Pros - Cons When Upgrading Large Wheels For Cars

Pros - Cons When Upgrading Large Wheels For Cars Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
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The wheel or the wheel is an important part of the car, in addition to increasing the aesthetics, it also has a great impact on the performance and safety of the car.

Therefore, before you want to upgrade to large wheels for cars, please refer to the article "Pros - Cons When Upgrading Large Wheels For Cars" below and consider carefully before implementing offline.

Benefits of Upgrading Automotive Large Wheels

When upgrading large wheels for cars, it will make a big change in the appearance as well as the quality of the car: the car will look more stylish and trendy; Good traction tires provide a smooth driving experience on any terrain.

Note: when upgrading the wheel, the owner needs to replace the entire tire system to ensure safety when using; In addition, pay attention to the harmony of the new wheels with the car.

upgrading car springs
Upgrading large wheels for cars will make a big change in appearance

Disadvantages When Upgrading Large Wheels For Cars

Fuel consumption:

Upgrading large wheels will increase the weight of the vehicle, so fuel consumption during operation will also increase by 4 -10%.

Standard deviation:

When the wheel is larger, it is required that the tire size must also be large, the overall diameter of the wheel will increase, causing deviation of the data on the tachometer.

When the wheel size is large while moving, the wheel will easily collide with the cavity, especially when turning. From there, it has a negative impact on the operation of the gearbox. (Differentiate all types of car gearboxes The current)

Should you upgrade a large car wheel?
Upgrading large wheels also has many disadvantages

Large car wheels cause deviation from transmission:

To ensure a constant tire diameter ratio, when the wheel thickness is 1 inch, the tire thickness will have to be reduced by 1 inch respectively. That means the tires will be thinner, at this time the car's suspension will not work properly with the design, initial data. The brake pads are also worn faster, affecting the safety of people and vehicles when traveling. The larger the wheel, the smaller the tire, the less air will be in the wheel, creating a greater noise while operating.

Easily damage the wheels and tires:

In the case of a car with 19-inch or more wheels, it is very common to have a long-distance tear that cannot be patched, a distorted, warping wheel. The cause of the above situation is due to the thin tire wall, little in the wheel, so it is impossible to cancel the impact force when subjected to a strong shock or shock.

If the vehicle has to go on potholed roads, bad roads, the vehicle with a large maman degree will not be able to go more than 80km / h. Sometimes the tires are torn and the wheels dented.

advantages and disadvantages of large wheels
Large car wheels have a high cost

Difficult to find replacement goods:

Currently, the number of people using large wheels is less and less, especially those with 19-inch tires or more. Therefore, the number of available replacement goods is also less or less making it difficult for many car owners to replace. If you have a case of going away and the tire has trouble, it is very difficult to patch or fix.

Costs for advanced upgrades:

The cakes for large tray sizes usually cost 10-15% more expensive than small cakes. So the wheels cost you a lot of money. In addition, the tire replacement fee in accordance with the size of the wheel is also not a small number.

Safety Solution For Cars

The most advantageous car wheels are when the overall diameter of a car's wheel does not change, even if the wheel set is larger.

  • For Sedan models: car owners should only upgrade the wheels to a maximum of 18 inches. 
  • With SUVs, the maximum wheelbase can be 19 inches.

In addition, when planning to upgrade a large wheel for a car, the owner should consult with experienced automotive experts to ensure safety for both people and vehicles.

You have just finished referencing the article "Pros - Cons When Upgrading Large Wheels For Cars". Hope the information Thanh Phong Auto Just shared above will be a useful reference source for readers before planning to upgrade large wheels for cars.


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