Cars Howling When Accelerating: Causes & How To Fix

Car Howls When Accelerating
Latest update date: February 19, 06

Cars that have driven more than 100.000 km when accelerating are prone to vibrations and creaking or howling sounds. This phenomenon is more evident when turning cause discomfort and unsafety to vehicle drivers. Above all, this is considered as the "call for help" of the car, some parts are in need of repair and replacement.

Let's find out the article Cars Howling When Accelerating: Causes & How To Fix For more information on how to deal with it.

Car Howls When Accelerating
Car Howls When Accelerating: Causes & How to fix

Causes of Driving Cars Howling When Accelerating

In the process of using a car, when accelerating, the undercarriage may vibrate and emit an annoying howl. The cause of this problem may be that the connection between parts in the shaft mechanism is worn, damaged, or loosely connected. This problem is usually caused by the following reasons:

  • The transmission shaft of the Rzepp post joint is bent or loose.
  • Joints are worn out.
  • The transmission gear or bearings have been damaged or have excessive wear.
  • The drive gear and the passive gear of the main transmission are too open.
  • Abrasion of planetary gears, semi-axle gears of differentials.

How to identify the problem:

  • In the process of driving, the car is shaken, the faster you go, the clearer the shaking and rattling and howling sounds.
  • The process of descending the creaking slowed down. During the climb and change of speed, the howling noise is loud.
  • When turning right or left, a chime will sound.
Causes of Car Howling When Accelerating
Problem Caused Car Shield Howling When Accelerating

How to Fix Running Cars Howling When Accelerating

Depending on the cause, there is a reasonable examination and diagnosis of "disease".

Check and adjust the main drive and differential

When the vehicle is often overloaded or has an accident, the main transmission and the differential are easy to wear, broken gear teeth, and damaged bearings. In normal working conditions, this phenomenon is very unlikely to happen.

  • Check the clearance of the planetary gears

The planetary gears are structured and back-aligned against the differential box through the pads. The required distance is 0.1 – 0.3mm. If the gap is too wide, it is necessary to replace the mattress to reduce the gap gap, this is the cause of loose joints, fast running causes a sound.

  • Check and adjust the bearing of the drive gear

If the bearing is too tight, the torque will be greater than the rated value. At this time, the gasket 5 must be removed to separate the two inner rings of the bearing.

If the torque is less than rated, reduce the gasket 5, tighten the nut.

How to Fix Car Howling When Accelerating

  • Check drive gear and drive gear looseness

The threaded nut or the cushion structure can be adjusted.

  • Check the clearance of the ring gear bearings

The bearings of the ring gears require no or very small recoil. Hence when car shakes or make a noise, need to check its rotation on the drive. If you shoot at a fast and strong tempo without making a squeak, it's fine. If there is a squeak, add the gasket evenly and tighten the nut until it is satisfactory.

  • Check and adjust two gear contact traces

The drive gear and the ring gear must be adjusted to the correct amount to have a good engagement. If the contact between these two gears is moved to the correct center of the shaft, the transmission is smooth and does not cause wear.

Check the joints of the Rzeppa posts for wear

  • If it is found that the joints of the Rzeppa posts are not worn but loose, remove the inspection parts and reassemble.
  • If it is found that the spherical cavity, core, positioning ring or ball has been worn or cracked, replace it with a new one. At the same time, check the connection between the joints and the rubber dust shield to limit dirt, tear, and puncture.

Car Howls When Accelerating

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