How to Handle When Car ABS Indicator Lights On

How to Handle Car Abs Light Turns On

ABS is an intelligent system in cars with anti-lock braking function and supports the vehicle to decelerate or stop safely. Case ABS indicator light comes on there might be a problem with the system.

So how is it that we so often forget to teach respect by respecting the children themselves? error ABS indicator light comes on Is it dangerous? What causes this error and how to fix it? Together Thanh Phong Auto Find out more in the following article.

Reasons why the car abs light comes on
Car Abs Temple Lights Up: Cause & Treatment

Causes and Solutions to Fix ABS Indicator Lights On

The ABS warning light on cars is bright often due to the following reasons:

ABS system fuse fault

Like any other electrical system, ABS system also protected by fuses. And the fuse can be faulty, blown out in case the current flows past the allowable level or is too old.

How to fix: Check ABS fuse mounted directly under the instrument panel or near the power splitter under the hood. If the fuse is blown or burned, it must be replaced.

Broken ABS sensor

In the ABS system, the wheel speed sensor has the function of measuring the speed of the wheel during braking, then transmitting a signal to the ABS controller to adjust the appropriate brake fluid pressure, avoiding the situation of braking. hard.

During operation, ABS sensor may have broken power cord, loose connector, damaged circuit. If the car often moves in the muddy area, this sensor is prone to rust and dirt - affecting the accuracy when measuring wheel speed. In addition, cars running on bumpy roads, strong vibrations can also cause sensors to be damaged or even fall out.

How to fix: Test the ABS sensor with a tester for fast and accurate results; If you don't have a tester, you can check it manually with a VOM meter. If there is no voltage, it means that the ABS sensor is damaged, need to take the car to the garage to be handled.

How to Handle Car Abs Light Turns On
Broken Abs Sensor Causes Light To Come On

The rotor of the ABS sensor is damaged

The rotor of the ABS sensor is the part that is fixed at the wheel with the task of transmitting the wheel speed signal in the form of a pulse to the control unit. The ABS error light coming on can be caused by a condition where the rotor teeth are missing or the rotor is damaged – making the wheel speed measurement results wrong.

How to fix: Visually check if the rotor is dirty, broken, missing teeth or not? If there are no problems, this part is still working fine, otherwise it needs to be replaced.

Hydraulic actuator malfunction

Hydraulic actuator assumes the task of receiving information about wheel speed during braking, providing appropriate oil pressure until the cylinders brake the wheels, avoiding wheel locking.

Hydraulic actuator problems include:

  • Malfunction of the solenoid valves that control brake fluid pressure to each wheel.
  • Electric motor problem returns oil to the tank.

If this part is damaged, all operation of the ABS system will be stopped.

How to fix: Check the actuator with an error reading tester, if there is no tester, it needs to be removed to check the internal circuit.

Breaking the line

Components in the ABS system are connected to each other by wires, metal wires, etc. If these wires are broken, the ABS indicator light on the car will come on.

How to fix: Replace or reconnect depending on the degree of damage to the conductor.

Car Abs Light Repair Garage On
Broken Wire Causes Car Abs Light To Turn On

Handbrake is not fully lowered

ABS indicator light may also come on if the handbrake is not fully lowered. Normally the main brake system will operate independently of the handbrake, but if the handbrake is electrically controlled, it will still apply in the event of a problem with the main brake.

How to fix: Check if the handbrake is properly lowered, if not, lower it all the way down, then the ABS indicator light is still on.

Low brake oil level

Level brake fluid in the low tank causes a drop in oil pressure in the ABS system, reducing braking efficiency and the ABS indicator light comes on (in the case of driving at high speed and wanting to stop will be very dangerous).

How to fix: Check the brake fluid level, if it is lacking, add more oil to make it enough.

Attention When Cars Are Warning ABS Brake Lights

Self-handling experiences/shares ABS error light comes on This is only a temporary method and is for those who have experience in car electrical repair. In some cases, the error light has turned off, but the car is still at risk of serious failure if the problem is not resolved completely. Therefore, the ABS system has a complex structure that needs to be checked - determined the cause of the failure by a specialized diagnostic machine to ensure safety when the vehicle is operating.

Notes When Fixing Car Abs Light On
Notes When Fixing Car Abs Light On

In case ABS error light comes on, you need to move the car at a moderate speed to easily control if there is an unexpected situation. Simultaneously search – determine the path to the nearest repair garage.

Hope the above information will help you to have the optimal treatment when car ABS indicator light comes on. Any questions about care – car repair, please contact Thanh Phong Auto for professional support.

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