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Latest update date: February 12, 12

Auto insurance is no longer strange to vehicle owners because it helps compensate for financial losses in case of an accident. However, each carrier provides car insurance They have different prices, buyer protection policies and reputation levels, so you need to choose carefully.

One of the insurance brands trusted by the majority of car owners is MIC – belongs to Military Insurance Joint Stock Company. If you intend to buy car insurance MICPlease refer to the following review for detailed information!

Is MIC Car Insurance Good?

Military Insurance Joint Stock Company (MIC) is a reputable non-life insurance company in Vietnam. Not only providing organizations under the Ministry of National Defense, MIC expands and develops insurance for the external market (individuals, businesses, organizations in Vietnam). Currently, MIC is selling insurance packages including: MIC Care health insurance, MIC travel insurance, MIC auto insurance, Home Shield home insurance.

Garage Link Auto Insurance Mic
Mic Military Auto Insurance

In particular, MIC auto insurance is trusted by many customers because:

  • MIC is a reputable enterprise with a strong financial foundation, receiving many prestigious awards every year (Top 5 enterprises with trusted product brands, Top fast growing enterprises ...).
  • The support consultant provides detailed and clear information about the insurance package with each term.
  • Procedures for assessment and settlement of claims are scientific, transparent and fast.
  • Allowed to choose garage to repair, replace spare parts at will, without depreciation.
  • Buying MIC auto insurance is simple thanks to more than 3500 points of sale nationwide.
  • Wide range of auto insurance packages, optionally adding advanced items.
  • Professional working style, ready to support customers with their best.

Some MIC . Auto Insurance Packages

MIC offers useful auto insurance packages, serving the diverse needs of customers. Including compulsory civil liability insurance and many voluntary insurance packages.

With compulsory civil liability insurance for cars, customers must choose a level of liability for damage to people and third-party property of at least VND 3 million as prescribed by law.

Look Up Military Auto Insurance Mic
Mic Military Car Insurance Package

And MIC is still providing customers with packages Voluntary auto insurance including:

  • Accident insurance for drivers.
  • Accident insurance for car occupants.
  • Car rental insurance after the accident.
  • Vehicle physical damage insurance.
  • ...

Each insurance package of MIC military auto insurance There will be different scopes of responsibility and exercise of rights. Therefore, you must carefully consider the information through the advice of the seller, the insurance contract to choose the appropriate service package. In particular, it is necessary to understand the cases that are and are not covered by MIC military auto insurance.

MIC . Auto Insurance Rules and Fees

Compulsory civil liability insurance of car owners

  • Coverage: Civil liability of car owners to 3rd parties including driver, occupants and physical property.
  • Liability level: 100 million VND/ person/ 1 case and 1 million VND/ 100 case.
  • Compulsory CIT premium:

Fees are given based on: Circular No. 22/2016 /TT-BTC dated February 16, 02 of the Ministry of Finance, specifically:

Mandatory Auto Insurance Mic
Mandatory Auto Insurance Mic

Motor vehicle physical damage insurance

  • Scope of liability: vehicle physical damage due to incidents, unexpected accidents including collisions, toppling, fire and explosion, natural disasters or theft, theft of the entire vehicle.
  • Coverage exclusions: wear and tear, natural damage, theft of vehicle parts, engine loss due to flooded roads.
  • Insurance fees:
>>> Motor vehicle physical damage insurance premium = Insurance amount x Insurance premium rate <<<

In which:

  • SThe insurance amount is equivalent to the value of the car when the customer buys insurance.
  • The premium rate is regulated by the MIC, refer to the following table:
Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Insurance Mic
Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Insurance Mic

For example:

Buying insurance for Toyota Vios after 4 years of use has the factory price of 564.000.000 VND. Right now:

  • The value of the car has been depreciated to 300.000.000 VND – this is the insurance amount.
  • The premium rate for non-commercial vehicles used for more than three years and less than six years is 1.6%.
  • Motor vehicle physical damage insurance premium = 300.000.000 x 1.6% = 4.800.000 VND.

Insurance for drivers, assistants, car occupants

Insurance premiums for drivers, assistants and passengers are calculated as follows:

  • Premium = 0.1% x number of insured people x level of insurance liability
  • Vehicle owners can choose from 1 million to 10 million VND/person/case (separate agreement with MIC if you want a higher level of liability).

Civil liability insurance of the car owner with the goods on the vehicle

Coverage: MIC insurance is responsible for damage to goods transported on the vehicle due to incidents or accidents in the territory of Vietnam.

Insurance fees:

  • Premium = 0.6% x Tonn tonnage x Liability level
  • In which, the level of liability is stated on the certificate or insurance contract according to the value of the goods.

MIC . Car Insurance Lookup

Online channel

Through MIC's website, you can look up insurance certificate information by filling in the following link:

Agents, garages associated with insurance

Look up through agents, MIC . insurance link garage It is also chosen by many people because it is not limited to the information provided.

Filing Process, Claim Deadlines, and Insurance Claims

To ensure your rights right after an incident or accident, you need to be familiar with the application process, time limit for claiming and claiming compensation for MIC military auto insurance:

  • Claim documents: accident notice, claim form prescribed by MIC military auto insurance, vehicle and driver related records, accident damage identification documents and accident inspection report from the authorities.
  • Time limit for car owner's claim: 1 year from the date of the incident or accident.
  • Time limit for payment and compensation for car owners of MIC: 15 days from the date of receiving the accident notification and compensation claim file from the vehicle owner.
  • The statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit about insurance compensation: 3 years from the date MIC pays compensation or refuses to pay compensation to the vehicle owner.
Mic Military Auto Insurance
Car Insurance Documentation and Procedures Mic

Thanh Phong Auto – Prestigious, Good Price Auto Insurance Provider

Affiliated with many reputable insurance brands in the market, Thanh Phong Auto offers many insurance service packages that are beneficial to vehicle owners. Customers are not "forced" to buy insurance of any brand, but are consulted with the pros and cons of each line to make the right choice for their financial capabilities and needs.

Besides selling insurance, we also accept car repair insurance and guarantee payment for customers.

Advantages of Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Staff are enthusiastic consultants, ready to answer all questions and guide customers through procedures to handle insurance benefits.
  • Skilled technicians, capable of repairing damage on most vehicles.
  • Apply modern machinery to diagnose and repair cars, providing quality and fast service.
  • Replace damaged parts with 100% genuine.

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Hope Review MIC . car insurance is it good, look up the price will assist you in choosing the right type of insurance. See more information about many other insurance brands on our website!

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