Top 5 Places of Vocational Training Auto Electrical Bac Lieu Prestigious

Top Places for Vocational Training Auto Electric Bac Lieu Prestigious
Top places for vocational training in auto engineeringTop 5 Places of Vocational Training Auto Electrical Bac Lieu Prestigious

Automotive electrical industry is increasingly becoming a hot industry in Vietnam. Not only because the demand for cars is increasing, but also because of the continuous development of electrical technology, which requires knowledge and skills to be continuously upgraded. Facing that trend, learning a car electrician is an option with a lot of potential.

With the strict requirements of the industry, finding a quality automotive electrician training center with a well-rounded training environment from theory to practice is not easy for a small province like Bac Lieu.

So where are the places worth studying? This article will summarize some prestigious Bac Lieu auto electrical vocational training places for young people to refer to.

1 Bac Lieu Vocational College

Through many mergers and renamings, Bac Lieu Vocational College has its current official name and is honored to become the first and second largest unit in the field of training electrical professions and occupations in Bac Lieu.

Bac Lieu Vocational College
Bac Lieu Vocational College

The school gathers many outstanding elements in training such as:

  • The lecturers are highly qualified, have masters and doctoral degrees in the industry and some have been trained extensively in automotive electronics abroad.
  • The school cooperates with many car business owners, car garages for students to have practical observation and practice sessions with new products, and these units are also the place to receive students after graduation. careers recommended by the school.
  • The curriculum is the knowledge that has been distilled and continuously updated, ensuring the content is close to reality.
  • The automotive electrician practice area is divided into different skill areas to help the learning and practice process take place continuously, this ensures that students both acquire in-depth knowledge and ensure their skills are trained.

Contact information:

Address: No. 68 – Ton Duc Thang Street, Hamlet 7, Ward 1, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province.

2 Bac Lieu Private Vocational Training Center

Famous as a multi-disciplinary training center in Accounting, Garment, Fashion, Information Technology, Electrical Technology, Automotive Electrical,... Bac Lieu Private Vocational Training Center is chosen by many young people in the province for vocational training. .

In recent years, due to the development of the automobile industry, the number of students here has increased rapidly. To meet the increasing demand for learning, the center has made significant changes to create a source of quality automotive electrical students.

Bac Lieu Private Vocational Training Center
Bac Lieu Private Vocational Training Center


  • Attracting many experienced lecturers in the automotive electrical profession to teach the school. Up to now, the center has owned a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers that other units in the province do not have.
  • At the center, there is a dormitory system for those studying away from home who want to stay at a very student price.
  • After completing the job, students are introduced to repair centers and garages affiliated with the school.
  • The curriculum always goes hand in hand with the practice, in accordance with the nature of the profession so that students' skills are continuously trained.

Contact information:

Address: 13 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ward 1, City. Bac Lieu, Bac Lieu Province.

3 Bac Lieu College of Economics and Technology

Born with the main goal of training high-quality human resources for the province, Bac Lieu College of Economics and Technology is one of the prestigious and quality training units with many excellent graduates.

The school mainly focuses on training occupations with high job opportunities to meet the province's labor force in the coming years. Especially, the automotive electrical profession here is highly appreciated for the quality of teaching and learning.

Bac Lieu College of Economics and Technology
Bac Lieu College of Economics and Technology

The outstanding features of the automotive electrical profession at the school:

  • The training method is focused on the top, most of each lesson will divide 30% of the time for theoretical learning and 70% for practical learning.
  • Students have many courses to choose from depending on their family's financial situation, tuition fees are flexibly paid by term.
  • Great job opportunities after graduation.
  • Practical facilities are fully equipped by the school, suitable for continuous practice time. However, with new models of cars with modern technology applied, students must go to car maintenance and repair centers affiliated with the school to improve their knowledge.

Contact information:

Address: No. 10 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ward 1, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province.

4 Thanh Lam Garage

Thanh Lam car garage is trusted by Bac Lieu people not only because of its fast service quality, good price, but also a prestigious vocational training address.

Here, many highly-skilled automotive electrical trainees have been trained, some of whom are attached to the company, some are well-known business owners and garage owners in the province. The quality of training at Thanh Lam is highly appreciated by:

  • A team of engineers and teachers have expertise, experience in combat and smooth handling on many models of cars from classic to modern.
  • The curriculum is distilled from reality, closely following the training program. Ensure graduates know and practice proficiently the skills of the automotive electrical profession.
  • Trainees can practice right on the customer's own car, understand and empathize with the problems that customers are facing, thereby having a passion for the profession.
  • Tuition fees can be paid flexibly depending on ability, with a clear contract before training and a certificate after the end of the course.
  • If there is a desire to work in a garage, Thanh Lam is always ready to create every opportunity for students. Especially, for post-apprenticeship students who want to open their own business, Thanh Lam garage is ready to support when needed.
Thanh Lam Garage
Thanh Lam Garage

Contact information:

Address: No. 203 National Highway 1A, Cai Day, Vinh Loi, Bac Lieu Province.

5 Automotive Technical Practice Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto: Prestigious and Professional Automotive Electrical Vocational Training Center

Vocational training in the province is a right choice if finances do not allow it and there are many personal reasons. But if there are conditions and still young, vocational training places in Ho Chi Minh City are always chosen by many students in Bac Lieu. By:

  • Dynamic and modern learning environment with a team of highly qualified teachers.
  • Exposure to a variety of cars, especially new models.
  • Great job opportunities after graduation.

There are many quality vocational training addresses in Ho Chi Minh City, in which Automotive Technical Practice Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto is proud to be the destination chosen by many students. Coming to the center, you will be trained in all skills in assembling and repairing automotive electrical systems in a methodical and systematic manner.

Automotive Vocational Course: Combination of Ho Chi Minh University of Technology & Thanh Phong Auto Garage
Automotive Vocational Course: Combination of Ho Chi Minh University of Technology & Thanh Phong Auto Garage
Top 5 Professional Vocational Training Places in Bac Lieu Auto Electric, Garage Thanh Phong Auto Ho Chi Minh City 2023
Brief, intensive theory study (20%)
Practice directly at the Garage - Instructors, hands-on technicians only work (practice 80%)
Practice directly at the Garage – Instructors, hands-on technicians only work (practice 80%)

In particular, here students are committed to:

  • Up-to-date learning on the latest hybrid and electric vehicle programs. Provide many new models of vehicles with complex electrical and electronic engineering for students to practice directly.
  • Get intensive training with preferential tuition fees after completing the basic training course.
  • The team of instructors are good and experienced technicians or lecturers of Polytechnic University - a unit associated with the Center.
  • The center reserves tuition fees for those who have not had the conditions to complete the course or register but have not yet arranged a class schedule.
  • With the automotive electrical profession, students are trained in courses from 2 to 6 months depending on their skills and qualifications. During the learning process, if you have not yet mastered a vocational skill, you can directly contact the training department to be reclassified, supplementing your knowledge.

In particular, after completing the vocational course, you will be given the opportunity to work at Thanh Phong Auto or be introduced to prestigious and quality garages in Ho Chi Minh City. For those who want to return to their homeland, the center will issue a certificate to have higher job opportunities.

Top 5 Professional Vocational Training Places in Bac Lieu Auto Electric, Garage Thanh Phong Auto Ho Chi Minh City 2023

Above are the Top 5 Places Bac Lieu Auto Electrical Vocational Training Prestige, quality that you can rest assured trust. Apprenticeship to be good requires high effort, hard work and perseverance, especially for a profession that requires continuous improvement of knowledge such as automotive electricity that requires you to be much more determined.

Good luck with your chosen career.


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