How much does it cost to open an Auto Repair Workshop?

the cost of opening a garage
General BlogHow much does it cost to open an Auto Repair Workshop?

You "burn" the intention to open and develop a workshop car repair for myself. To do that, in addition to knowledge - skills, cost is one of the prerequisites that need to be prepared and planned carefully.

The cost of opening a garage How much is the minimum? This is a question asked by many students. This paragraph Automotive Technical Practice Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto help you estimate Necessary cost to open an auto repair shop.

the cost of opening a garage
How much does it cost to open a car workshop/garage?

1 Space costs

Want to have car workshop You must first have a business premises. The cost of the premises is divided into two main areas: the cost of renting/buying the premises and the cost of designing and constructing the premises.

  • Cost of renting/buying premises

Want Open a garage to repair cars the ground should have a minimum area of ​​about 200-300 m2. And the best location of the factory needs to ensure the "prime" factor: near the main road, convenient traffic, no flooding...

With such an ideal space, the rental cost ranges from 10 to 25 million VND/month. Note that the rental/purchase price of an auto repair workshop varies by area.

  • Cost of construction, site design

Once you have the premises, you need to calculate the cost of designing and building the site to suit the nature of the work. Depending on the size of the workshop and the financial ability of the factory owner, the cost will vary. Normally, the process of building and designing a car workshop will cost about 200-500 million VND.

2 The cost of hiring

A car repair garage needs at least 3 workers: accountant, electrician, chassis. The basic salary for an employee is 1-5 million VND, if an experienced person, it can be 8-2 million VND more than the basic level.

Thereby, it can be seen that the cost of paying wages for an auto repair workshop is at least VND 30-45 million/month, including allowances and bonuses.

How much does it cost to open a garage?
Cost of hiring labor, purchasing machinery and equipment?

3 Expenses for Procurement of Equipment and Machines

In order for the auto repair shop to go into operation, it is necessary to purchase specialized equipment and machinery. These are essential tools for performing fast and efficient auto repairs. (Refer Top The Auto Repair Software: Check – Error Diagnosis, AutoCorrect).

So how much money do you need to buy these products?

  • Air compressor: Depending on the size of the workshop, you can refer to air compressors with different capacities. Usually, a professional auto repair shop will use a screw compressor or an industrial air compressor of 120 liters or more. The price of these machines ranges from 20 million VND.
  • Tire in and out machine: a medium-sized workshop can use a basic machine with a price of 15 million - 20 million, and a large-scale garage should invest in a machine from 30 million to experience more features.
  • High pressure car wash: if you wash your car with snow foam (manual car wash), choose a 1-phase high-pressure car wash about 10-15 million, if you choose a non-touch car wash model, you choose a 3-phase high-pressure machine that costs about 15-20 million.
  • Lifting bridge: the investment cost is about 70 million VND for a 1-post lift and 30-40 million VND for a 2-post lift (the 2-post bridge uses electricity, so there is no car wash support feature, cheaper).

In addition to high-value equipment, to open an auto repair shop you need to add many other supporting equipment and tools: car oil extractor, vehicle electrical testing equipment, pneumatic disassembly equipment, air coil, air line, screw gun, charger, battery charger...

The average capital to purchase machinery for the auto repair shop is at least about 150 million VND.

4 Other Incurred Expenses

In addition to the above, you need to calculate other costs such as electricity, water, income tax, business license, advertising, etc. With electricity, auto repair shops usually use 3-phase electricity, so on average. You need to spend about 3-10 million VND per month.

car repair garage opening fee
It is necessary to carefully calculate the fees incurred when opening a car repair garage

In addition, in order for the auto repair shop to operate effectively, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Choose a business location with few competitors.
  • Carefully consider the garage capital: the more equipment, the more potential the space, the more labor, the higher the cost.
  • Hire professionals with expertise, experience and responsibility.
  • Choose a distributor of genuine auto accessories and repair tools.
  • Learn and implement marketing.

Hopefully this article will help you easily shape and estimate the cost of opening a car repair garage. The above fees are for reference only, the specific number depends on the size of the workshop, the rental/purchase area, the place where the equipment is purchased, etc. Therefore, you should actually survey the intended area. Open a workshop, your own needs to have the best preparation for capital.

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