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Best Dodge Car Repair and Maintenance Notes at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
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Dodge Cars is one of the luxury sports cars of America. With a compact, powerful appearance, Dodge cars always have a strong attraction to car lovers. However, Dodge cars The price is quite expensive, so it is not widely used in Vietnam. This makes many car owners "miserable" when looking for a professional repair and maintenance site.
To help keep your baby car cared for, Maintenance and repair best, Thanh Phong Auto Please share some notes as follows:

Best Dodge Car Repair and Maintenance Notes at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Dodge car repair and maintenance

When should I repair and maintain a Dodge car?

Naturally, when your Dodge shows signs of damage, you need to have them repaired. But, one thing to keep in mind is a regular car maintenance schedule - that is, when there's no sign of damage, you also need to take your car to a service center.

Why? Because when being repaired and maintained periodically, your car is not only newer, more durable, but also safer and more cost-effective.

Milestones you need to bring the Dodge to the repair and maintenance center:

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1. Dodge car maintenance according to schedule

Most car models have a specific maintenance schedule. With the Dodge line is no exception, they are provided with the following maintenance milestones:

Best Dodge Car Repair and Maintenance Notes at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Interested in the maintenance of Dodge cars

  • Engine oil: 12.000 - 16.000 km or 6 to 12 months oil change 1 time (but the best oil is 1 times a year).
  • Oil filter: You need to change one oil filter every 2 times.
  • Air-conditioner filter and engine air filter: After 2 years of use, it should be replaced.
  • Spark plugs: Because spark plugs work in harsh environments, you should replace them after 2 years.
  • Battery: After 4 years of use and should replace the standard battery - genuine.
  • Cooling water: Approximately 40.000 km in use.
  • Brake fluid: Replace every 2 years / 1 time.

2. Repairing and maintaining cars when the check light is on on the dashboard

When the indicator light on the dashboard is yellow, it is a sign that your baby is having a problem (red will be a very serious problem). Therefore, when you see the indicator light, you need to take the Dodge right to the repair and maintenance center to find out the cause and fix the existing problems of the car.

Best Dodge Car Repair and Maintenance Notes at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Pay attention when the Check light is on

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3. When Dodge cars appear strange phenomena

In addition to maintenance milestones or when there is an indicator light on the dashboard, you should pay attention to take your car to check if you notice strange phenomena such as:

  • The engine is unusually hot.
  • There is a sound like the sound of wind hissing when using the vehicle.
  • Dodge wheels have a click, and sitting in the car feels stuffy and uncomfortable.
  • The visible phenomenon of the eye such as scratches, leaking cool water ...

Best Dodge Car Repair and Maintenance Notes at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Pay attention when cars make strange noises

Especially, when driving a Dodge car, if you feel the engine is quite weak (whether accelerating or going at a steady speed), you also need to have the car repaired and maintained immediately. Because maybe part of your car's powertrain is damaged.

Benefits of Proper Repair and Maintenance of Your Dodge

When repaired and maintained at the right time and the right way, your Dodge is not only durable - stronger - more beautiful, but you are also safe and save more money when using. Specifically:

Best Dodge Car Repair and Maintenance Notes at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Proper repair and maintenance help the car be more durable

  • Vehicle durability and life are extended.
  • Limit unexpected damage.
  • Saving raw materials, repairing and replacing many parts.
  • Ensuring the newness of the car.
  • Bring a sense of safety, confidence and comfort to the owner.

So, how to choose a reputable Dodge car repair address?

The Dodge line is not a popular car on the Vietnamese market, so not all garages are guaranteed to have skilled workers as well as a commitment to use spare parts during repair and maintenance. Therefore, if you are looking for a Dodge car repair address, you can choose Thanh Phong Auto.

As a unit Repair - maintenance - car care Professional car in Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Phong Auto is not only knowledgeable in many car lines but also provides many quality services at affordable prices.

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The reasons you should choose Thanh Phong Auto to repair and maintain your Dodge car:

  • The staff is young, enthusiastic and has in-depth knowledge of the Dodge car range.
  • Each service package at Thanh Phong Auto has a clear price list and repair process, ensuring publicity - transparency - reasonable price.
  • Facilities are spacious and modern: 2 garages of Thanh Phong are large, ensuring security, self-contained and professional in each service.
  • Commitment to use the utensils, high-class items, safety with the car. In particular, components - replacement accessories at Thanh Phong Auto are committed to genuine.
  • Thoughtful customer care and consulting service: Every Dodge car when coming to Thanh Phong Auto is checked and consulted on suitable solutions. Therefore, customers are always assured when possible providing the right service - at the right cost.

Best Dodge Car Repair and Maintenance Notes at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Prestigious and professional car repair and maintenance garage in Ho Chi Minh City

Special, Thanh Phong Auto also Warranty and after-sales are extremely good should always ensure the highest interests for customers. Hence, if looking for one garage repair - maintenance - care for the DodgeThanh Phong Auto is confident to be the best quality stop for you.

Any questions about the service, price list as well as the problem of the car driver, please contact us for the fastest consultation!

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