Stepping on Car Brakes Losing Legs, Not Eating: Causes & How to Fix

Missing your foot on the car brake, not eating: Causes &Amp; How to Fix the Quality of Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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System Car brakes inefficient operation will be very dangerous for the occupants of the vehicle. During use, it is essential to regularly check and maintain the components and accessories related to this part.

This article makes it easy for vehicle owners to find out Causes of Car Brakes Losing Legs, Not Eating & How to Fix to ensure absolute safety when operating. Follow up now.

The Cause of Car Brakes Losing Legs, Not Eating

The car's brake system is operated starting from the cylinder, the impact force will push the piston to move to compress the oil. This process forces the brake pads against the disc or the shoe into the drum, creating friction and slowing the wheel.

When using a car, if you have pedaled all the way but the brake still doesn't work, the main cause is due to running out of brake pads. However, if the brake pads are still in good use, but the above situation occurs, it is due to the following reasons.

Applying the Car Brake Doesn't Eat
Pressing the car's brakes without stopping, losing your footing: Causes & How to fix

Missing brake fluid

Brake fluid is a mixture that lubricates, reduces friction and anti-corrosion, helps maintain or increase braking efficiency, ensuring safety during vehicle use. The amount of brake fluid loss can be caused by:

  • The brake fluid pipeline is open at some connection locations.
  • The cylinder end is leaking when there is oil in the cylinder seal.

In addition, the long-term use of the car makes the brake fluid mixed with dust and impurities, when the brake fluid turns brown, it's time to replace it to increase efficiency.

Brake master cylinder is damaged

The process of using the brake pedal will apply force to push brake fluid to the calipers. After long-term use, the rubber seal that holds the brake fluid can tear, leak or wear, allowing air to enter the cylinder. At this time, the braking efficiency is reduced, so the vehicle owner needs to check and consider replacing.

How to Fix Pedaling Brakes Without Eating
Brake Master Cylinder Broken

Brake discs, drums are reversed

Disc brakes are located on the front wheels, drums are equipped at the rear of the car. When the bearing holding the wheel is misaligned, it will cause the brake disc and drum to rotate, the brake pads will drop completely while the vehicle rotates.

At this point, even if the brake pedal touches the floor, it will not create enough pressure to activate friction in the brake pads.

The brake booster has a problem

In between the brake pedal and the cylinder, there is a booster that takes on the role of amplifying the brake force, reducing the force of the brake pedal. When the power steering has a problem, the feeling of the brake pedal is heavier or lighter, making the braking efficiency low.

Missing your foot on the car brake, not eating: Causes &Amp; How to Fix the Quality of Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

The brake booster has a problem resulting in a change in the brake pedal force, the braking efficiency is reduced

Brake pads are worn

The process of using cars for a long time leads to worn brake pads. But brake pads are an important part, clinging to the brake disc to create resistance to slow down the car.

Therefore, it is necessary to replace the new brake pads when it is discovered that the cause of the brake failure is caused by this part.

There is air entering the brake fluid line, brake cylinder

Air enters the oil pipe or cylinder causing blockage of the pipe, at this time the oil cannot move, causing the car to miss the brake pedal. When this problem occurs, the car owner should release the air in sequence from the wheel far from the cylinder to the wheel near the cylinder so that the brake pedal is harden. Then continue to operate to evaluate the braking effect and make adjustments.

How to Fix Car Brakes Losing Legs, Not Eating

When encountering the phenomenon If you step on the car brake, you will miss your foot, don't eat, vehicle owners need to check the brake related parts and bring them to Professional service & maintenance facility, experienced in handling.

Missing your foot on the car brake, not eating: Causes &Amp; How to Fix the Quality of Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
The Simplest Way to Fix Missing Your Foot on the Car Brake and Not Eating

Some parts related to the car brake system need regular inspection:

Brake fluid: Brake fluid should be checked periodically for timely replenishment when the oil level is lower than specified or replaced when the oil has turned brown. This process can be done manually by car owners by checking the brake fluid tank under the bonnet.

  • When checking brake fluid, do not open the tank cap because air can enter and affect the quality of the oil.
  • 4 types of oil that meet current automotive standards are DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5, DOT 5.1.

Check the brake pads: Brake pads are parts subject to constant friction, so the level of wear is high, and in the long run, the effectiveness can be reduced, which can cause the brakes to not eat, be heard or brake missed. Worn brake pads will cause the brake disc to overheat.

  • Experts recommend replacing new brake pads after 50.000km - 80.000km.

Check brake disc: Brake discs work in harsh environments, so in addition to abrasion, they can also deform and warp due to the impact of force.

  • If, when checked, the brake disc is warped, it can be repaired or adjusted.
  • And after 2-3 years of use, it should be replaced to ensure the safety of the driver.

Check main cylinder accessories: This system includes flexible pipes and hard metal pipes.

  • Metal pipes must also check the oil transfer rubber pipes.
  • Flexible piping consider rough spots as these indicate a potential leak.

Check drums: Drums used for a long time will be dirty or cracked, broken or chipped. If it gets dirty, just use an air gun to clean it. If the brake shoes are worn or cracked, replacement is inevitable.

The entire inspection process above needs to be carried out according to the procedure, with the vehicle lifting and lowering. Therefore, bringing cars to reputable inspection, maintenance and repair facilities for handling both ensures quick time, and optimizes efficiency and cost.

Thanh Phong Auto – Professional and High Quality Car Maintenance & Maintenance Check in HCM

The process of using a car if the following phenomena occur I don't eat the car brake pedal, I missed my foot, should bring to the maintenance center, check maintenance to ensure life safety.

Long experience in car maintenance, car maintenance, confidently solve related problems quickly and thoroughly, Thanh Phong Auto Currently being trusted by many customers to choose when in need.

Thanh Phong Auto currently gathers a team of engineers and technicians with professional competence, enthusiasm, a spirit of learning and ready to serve customers.

Missing your foot on the car brake, not eating: Causes &Amp; How to Fix the Quality of Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Thanh Phong Auto – Prestigious Automobile Repair and Maintenance Garage #1 Hcm

Reasons to choose Thanh Phong Auto as a place to check and maintain cars because:

  • Professional, fast and thorough inspection, maintenance and repair service.
  • Genuine replacement parts are guaranteed at extremely good prices.
  • The team of consultants are professional, knowledgeable about each service and guide customers enthusiastically, thoughtfully, in accordance with the needs.
  • Long-term warranty period.
  • Vehicles after repair, maintenance and maintenance are committed to the results.
  • Clear, transparent and competitive service quotes. Say no to the situation of price stork, "under-price".
  • Owning many modern machines and equipment to serve the inspection - maintenance - maintenance process accurately and quickly.

Present, Thanh Phong Auto currently has 2 large garages with the number of employees, machines, ... enough to serve a large number of customers to use the service at the same time without having to wait too long. This is one of the big plus points that not all establishments in HCM can meet.

Here is the information Causes & Ways to Fix When You're Depressing the Car Brakes, Don't Eat that car owners should be aware of. Proactively catching errors of cars will help customers deal with the right problems, save costs and bring safety to themselves in the process of participating in traffic.

If you need more information about the service, contact come Thanh Phong Auto for timely advice and quotes. (Refer to more articles Causes & How to Repair Locked Car Brakes).


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