Cautions When Changing Car Brake Oils

Notes When Replacing Brake Fluid Pipes for Secured Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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The brake fluid in the car is in need of replacement to ensure the stable operation of the brake system, durability and safety of the vehicle. In order for the process of replacing the brake fluid pipes to be accurately and efficiently - do not ignore the Notes on Changing the Car Brake Oil Pipeline Thanh Phong Auto suggested below.

Notes When Replacing Brake Fluid Pipes
Brake Fluid Pipe

5 Cautions When Changing the Brake Oil Pipeline

1. Attention To Safety

The process of replacing the automobile brake hose to the bottom of the car will be very dangerous if the repairer does not notice some problems:

  • Fully equipped with gloves, clothes, hats, special glasses to prevent brake fluid from sticking to the body. It is extremely dangerous to let brake fluid in the eyes.
  • Raise the car slowly, taking care to avoid overturning.
  • Prepare a cleaning cloth, tray or brake pad to prevent the oil from falling onto the floor, causing dangerous slippage.

2. Completely Replace the Brake Oil Pipeline

If a car brake fluid pipe has problems only at a certain part of the pipeline, would it be too wasteful to replace all the pipes?

Actually replacing an oil pipe is just a temporary "fire fighting" solution. The joints in the old pipe section and the new one are very easy to rust and continue to leak the oil pipe. The best way is to replace the entire brake hose pipe so that the brake system works as smoothly as possible.

How to Replace Brake Fluid Pipes
Car Brake System

3. Replacing Brake Oil Pipeline in Pair

When a car is assembled in a manufacturing plant, the brake fluid pipes of the front and rear wheels are installed at the same time. The brake fluid hose pair also need to be replaced together to ensure the overall service life of the system. Therefore, when the brake fluid pipes of the two rear wheels or the front wheels leak, you should also replace the oil pipes of the other two wheels.

4. Choosing the Right Brake Oil Pipeline

In the market, brake fluid pipes are sold with many materials such as rubber, steel, ... To ensure stable operation of the whole brake system, stainless steel pipes should be chosen instead. If you use brake fluid pipes made from rubber, there will be duct softening and bulging after a short period of use.

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5. Proper Air Release Technique

In order to finish the process of replacing the brake hose for a car, it is necessary to release the air in the brake system. Proper ventilation techniques should be performed as follows:

  • Fill the tank on the main cylinder with brake fluid.
  • An additional brake pedal person is required inside the cockpit.

The replacement of the brake fluid hose will open and close the exhaust valve under the wheel cylinder until the brake pedal is heavy and the air bubbles in the brake fluid are gone.

Notes When Replacing Brake Fluid Pipes
Discharging Air Correctly Technique

When To Change Car Brake Oil

Besides replacing the brake fluid pipes, in some cases the car brake fluid also needs to be replaced. Specifically:

1. Replace as recommended

For newly purchased cars, the recommended brake fluid replacement time will be shown in the vehicle's owner's manual. When buying a used car, it is necessary to check the brake fluid immediately to replace it in time.

2. The brake does not eat

During the driving process, if there is a phenomenon of brake failure or poor braking, the cause may be due to: lack of brake fluid, out of brake fluid, ...

Change Brake Fluid
Change Brake Fluid

3. Change the oil according to the frequency of use

When using a vehicle, in some cases, it is not possible to replace the brake fluid according to the prescribed time limit. Because there are vehicles used very often, there are also cars that are rarely used by the owner. There is a car or a flat road - some cars often go on the mountain pass.

  • Cars go a lot, or go on mountain passes: change the brake fluid when the oil turns dark or yellow (the new oil is transparent).
  • Cars go less, go "beautiful" roads: when the time is periodic change but the oil color has not changed much, it is not necessary to change.

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The above are the suggestions of Thanh Phong Auto so that you can check the brake fluid yourself, replace the brake hose. If you are really not confident when changing the brake hose, the best way is to bring your car to the garage to have both a professional vehicle inspection and the brake hose replacement to ensure the safest and most accurate.

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