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Review Is Vni Aviation Car Insurance Good, Look Up, Price Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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On the market, there are many brands that provide auto insurance with "winged" advertisements about incentives and protection policies for vehicle owners. However, if you want to be sure of your benefits after buying insurance, it is best to research carefully and choose reputable and reputable insurance companies.

And Saigon Aviation VNI is a name not to be missed for those who need to buy auto insurance. Let's review whether Saigon VNI Aviation car insurance is good or not, look it up, and see the latest prices in detail in the following article!

Is VNI Auto Insurance Good?

VNI is one of the leading reputable auto insurance companies in Vietnam. Established in 2008, after many years of operation in the insurance field, VNI has worked with many customers and created a certain position in the market. 

With the auto insurance segment, VNI provides many service packages, from mandatory to voluntary for customers to choose freely. The unit always has a satisfactory level of payment and compensation to car owners for damage caused by incidents and accidents.

Vni Aviation Insurance
Vni Aviation Insurance

Advantages of buying auto insurance at VNI:

  • As one of the insurance companies with the largest charter capital in the market today.
  • Cooperating with many reputable units such as banks, garages - showrooms, inspection units ... nationwide, helping to bring customers the most optimal service experience.
  • Providing valuable auto insurance packages, protecting customers against unexpected accidents.
  • Wide range of liability with affordable insurance costs.
  • Support to settle insurance benefits professionally and quickly with simple procedures.
  • Advising customers to choose the optimal insurance package based on actual needs and financial capabilities. 
  • Support customers at all times, quickly present at the scene to assist customers in inspecting and repairing insurance vehicles.

How many types of VNI Aviation Car Insurance are there?

Auto insurance provided by VNI Airlines includes the following types:

Name of type of insurance

The insured


Level of liability insurance

Compulsory car liability insurance

Trailers or semi-trailers towed by tractors or cars; tractors, cars; specialized motorcycles.

– Damage to people and property of third parties caused by vehicles.

– Damage to the life and health of passengers caused by the vehicle. 

– Loss of people: 150 million VND / 1 person / 1 accident.

– Property damage: 100 million VND/1 accident.

Auto material insurance

Trailers or semi-trailers towed by tractors or cars; tractors, cars. 

Compensate the vehicle owner for physical damage to the vehicle in the event of an unintended accident (fire, collision, theft, etc.). 

Negotiable, may be less than or equal to the market value of the vehicle. 

Car occupant accident insurance

The driver and the people in the vehicle

Loss of health, life while sitting or moving in and out of the vehicle when participating in traffic. 

Negotiable, from 10 million VND/person/case to 200 million VND/person/case.

Insurance of civil liability of car owners for goods transported on vehicles

Goods transported under the contract

Compensation for damage to goods on the vehicle

According to the agreement, up to 50 million VND/ton of goods

Insurance Car Insurance Saigon Airlines VNI

Many customers choose Saigon Airlines VNI insurance not only because of the scope of liability but also because the insurance premiums here are very affordable.

Specifically, each type of insurance, whether compulsory or voluntary, is flexible in terms of participation fees and has many packages for customers to choose from. The deduction that the company offers is always at a reasonable price. You should directly contact the insurance salesperson or garage associated with VNI for the best support.

Refer to the price list of compulsory civil liability insurance for cars officially published on VNI's website: 

Saigon Aviation Auto Insurance Fees Vni
Saigon Aviation Auto Insurance Fees Vni

Lookup Saigon Aviation Insurance VNI

To look up VNI insurance information, you can do it in three ways:

  • Look up through the QR code on the insurance certificate.
  • Directly click the lookup code on the email sent to each customer.
  • Look up at the link with the lookup code sent via email.

If you want more specific advice, please contact the insurance staff directly, the garage associated with VNI insurance for good care, direct, accurate and fast lookup support. 

Vni's Automobile Insurance
Vni's Automobile Insurance

Notes to Carefully Review Contracts When Joining Saigon Airlines Insurance VNI

With the motto of putting customers' interests first, the staff at VNI always recommend that customers carefully review insurance contracts before signing. Not afraid of mistakes, but this is the best way to help policyholders understand what level of insurance they are participating in and how they will receive benefits.

Some information that should be carefully considered on the contract includes: the case that the insurance is and is not covered by the insurance, the insurance period, the certificate of insurance. If there are still problems that are not understood, customers should actively ask to receive answers at that time.

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Thanh Phong Auto – Address to sell Car Insurance, Repair Prestigious Insurance Cars in HCM

Thanh Phong Auto provides link car insurance of many reputable insurance brands (Bao Viet, Liberty,…) and professional insurance car repair services. Here, customers are advised to choose the type and insurance company based on their needs and financial ability, not limited to "forced" to buy any product line.

Thanh Phong - Reputable Vni Auto Insurance Provider
Thanh Phong – Reputable Vni Auto Insurance Provider

Advantages of Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Insurance premium payment guarantee.
  • Understand information about each type of insurance, advise on advantages and disadvantages, specific benefits and obligations for customers to capture and choose.
  • Repair auto insurance professionally, quickly and accurately.
  • 100% genuine spare parts replacement.
  • Highly qualified automotive technicians, capable of repairing any damage that vehicles have.
  • Support to collect fees and look up insurance payment information. 

Hope to review Car insurance VNI Aviation will be useful to you. Contact us immediately if you have any further questions. 

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