Top 5 Things to Know About VNI Aviation Auto Insurance

Top 5 Information You Need to Know About Genuine VNI Aviation Auto Insurance Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Standing in front of so many insurance companies with many winged advertisements and attractive promotions, many customers are hesitant and confused. However, to ensure your benefits when participating in car insurance, you should not be too cheap. Instead, choose for yourself the insurance companies with high reputation and reputation. The following article, we would like to introduce to you Top 5 information to know about VNI Aviation Auto Insurance.

Introducing the top 5 must-know information about aviation insurance of VNI
Introducing the top 5 must-know information about aviation insurance of VNI  

Top 5 Things to Know About VNI Aviation Auto Insurance

1. VNI is the leading insurance company in the Vietnamese market today

Many people may already know the name VNI - one of the most reputable and leading automobile insurance companies in the Vietnamese market today.

Established in 2008, after many years of working in the field of insurance, VNI has worked with many customers and created a certain position. Insurance from VNI always pays the customers with adequate compensation for damages caused by incidents or accidents.

In addition, at VNI insurance company now also provides a variety of car insurance to meet all needs for customers. From compulsory insurance to voluntary insurance, you will receive detailed advice from highly qualified staff.

VNI offers a wide range of compulsory and voluntary insurance for cars
VNI offers a wide range of compulsory and voluntary insurance for cars

2. VNI provides automobile civil liability insurance

A joint stock aviation insurance company VNI provides civil liability insurance - compulsory insurance for car owners. Which includes the following insurance packages:

  • Civil liability insurance for vehicle owners for third parties and passengers is compulsory
  • Voluntary car owners' liability insurance for third parties and passengers on cars is voluntary
  • Insurance of vehicle owners' civil liability for goods transported on vehicles

Each of these types of civil liability insurance will have different liability ranges and levels of liability. Usually at 30 million to 50 million dong for each damage after an accident or incident.

To ensure appropriate needs and financial conditions, customers should carefully review the terms from each type of insurance before choosing.

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3. VNI offers a variety of voluntary insurance for cars

In addition to civil liability insurance for cars, VNI Aviation Insurance Company also provides many other voluntary insurance types. In particular, the most participating customers must include:

  • Automobile material insurance covers the scope of compensation for cases of material damage, trunk and tire damage due to unintended incidents.
  • The accident insurance for drivers and passengers is liable to compensate for the personal injury of the insured during the use of the vehicle.
  • ...

Although not required, you should also learn and participate in one or more voluntary insurance to gain your benefits in case of necessity. Voluntary insurance participation depends on each person's needs plus financial condition.

Each type of auto insurance from VNI will have different levels of liability
Each type of auto insurance from VNI will have different levels of liability

4. VNI always provides insurance with the most affordable price

Many customers choose VNI aviation insurance not only because of the scope of liability but also because the fee to join insurance here is very affordable.

Specifically, each type of insurance, whether compulsory or voluntary, is flexible about the cost of participation and there are many packages for customers to choose. The deduction that the company makes is always the most reasonable.

To understand details, you should contact the company's insurance salesman directly for the best support.

Accompany with VNI to enjoy the best benefits
Accompany with VNI to enjoy the best benefits

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5. Insurance policy should be carefully considered when participating in VNI aviation insurance

With the motto of always putting customer interests first, VNI employees always recommend that customers should carefully review the insurance policy before signing. Not afraid of making mistakes, but this is the best way to help the insured understand what level of insurance they are participating in and how they are entitled to benefits.

The issue that you need to pay most attention to is whether or not the insurance is covered by the insurance, the insurance period, whether or not the certificate has been fully issued. For any problem that you still do not understand, you should actively ask for answers right away.

If you are in need of a car and insurance, VNI Aviation Insurance Company will definitely be the first choice for you. Hopefully the top 5 information you need to know about aviation insurance VNI has made you ready to accompany the company.

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