, especially when they do not have experience inspecting vehicles.

7. When is the best time of year to hunt for used cars?

There are many good times to buy a used car during the year, including:

  • Year-end: Many people sell old cars to buy new ones during Tet.
  • 7th lunar month: Many people abstain from buying cars this month, so car prices may be cheaper.
  • After the holidays: Demand for cars decreases after the holidays, so car prices may decrease slightly.

8. What scams are common when buying and selling used cars?

Some common scams when buying and selling used cars include: reversing kilometers, hiding information, falsifying vehicle documents, fraudulent car brokers, colluding with appraisers...

  • Odometer rollback: Reduce the number of kilometers driven to increase the car's value.
  • Hide damage information: Repaint the car, hide scratches, dents, and damage.
  • Falsifying documents: Forging vehicle documents and maintenance history to defraud buyers.
  • Fraudulent car dealer: Promising to sell cheap, good quality cars but in reality the cars are of poor quality.
  • Buying and selling cars online: Fraud using images, virtual car information, asking for a deposit in advance.
  • Collusion with vehicle appraisers: Concealing vehicle deterioration issues, mispricing.

9. Where should I buy a used car with good reputation and good price?

You can buy used cars at reputable showrooms, used car trading floors or through acquaintances. You should choose to buy a car with complete documents, a clear maintenance history and a thorough inspection before purchasing.

  • Reputable used car showrooms: Reputable showrooms often have a team of professional staff with experience in inspecting vehicles and supporting ownership change procedures.
  • Used car markets: You should choose large, reputable car markets to ensure safety.
  • Buy a car from an acquaintance: If you have an acquaintance selling a car, you can refer to it to buy a good quality car at a reasonable price.

10. What is a reputable address to buy and sell used cars in Ho Chi Minh?

More than 10 years of experience in the field of buying and selling used/new cars, Thanh Phong Auto Proud to be a reliable address for customers in Ho Chi Minh. We are committed to bringing you the most professional and satisfying car buying and selling experience.

- Experience Buying Used Cars Safely, Avoid Losing Money Unjustly
Address for buying and selling used cars with good reputation and good prices in Ho Chi Minh City

Why should you choose Thanh Phong Auto?

Providing quality used cars and trucks:

  • The vehicle's origin is clear and transparent.
  • The vehicle is thoroughly inspected before being sold.
  • Competitive price in the market.

Professional team:

  • Enthusiastic consultants, knowledgeable about cars.
  • Experienced technicians, accurate vehicle appraisal.

Service Package:

  • Consulting on choosing a car that suits your needs and finances.
  • Support title transfer and vehicle registration procedures.
  • Car insurance consulting.

Warranty Policy:

  • Used cars have a long-term warranty.
  • Support repair and maintenance at Thanh Phong Auto garage.

Hope the above information will be useful. Any questions about used car buying process, need advice on quality vehicles that suit your needs, contact us immediately Thanh Phong Auto to be served!

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