Cars are losing gas and not accelerating: Causes & Solutions

The car lost gas and stalled
Latest update date: February 07, 11

Your car often has problems Missing the throttle, not stepping on the accelerator? This is a common condition, causing a lot of trouble for users, greatly affecting the vehicle's operating power as well as its inherent acceleration ability.

So why do cars have this problem? Is there any solution to handle it? In fact, missing the accelerator or not stepping on the accelerator in a car comes from many causes, with each cause also having a solution. To understand better, same Thanh Phong Auto post tracking.

Is it dangerous for a car to lose gas and not accelerate?

The car missed the throttle and wouldn't step on the accelerator is a quite dangerous phenomenon, which can cause many risks when participating in traffic. When the vehicle is out of gas, the engine will not provide enough force for the vehicle to move, causing the vehicle to suddenly slow down. This could cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, leading to collisions with other vehicles or objects on the road.

The car lost gas and stalled
The car misses the gas/the gas pedal doesn't go up: Cause & Solution

Cars that miss the throttle and don't step on the accelerator often cause the following problems:

  • Difficult to start the car.
  • Engine vibrates.
  • The car stalls and decelerates suddenly.

Causes of Cars Losing Throttle and Not Accelerating & How to Fix It

Low Cylinder Pressure

In order to provide enough energy for the car to operate smoothly, the engine must have a large enough pressure in the cylinder to ensure a fast and stable fuel combustion. If the pressure level is low, it will affect the engine power, when the car goes uphill or accelerates, it will lose the gas and may not step on the accelerator.

How to fix: Check the pressure in the cylinder before driving, providing enough pressure to ensure the car operates stably.

Error of accelerator pedal not accelerating
Low pressure level affects engine power

Fuel Filter Blockage

The fuel filter is located between the fuel pipe and injector, and has the function of screening impurities and dirt in the fuel before being consumed in the combustion chamber. In case this part is clogged or damaged, the engine will not be supplied with enough fuel and will cause a lack of throttle and the bike will not accelerate.

How to fix: Clean and maintain fuel filters periodically. If it is damaged or torn, it needs to be replaced.

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Air Filter Problem

The path of air to the combustion chamber goes through the air filter. The air filter has the role of screening dirt and impurities - cleaning the incoming air source. If this part has a problem, dirt mixed in the air will enter the engine, causing the car to miss the throttle and not accelerate.

The car misses the throttle when accelerating
Change the air filter periodically to limit dirty air into the engine

How to fix: periodically check and change the air filter to limit dirty air into the combustion chamber, helping the vehicle maintain the power to operate smoothly.

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Congested Exhaust

Another cause that also causes cars to run out of gas is that the exhaust gases from the combustion of the engine cannot escape, causing blockages and affecting engine power. Exhaust gas blockages can be caused by malfunctioning exhaust ducts and catalytic converters.

  • Exhaust gas pipe: if it is distorted, the exhaust gas will not be able to circulate.
  • Catalytic converter: If it is overheated or damaged, the exhaust gas will be reduced in ability to circulate, causing back pressure in the combustion chamber and affecting engine power.

How to fix: Take your car to professional maintenance units to have the catalytic converter and exhaust pipes inspected, repaired or replaced.

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Electronic Control Unit ECU Has Problems

The electronic control unit ECU is a central microprocessor, responsible for controlling the vehicle's operations. If the ECU has a problem (due to software error, hardware error, sensor damage, wire damage, voltage overload, etc.), engine operations will be affected, possibly leading to the phenomenon of The car missed the throttle and wouldn't step on the accelerator.

How to fix: Need to check the vehicle at the Professional auto repair center Only then can we determine the cause of the ECU problem and how to handle it effectively.

Clutch Failure

Clutch error is one of the most common reasons why the bike won't accelerate or the car will lose throttle. The clutch is designed to connect the crankshaft and power transmission system. If this part is worn, lacks lubrication or has a malfunction, the transmission system will not be able to operate.

How to fix: need to bring the car to the garage for timely replacement.

Malfunction Sensor System

Car sensor system Usually includes an oxygen sensor, camshaft sensor and intake air flow sensor. Sensors transmit information to the ECU to accurately calculate fuel and air levels supplied to the combustion chamber. In case the sensor has an error, the information received by the ECU may be incorrect, causing low combustion efficiency and causing a lack of throttle and the bike not accelerating.

How to fix: Take the vehicle to a service center to check the sensor and replace if necessary.

Broken Camshaft Belt

The camshaft belt is an important part that connects the crankshaft and camshaft flywheel to help them work together. Over a long period of use, the camshaft belt can become worn and slippery, affecting the synchronous operation of the crankshaft and camshaft, while also reducing the effectiveness of the ignition process. This condition can also cause the car engine to operate unstable, easily miss the throttle, and not step on the accelerator.

How to fix: replace the camshaft belt, install it correctly to ensure the synchronization of the crankshaft and camshaft.

How to fix a car that is missing gas
Camshaft belts can wear out, reducing ignition efficiency

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Spark Plugs Are Fouled

In car engines, car spark plugs is the part directly in contact with the fuel combustion chamber. If the spark plug is dirty, it can affect the starting process, the accelerator pedal will not go up, and the vehicle will easily lose throttle.

How to fix: Need to clean spark plugs periodically (at home or garage) to ensure the car operates at its best.

It can be seen that, in most cases car is out of gas, The bike doesn't turn on You must take the vehicle for inspection and replace damaged or clogged parts. Therefore, if the car encounters this situation, the car owner should take the car to a professional garage to have it checked, determine the correct cause and fix it in the right direction. Avoid letting this condition for too long affect your driving experience, causing danger when the car cannot accelerate as desired.

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